Mortgages for UK Expats buying in Australia or the UK

Schemes to buy or remortgage a property in Australia or the UK.

  • Mortgages tailored specifically to British expats living in Australia.
  • Access to both Australian and UK lenders.
  • Mortgage and Remortgage options in both countries.
  • Easy electronic application process.
  • Buy to let in the UK and residential in Australia.

Expat Mortgages has accumulated many years of experience in lending to Brits “Down Under”. We opened as a specialist expat mortgage broker over 15 years ago, and purely by responding to customer enquiries we quickly became the best source for mortgage and remortgage advice for British expats in Australia.

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    Without specialist advice, it is next to impossible to find a lender to assist you with your mortgage requirements in the UK if you are resident in Australian territories, the Australian Corporations Act alone is enough to deter most UK lenders.

    We offer a bespoke service tailored to your needs and mortgage advice at a time of day that suits you, all applications are dealt with quickly and efficiently, normally while you are sleeping!
    There are schemes available to allow you to purchase in Australia or the UK. Sometimes you will need two mortgages, maybe an expat remortgage in the UK, (to raise capital), and then a mortgage in Australia to purchase your new home.

    UK remortgage products are very popular with the British expats that wish to purchase a home in Australia, many of our clients remortgage their UK property to release funds for either a deposit or even the outright purchase of a home in Australia.

    Latest mortgages for British expatriates living in Australia:

    Customer name:Mr J Mxxxxx
    Country of residence:Australia
    Town of residenceTaringa
    Location of property:London
    Property type:Apartment
    Value of mortgage:£160k
    Description:Property remortgage
    Customer name:Mr A & Mrs A Sxxxxxxx
    Country of residence:Australia
    Town of residenceMosman Park, Perth
    Location of property:Middlesbrough
    Property type:Detached House
    Value of mortgage:£261k
    Description:Property remortgage
    Customer name:Mr R & Mrs A Dxxxxxxxx
    Country of residence:Australia
    Town of residenceSydney
    Location of property:Burntwood
    Property type:Detached House
    Value of mortgage:£225k
    Description:Remortgage with home improvements
    Customer name:Mr & Mrs K G
    Country of residence:Australia
    Town of residenceVictoria
    Location of property:Milton Keynes
    Property type:Semi-detached house
    Value of mortgage:£198k
    Description:Property remortgage and Capital Raising