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Attention to Detail

yacht crew expat mortgages

I would always go back to Michael at Expat Mortgages.
His attention to detail
His projection of current future situations greatly to take decisions
And indeed, he has never failed to put me on the right path at the right time
Especially in this hard times when everything seems too much
Thank you so much, Michael and look forward to future dealings thank you

Date posted:30th May 2024
Name:marilyn hayat
Expat based in:kuwait

Expat Remortgage in the UK

yacht crew expat mortgages

I am very happy with our case. Michael at Expat Mortgages helped us to remortgage our property in the UK. It was a bit hard for us to remortgage with our previous mortgage broker, but a search on Google brought us in contact with Expat Mortgages and everything else seemed so easy 😊
Thank you Michael for the professionalism and your great help. Keep on doing the same great job.

Until we meet again 😊
Jo & Nick

Date posted:7th May 2024
Name:Jo Dallaku
Expat based in:Norway

Simply Brilliant

yacht crew expat mortgages

Having been badly let down by another mortgage broker company trying to get an expat mortgage, we were recommended Expat Mortgages and spoke to Tracey there.

From start to finish, she was an absolute superstar and we cannot recommend or thank her enough. Extremely knowledgeable, efficient and proactive, she quickly found us a lender, helped us with all the paperwork and within 3 weeks we had our offer secured.

We have now got the keys to our new property, all thanks to Tracey.

She is simply brilliant.

Date posted:2nd May 2024
Name:Kenneth Marritt
Expat based in:Copenhagen, Denmark

No Hesitation

yacht crew expat mortgages

Michael is the guy. His extensive knowledge of various products makes working with him a breeze. From the initial stages to completion, he ensured that we were well taken care of. I highly recommend him without hesitation.

Date posted:26th April 2024
Name:Jacek Margas
Expat based in:United States

Quite Magnificent

yacht crew expat mortgages

We worked with Tracey Barnes at Expat Mortgages to secure a mortgage and insurance for us for a property that we were buying in the UK

Tracey was quite magnificent throughout the process. She found the best rates but as importantly helped guide us through what was an incredibly long and complex approval process which the bank required

I cannot imagine someone better to help end to end and I would highly, highly recommend Tracey to anyone going through a similar purchase

Date posted:28th March 2024
Name:Godfrey Sullivan
Expat based in:Dubai

A Win Win Situation

yacht crew expat mortgages

Michael dealt with my unusual circumstances very well.
When I have a need for more mortgage issues in the future plus if I know anyone else in a similar situation to mine I will definitely recommend Michael at Expat Mortgages. Communication with Michael was perfect, each time I had a question he would be on it. Michael was extremely efficient and selected the best mortgage package for me and my circumstances. Switching to a Buy-to-Let can be complicated, but he held my hand all the way, he also recommended a good solicitor to take me through the legal part of the deal. Finally I can rest at ease for the next 5 years as the fixed rate ended up being a better deal than my previous lender…Win Win…Thank you Michael.

Date posted:12th March 2024
Name:Neal Hickman
Expat based in:The Netherlands

Expat Mortgage Review

yacht crew expat mortgages

It was a blessed day when we discovered Michael on Google search for a mortgage advisor specializing in EXPAT mortgages. With many challenges facing us both we had little hope to be able to buy a property and find a lender that we would fit with. Michael was reliable, supportive, professional and delivered.

We would not hesitate to use his services again and would recommend to anyone looking for an EXPAT advisor/mortgage to contact him.

Date posted:9th March 2024
Name:Patricia & Tony Reeves
Expat based in:Cyprus

Great Service Right To The End

yacht crew expat mortgages

My wife and I were what can only be described as messed around by the offshore lenders, including ones that have a ‘High Street’ presence in the UK. We turned to Expat Mortgages at Meridian and Michael found us a UK Building Society lender that provided a clear application process and a competitive rate. I expected Michael’s role to be over once the mortgage was approved the paper work was signed – but just a couple of days before our property transaction was due for completion, Michael found that the lender had lowered their fixed rate, and was able to get us on this lower rate for the five year fixed period which will save us a considerable sum over this period. Thanks so much, Michael !

