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UK Expat Mortgage

UK Expat Mortgage.

Expat with a UK mortgage?

Mortgage rates are unlikely to improve in the near future. So now is the ideal time for Expats to secure a fixed-rate deal on their mortgage if it’s financially viable.

Expats who are on a standard variable rate (SVR) or coming to the end of their term have the potential to save themselves thousands of pounds on their mortgage.

Is it a good time to buy in the UK?

The very quick and simple answer is yes!

The affordable properties that are available to purchase seem to be diminishing on a daily basis. This without doubt will mean higher prices you have to pay in the future. Prices are reasonably stable at present, and sellers are prepared to accept an offer to sell.

Selecting a mortgage to suit your needs.

Securing an expat mortgage doesn’t have to be difficult. Therefore it is always recommended to get independent expert professional help. Also using a specialist expat broker will without doubt give you the edge. They will be experienced in this type of mortgage process.

What a broker will do for you to save time and money?

The independent broker will take control of the mortgage process. Therefore relieving you of the stress and paperwork. They will be able to deal with the mortgage company supplying the loan. As such they can answer any queries they may have, saving you time and money.

Help required?

If you are an expat looking for a new or re-mortgage, please do get in touch and one of our fully qualified independent advisers will be happy to assist.


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Expat Buy-to-Let

Expat buy-to-let.

The Expat mortgage market is stable and thriving.

The expat buy-to-let mortgage sector has been more resilient than the residential mortgage one during the past six months.

Despite initially pulling deals from the market, mortgage choice has been on a broadly upward trend since July 2023, while the small fall in average rates suggests the market remains competitive and lenders are keen to do business.

Limited company expat buy-to-let mortgages.

As this area of expat buy-to-lets mortgages grow so has the choices to the borrower. Mortgage providers have not been slow to increase the number of fixed and tracker deals. Also, the charges and interest rates have reduced as popularity has increased which goes to prove lenders are in fierce competition to secure new expat business.

Buy-to-let limited company mortgages.

The majority of the expat buy to let purchase transactions made through limited companies last year were related to additional property acquisitions, although the figures also include expats selling property they already own personally into a corporate structure.

All transfers of properties from individuals to limited companies must be treated as a new purchase, and therefore do not qualify as a re-mortgage.

Confidence in brokers increases at a fast rate!

Expat landlords will know only too well how difficult it is selecting the correct mortgage deal due to the complexity of an expat mortgage. The last 3 years has seen a massive shift towards expats using a professional independent broker to secure the correct mortgage for their needs. This trend is continuing into 202’ with broker related deals increasing year on year by 34.6%.

Can we help?

If you are looking for a new or re-mortgage, please do make contact and one of our independent advisers will be happy to assist.

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Expat Rental Property

Expat Rental Property.

Expat buy-to-lets are stable and producing positive returns.

Rental income is still increasing and tenant demand for buy-to-let properties remains consistently high. These conditions are keeping expat landlords on a very positive footing after so much adverse news in the last six months.

The general feeling within the expat landlord community is that things will remain fairly stable in the coming months. One expat commented “my confidence remains high as I know it is so difficult for couples to get onto the property ladder with ever increasing property prices”.

Expat Rental Survey

A recent survey of expat landlords shows that over 60% have seen a large increase in demand for rental properties within the last 6 months. A multiple expat owner in the north said, “I have never found it so easy to let any of my properties, whether it is a 2 or 3 bedroomed seems to make no difference at all”. “I am finding rents are remaining stable and easily keeping pace with inflation so all in all I am very pleased”.

The survey also reported that a lot of expats intend to increase their property holdings over the next year. The consensus is that buy-to-let property over the long term is still a very sound and solid investment.

Where to invest is a question always being asked. Recent reports show that Manchester, Hull and the Blackpool areas are currently seeing very good growth. This is all due to reasonable house prices compared with the South of England. As well as an increased demand for rental property.

Can we assist?

It is vital to get the right mortgage to suit your needs. We have a team of fully qualified independent advisers waiting to help you. Do Contact Us to discuss your circumstances


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Expat Buy-to-Lets for Student Accommodation

Expat buy-to-lets for student accommodation showing huge increases.

Expat landlords could well be missing out on the blossoming student rental market sector. Expats maybe unaware of the potential returns on offer.

This is according to a new report recently released of existing expat landlords. In fact over 40% said they were completely unaware of the potential returns and high yield they can enjoy.

The number of students is rising at a rapid rate. Furthermore over the next decade the figure is expected to double. Are you missing out?

