Expat Buy To Let Mortgages

Expat Buy To let Mortgages are one of our leading areas of expertise. You may have already found the ideal property, have a tenant in mind, or as yet to consider a managing agent and tenant. Expat mortgages for buy to let property have a very specific set of circumstances.

Whether you have a short or long term plan to return to the UK and the property, or are just looking for a long term safety net investment.

How Much Can an Expat Borrow For a Mortgage On UK Property?

uk homes for expat buy to let

Firstly, as expert brokers for Expat Mortgages, we have access to the largest panel of lenders for expat mortgages on UK property. As with any property purchase, the greater the deposit offered, the likelihood of a better rate and mortgage deal viability increases. There are so many considerations, with such a variety of expat circumstances, our lenders look at every deal on an individual basis. It is best to arrange a quick call back or request a quote, without any commitment or initial obligation on your part, and we can discuss in confidence your circumstances and aims.

Expat Remortgages For Buy To Let UK Property, Are They Offered?

Expat Remortgages are indeed offered by our panel of lenders. As of 2023 and the shifting interest rate environment, getting the best remortgage rates for expats have become a top priority.

Whether you purchased your buy to let whilst still in the UK, have a portfolio of properties, or simply looking around for the best rates before your current fixed term expires. Contact Us  to discuss your circumstances or Get A Quote  with our easy online form.

Whether you are seeking a Buy To Let Remortgage, or for UK Property family home as an expat, we are the experts to find the right lender for you and your individual cirumstances.