Date posted:5th March 2024
Expat based in:Germany

Exceptional !

yacht crew expat mortgages

Tracey has been exceptional throughout the process. She has transformed a really stressful process to a walk in the park.

Date posted:1st February 2024
Name:Nikos Antreou
Expat based in:Cyprus

Sound Advice

yacht crew expat mortgages

I have now known Michael Johnson of Expat Mortgages for 4 years or so. He has been superb. He responds positively and quickly to telephone calls, messages and emails. He often takes the initiative in offering thoughtful and constructive advice generally. Recently he recommended delaying getting a mortgage offer in order that I could benefit from a lower interest rate. He shows a personal interest in listening to potential difficulties in buying a property and offering sound advice. I feel he has become a personal trusted friend!

Date posted:16th January 2024
Name:Franziska Fisken
Expat based in:Vienna, Austria

Highly Recommended

yacht crew expat mortgages

I thought it would be complicated and arduous doing an international mortgage.

It wasn’t.

Michael made it all simple and clear and helped moved things along as swiftly as we could.

Would highly recommend him to anyone looking at a mortgage of this kind.

Date posted:22nd December 2023
Expat based in:Korea

An Early Bird !

yacht crew expat mortgages

We started our journey a year ago with an enquiry as to whether our idea of a foreign mortgage is even possible ?. Michael arranged an initial consult and from the get go his guidance , industry knowledge and an approachable manner made this process allot less stressful, not to mention an all round lovely person to have on the other side of the line answering endless questions without an ounce of bother ( he is an early bird which helped with the time difference 🙂 …
This initial query has now completed and we couldn’t be happier with the property we proudly own . We would not hesitate to recommend Michael as without him steering the way we would not be in this position . Thanks again !!

Date posted:19th December 2023
Name:Joanne and Richard Rosen
Expat based in:Sydney

We Couldn’t Be Happier

yacht crew expat mortgages

Michael at Expat Mortgages was fantastic from the beginning to end of our house purchase and we consider ourselves very lucky to have found him. We were engaged in the process for over a year: we lost our first property and mortgage offer and then had go through the mortgage application again. Michael was there the whole time to offer us guidance and support. He’s extremely knowledgeable about his industry and conveyancing in general – and he’s also just a nice guy to talk to.

We have our house now and couldn’t be happier. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michael and Expat Mortgages to anyone looking for a foreign income mortgage.

Date posted:1st November 2023
Name:Matthew King
Expat based in:Berlin

A Huge Help

yacht crew expat mortgages

Tracey Barnes at Expat-Mortgages made our dream come true, I wasn’t sure if I were be able to get a mortgage but she found us the best expat mortgage. The process was very difficult but Tracey was a huge help every step of the way. She is very knowledgeable and very professional, answering all our questions and finding best solutions. She was making sure everything was done correctly and stayed on track. She was all ways looking out for my best interest.

Date posted:6th September 2023
Name:Ekrem Kirkgoze
Expat based in:Kazakhstan

Always There to Help

yacht crew expat mortgages

Michael at Expat Mortgages was really dedicated to getting me the best deal possible. He helped me with every step and made everything easy even though it was a bit complicated. Whenever I had questions, he was always there to help. I am really thankful and would definitely recommend him to others!

