Expat Mortgages for UK Expatriates Living in Singapore

Expat Mortgages for UK Expatriates Living in Singapore buying or remortgaging UK Property.

  • Mortgage tailored specifically to British expats living in Singapore.
  • Standard UK high street rates.
  • Easy electronic application process.
  • Decision in principle valid for 6 months.
  • Buy to let property.

As a resident of Singapore you are embracing the expat lifestyle fully and enjoying the rewards for your hard work in a vibrant city and a warmer climate.

Many expats in your position want to purchase or remortgage a UK property for many reasons, perhaps your eventual return to the UK or simply for investment purposes.

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    At Expat-Mortgages we have years of experience in assisting British expats in Singapore with their mortgage requirements. The distance and time difference make it next to impossible to deal with a UK lender direct, this is where Expat-Mortgages fill an important gap.

    We act on your behalf at times that suit your busy lifestyle. We manage the complete process from sourcing the most appropriate lender and scheme through to producing a successful mortgage offer on your behalf.

    As a potential mortgage borrower in Singapore you will benefit from standard UK high street rates and all of our expat specific products provide you with permission to let your property should you wish to do so.

    Expat Mortgages for UK Expatriates Living in Singapore:

    Customer name:Mr S M****
    Country of residence:Singapore
    Town of residenceBukit Timah
    Location of property:Croydon
    Property type:Maisonette
    Value of mortgage:£261k
    Description:Mr M**** is a British ex-pat, resident in Singapore, who required an expat Buy to Let mortgage of £144,000 to assist with the purchase of a maisonette in Croydon.
    Customer name:Mrs B******
    Country of residence:Singapore
    Town of residenceHolland Village
    Location of property:Woking
    Property type:Flat
    Value of mortgage:£171k
    Description:Mrs B****** required an expatriate mortgage of £171,000 to complete her purchase of a flat in Woking. We obtained a standard rate mortgage that provided her with the ability to rent out the property until her return from Singapore.
    Customer name:Mr T Pxxxxx
    Country of residence:Singapore
    Town of residenceNovena
    Location of property:Manchester
    Property type:Detached House
    Value of mortgage:£185k
    Description:Purchase of new house for letting.
    Customer name:Mr & Mrs K G
    Country of residence:Singapore
    Town of residenceTanglin
    Location of property:Lancaster
    Property type:Semi-detached house
    Value of mortgage:£170k
    Description:Property purchase.