The 5 main reasons to consider this type of business:

High yields: Depending on location between 8%-10% net yields are possible.

Managed & Maintained: Plenty of very good local companies with experience in this type of letting.

Demand: Rising student levels means there is always a demand for this type of property.

Options open: Any expat landlord interested in this type of business can invest.

Buy-to-let choices grow:

Competition has grown over the years in the expat buy-to-let market as providers fight for the business. As such fixed rate deals are the fastest growing area of the buy-to-let market.  The threat of rate rises are still looming in clients thoughts.

Lowest interest rate mortgages and fees are reserved for low loan to value ratios. So basically, the larger the deposit level you have the better the deal that can be achieved.

Finally having said all this there are still some great deals available for those with a low deposit level.

Help With An Expat Mortgage?

If you require assistance with your expat mortgage planning please do call or contact us. One of our fully qualified independent advisers who will be happy to assist.


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Expat Buy to Let Remortgage

Expat Buy To Let Remortgage.

Expat landlords may wish to consider re-mortgaging.

In order to re-mortgage effectively, it’s important to first establish the purpose of re-mortgaging.

Most UK expat and foreign national investors will re-mortgage to avoid higher rates. Furthermore, expats can better devise a stable financial plan for their investment. There are also other ways to utilise a UK expat buy to let or foreign national mortgage.

Some UK expat and foreign national investors might take the opportunity to use their re-mortgage to fund further property purchases and build a larger portfolio.

Those who have made strong capital gains or for those who have a lower loan to value, as negotiating a preferential deal will be made easier as they are in a stronger bargaining position.

We have also seen re-mortgaging increasingly utilised as a tool with which to conduct environmental renovations.

As of 2025, properties with an EPC rating below a C will not be able to accept new tenants. As of 2028, existing tenants on these properties will no longer be allowed to occupy them.

So, many UK expat and foreign national landlords are faced with no other option than renovating energy inefficient properties.

Re-mortgaging is an excellent way to do this as UK expat and foreign national investors can use the equity in their property to raise capital with which to conduct renovations.

Selecting a remortgage to suit your needs.

Securing an expat mortgage doesn’t have to be difficult, it is always recommended to get expert professional help. Using a specialist expat broker will without doubt give you the edge as they will be experienced in this type of mortgage process.

Help required?

 If you are an expat looking for a new or re-mortgage, please do get in touch. One of our fully qualified independent expat mortgage advisers will be happy to assist.

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Expats Show Interest in UK Property

Expats Show Interest in UK Property.

Overseas Buyers and Expats.

Overseas buyers and expats are sizing up the UK property market for potential bargains. Taking advantage of the weak pound and falling property prices, according to the latest figures released last week. A report found that searches for UK property by overseas buyers has grown steadily over the last 12 months. They now account for 7.1% of all activity on the portal in the first three months of this year. This compares to just 3.9% three years ago.

Investors Keen To Capitalise.

A recent report said some investors are keen to capitalise on softening prices. As well as weak pound, buyers are finding worthwhile discounts on a range of properties. Expats show interest in UK property in these present times and reap the rewards on offer.

Independent Broker For British Expats.

Expats are choosing independent broker assistance for mortgage advice. As such the number of expat mortgages coming through brokers has risen steeply over the last 2 years. This figure now stands at 82% from 68% last year.

There has been a steady increase in mortgages sold by independent brokers to expat buyers and re-mortgagers. As such the market remains very buoyant indeed especially the buy-to-let side.

Independent broker benefits

Full range of mortgage choices.
Industry qualified independent advisers.
UK based for easy communication.
Fully automated service.
Faster completion.

Assistance required?

If you would like help with your new or re-mortgage, please do make contact.  One of our independent Expat mortgage advisers will be happy to help.

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Expat buy-to-let or Holiday Let?

Expat buy-to-let or Holiday Let?

The average holiday let generated annual rental income of £25,700 in 2023. This represents more than double the average of £12,130 for residential properties, according to recent figures.

Holiday Let Income.

As such the average holiday let property generates a whopping £1250 a week, almost FIVE times the average weekly rent in the UK. There are now over 170,000 holiday let properties in the UK, with the average income per booking up 7% in the last quarter of 2023.

Holiday hotspots

The areas in the UK where holiday let rental growth was fastest in the last four months of 2023 were:
South of England (+17.3%)
Cornwall (+14.5%)
Devon (+8.9%)

Rental Income Rise.

The rise in rental income is being boosted by international and domestic visiting looking for short-term stays in popular UK holiday destinations.

Overseas Visitors.