Date posted:29th August 2023
Name:Andrea Tothova
Expat based in:Slovakia

Dedicated and very Committed

yacht crew expat mortgages

Michael at Expat Mortgages was dedicated and very committed to getting us the best deal he could. He took us through every step and made the process as straightforward as it could be in the circumstances! We are very grateful and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him

Date posted:23rd August 2023
Name:Matt Williamson
Expat based in:Saudi Arabia

Wonderful Service

yacht crew expat mortgages

Expat mortgage adviser Michael professionally took me through the whole procedure; gave clear, impartial, advice on the products available and helped liaise with the estate agent and mortgage provider throughout the whole process.
I would thoroughly, and have done so already, recommend Michael to anyone considering an expat mortgage.
Kindest regards

Date posted:18th August 2023
Name:James Tozer
Expat based in:Kenya

Excellent Throughout

yacht crew expat mortgages

Michael at Expat Mortgages was excellent throughout the process, finding a great product for us (where others had failed) and supporting us right through the application process to completion.
He was always available when needed and communicated well throughout with both us and the lender to resolve an issues that came about. In short, I can’t recommend Michael and Expat Mortgages highly enough.

Date posted:17th August 2023
Expat based in:Netherlands

No Drama

yacht crew expat mortgages

Tracey was brilliant. This is the second Time Tracey has assisted us and everything went smooth and without any drama at all. Highly Recommend.

Date posted:1st August 2023
Expat based in:Thailand

Considerable Knowledge

yacht crew expat mortgages

Our guide was Michael Johnson.

It was a great delight to be able to work as client with Michael. His considerable knowledge, experience, patience, and charm enabled us to systematically and methodically work through the stages of obtaining and activating a suitable mortgage for our needs for a residential property in the UK. Obtaining a mortgage from a UK source of finance whilst living and working abroad is a complex and specialised process: Michael saw us though it and was with us at every stage, including where difficult, complex, and sometimes exasperating bureaucracy was involved.

It has been my greatest pleasure to work with Michael and it is my hope that our paths will converge again in an equally pleasurable way in the future.

Date posted:31st July 2023
Name:Jacob Solomon
Expat based in:Jerusalem

Dreams Do Come True

yacht crew expat mortgages

Michael at Expat Mortgages made our dream a reality! We weren’t sure we’d be able to get a mortgage for our situation, but he found us the perfect mortgage. We were a little overwhelmed with the process, but Michael was a huge help every step of the way. He was incredibly knowledgeable and very professional answering all our questions. He was very detail orientated to make sure everything was processed correctly, and he was diligent in making sure things stayed on track until everything was completed. I don’t think we could have found a better person to help us.

Date posted:1st July 2023
Name:Samantha Brenneman
Expat based in:USA

Super Helpful

yacht crew expat mortgages

I was pleased with the very professional service received from Niel at Expat Mortgages from the first conversation regarding my expat mortgage. Considering the concerning situation with inflation rates coupled with the complexity of now being a resident abroad applying for a mortgage in the UK, Niel was a positive light of reassurance in finding a fast solution in this financially challenging period. Remortgages are a long process but Niel was super helpful and reliable throughout in giving clear guidance and answering my questions & doubts in a timely, friendly and professional way.

I would contact again for future mortgages and recommend.

Date posted:22nd June 2023
Name:Antonella Carofano
Expat based in:Italy

A Remarkable Job

yacht crew expat mortgages

Niel Khambay at Expat Mortgages was the only mortgage broker we could find to handle our mortgage request, since we are not UK residents. He did a remarkable job for us, and he was very patient with us and the process through a long, complicated negotiation. We would definitely reach out to Niel for help again.

Date posted:10th June 2023
Name:Whit H. Hanks
Expat based in:USA (Texas)

Supportive Throughout

yacht crew expat mortgages

Highly recommend Tracey at Expat Mortgages – she has been fantastic in the recent switch of my mortgage to a new lender. Living in Denmark, I was finding it hard to find a new lender, and had spoken to a few mortgage advisors who were not able to find any products. Tracey was excellent from the beginning – she promptly found me two potential mortgages. She clearly knows the market well, is very pleasant to deal with, and responsive and supportive throughout. I will definitely be recommending Tracey to friends!

Date posted:6th June 2023
Name:Angela Wilson
Expat based in:Denmark

Thanks To Expat Mortgages

yacht crew expat mortgages

I can not recommend Michael and the team enough. Not only is Michael super knowledgeable and proactive, he gives great advice and is extremely responsive.

