Seafarer and Yacht Crew Mortgages

Seafarer and Yacht Crew Mortgages for UK property are now available. Whether you are looking to buy an Airbnb property to rent out as a holiday let or as a main home residence. Maybe you wish to privately advertise for holiday rentals and to use when not rented and you are visiting the UK.

Seafarers and Yacht Crew can maximise income from property and now we have a panel of lenders who will look at your specialised mortgage requirements. Mortgages advice comes with no initial obligation, just an informal chat and to discuss your requirements.

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Yacht Crew Mortgages & Remortgages

Yacht Crew Mortgages for holiday lets or a main home is a highly specialised lending field, although we have the expertise to guide you through the process and present your case to an appropriate panel of lenders.

Firstly, as expert brokers for Expat Mortgages, we have access to the largest panel of lenders for yacht crew expat mortgages on UK  property. Firstly, this is an offer for property purchases in the UK. Whether looking to acquire an additional property to be used as a holiday let or as first time home buyers. As for all our mortgages, this is an offer for British Expats worldwide buying UK property.

Seafarer Mortgages and Remortgages

Seafarer Mortgages for Expats available may have very specialised terms, however do Contact Us or Request A Quote as each case is different and our panel of lenders will look at each requirement on an individual basis. A summary of some of the broader terms are as below.


  • Applicant must be an Expat with a British Passport, where a joint application, 1 applicant must have a British passport.
  • Maximum loan to value may be up to 80%
  • Property must be in England or Wales
  • Maximum number of Holiday Lets 3 per applicant.
  • Minimum Applicant Income Requirement may apply
  • Interest Only and Repayment Mortgage Options
  • Minimum Property Value £75,000
  • Not suitable for holiday parks or mobile style holiday homes.

Our panel of lenders understand the needs of seafarers and yacht crew and have a range of mortgage options. We are specialists in the Marine Industry for mortgages and appreciate the diverse financial positions that may be present. We look forward to an initial no obligation discussion with you.

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