There were a record number of visits to the UK in 2023 of over 28 million. Overseas visitors contributed more £22bn to the UK economy. The number of overseas visitors increased 7% in the last three months of 2023 (compared to the same period in 2022) and the amount they spent increased 13%.

The weak pound is persuading millions of Britons to remain in the UK this summer and attracting more overseas visitors to the UK. The strength of the UK tourist industry is paying dividends for holiday property owners in abundance. Landlords have had just about everything thrown at them of late so only time will tell if we see a shift to holiday lettings in the future.

Can we assist?

If you are looking for a new or re-mortgage do get in contact. One of our qualified Independent Expat mortgage advisers will be happy to help.

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Active Expat Landlords

Active Expat Landlords.

The last twelve months has seen a record number of expat landlords re-mortgaging to release capital and this has been used for numerous reasons including debt consolidation. Current re-mortgaging applications for October and November are again showing large increases on the same period last year.
Confidence remains high within the expat community who have buy-to-lets in the UK. This is without doubt down to the ever-increasing value of good quality properties.
This looks set to continue long into the future. Even with the general uncertainty property values have remained stable and offer good potential long term profits.
Expat buy-to-let mortgages.
The range available includes fixed, tracker and standard deals with very good discounted periods. We would always recommend discussing your needs with an expert independent adviser who has all the up-to-date deals available. This course of action can indeed save you thousands of pounds in the long term. Interest rates remain competitive with some very good longer term fixed deals available.
As an expat If you are looking to enter the buy-to-let market consider these points:
1) Target your tenant – Students, young professionals, or families.
2) Purchase the right sized property – Vast majority of tenants want 1-3 bedrooms.
3) Location – Key to any success, near schools, shops or local businesses.
4) Property – Should be clean well decorated and meets government regulations.
Following these very simple tips will ensure you have maximised your long term potential profitability.
Need help?
If you are looking for assistance with your mortgage or re-mortgage, please do not hesitate to contact us. One of our fully qualified INDEPENDENT expat mortgage advisers who will be happy to help.

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Expat Landlords

Expat Landlords are growing daily!

Recent figures show that an estimated 250,000 expats own property in the UK, the vast majority let their properties out to achieve extra income.

Expat Mortgages For Landlords.

One client of ours we recently spoke to said: “as an expat with 4 rental properties I am returning to the UK for a meeting with my accountant to review the tax laws on buy-to-lets”. “I am also currently reviewing my mortgages with a view to fixing a rate for as long as possible. Also I am taking advice on incorporating”.

Do consider the immediateand medium term future. It would seem to be very good advice if you are an expat landlord to review all aspects of your UK property. Good news is there are still some very good deals to be had which could assist you protecting your profitability.

Things to look at as an Expat Landlord.

Firstly, get in touch with an accountant and see what can be done. Get advice to reduce the effect of the new tax laws. Secondly completely review your current mortgage deal to make absolutely sure the deal you have meets your needs now and the longer term.

It may very well be you currently have the correct mortgage. But it won’t do any harm to check it out. Consider incorporating your properties into a limited company and get professional advice as this will NOT suit all expats.

By just completing these two simple tasks you could very well save yourself thousands of pounds over the next few years.

Need some mortgage advice?

If you wish to review your current mortgage, please do contact us.  Our qualified independent expat mortgage advisers will be pleased to help.

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Expat Investing in UK Property.

Expat Investing in UK Property.

Rents have risen sharply over the last year and are expected to continue moving upwards. A result of supply and demand pressures persisting.

Annual rental growth is now 13.3%, according to the latest UK Rental Market Report, outpacing earnings growth in all regions and countries of the UK.

The property portal said that average rents have risen by £125 a month over the last year to £1,109.

Rents are rising quickly across all parts of the UK, ranging from 7.6% in the Northeast to almost 18% in London.

Supply shortages

Rents are being pushed up by the severe and chronic undersupply of homes to rent, according to a recent report.

The rental market faces an imbalance of supply and demand that has led to a surge in rents. The stock of homes for rent remains almost half the average compared to the last five years.

At the same time, private landlords continue to sell their homes in the face of significant tax and regulatory changes.

Demand for two-bed flats has risen dramatically which is likely due to rising energy prices. The gas needed to heat a purpose-built flat is 40% lower than that for a three-bed house.

Latest figures clearly show that the chronic undersupply of rental homes shows no sign of changing, which means that rents are expected to continue to grow at above average rates into 2024.

Need some help?

If you are thinking of re-mortgaging or want advice on a new mortgage, please do call or contact and one of our fully qualified advisers who will be happy to assist.