I will be forever grateful to have completed on my dream house thanks to expat mortgages.

Date posted:18th May 2023
Name:Charlotte Oliver
Expat based in:Dubai

Support & Guidance

yacht crew expat mortgages

We have just completed on our third mortgage with Michael at Expat Mortgages and as per usual, the level of service along with his support and guidance throughout the whole process, has been second to none. 100% recommend Expat Mortgages to anyone who is looking to either buy a BTL property back in the UK or for anyone looking to Re-Mortgage an existing property ( We have purchased 1 x BTL and used their services for 2 x Re-Mortgages when existing providers rates went up).
Richard, Dubai, UAE

Date posted:5th May 2023
Name:Richard Arrowsmith
Expat based in:United Arab Emirates

Superb Expat Mortgage Advice

yacht crew expat mortgages

Michael at Expat-Mortgages was a superb mortgage advisor. He understood my goals from the outset and was always on the front foot in achieving the best deal possible in a timely manner. He even went the extra mile to secure the best rates for me following the turbulence of the infamous autumn UK budget. Great work and would highly recommend.

Date posted:15th April 2023
Name:Nicholas Tarlton
Expat based in:Spain

Advice & Guidance

yacht crew expat mortgages

Michael at Expat Mortgages was a great help throughout the whole process of securing and organising our mortgage. He was very helpful with advice and guidance all the way up to completion. He was available at short notice for a call or a chat when ever required. We highly recommend.

Alex and Maire

Date posted:13th April 2023
Name:Alexander Luscombe
Expat based in:Kuwait

Relocating from the UK

yacht crew expat mortgages

After relocating from the UK to Slovakia we were forced to change mortgage lenders; the situation we found ourselves in was extremely stressful and had a serious impact on our daily lives. Thankfully we found Michael at Ex-Pat mortgages who was an absolute legend in assisting us through a very testing six months.
Michael at Expat-Mortgages was a consumate professional throughout the remortgaging process and gave us excellent advice. Our situation was not the easiest to navigate but Michael knew exactly how to manage our case. He was incredibly helpful from the day our file was opened until the day our case was closed. His communication skills and knowledge of market conditions is unrivalled and we will definitely use his expertise and services in the future.
Thomas and Leanne

Date posted:27th March 2023
Name:Thomas Dowdeswell
Expat based in:Slovakia

A Dream Fulfilled

yacht crew expat mortgages

Getting expat mortgage is not easy for any individual. But Michael at Expat Mortgages made it easy for us. My husband’s dream to get a second house is fulfilled with great help of Michael. An amazing personality, professional, moreover we felt like a family friend. We work together couple of years together with house hunting.
All those times Michael was very supportive, calm and confident. Emails answered immediately. Great liaison between conveyancing and expat mortgage team. Highly recommend Michael!

Date posted:16th March 2023
Name:Leena Allen
Expat based in:Qatar

Terrific !

yacht crew expat mortgages

Michael at Expat Mortgages was terrific.
We had a combination of circumstances that meant we were not the straight forward or typical client. Michael efficiently went through everything we needed to submit and ultimately found us a very good offer. I suspect without his help we ultimately would not have been able to secure a expat mortgage. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.
Many thanks Michael.
Best wishes,

Date posted:15th March 2023
Name:Finlay Hunter
Expat based in:France

Such a Treat

yacht crew expat mortgages

Michael at Expat Mortgages, is such a treat to work with! This is the second time we have worked with him and wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again. He honestly has gone above and beyond to help us with our mortgage. I would highly recommend if you are thinking about working with him. Thanks again Expat Mortgages and Michael for everything!

Date posted:14th March 2023
Expat based in:New Zealand

Professional Knowledge

yacht crew expat mortgages

I have completed buying a property as a First Time Buyer with Michael and Expat Mortgages. His professional knowledge and support throughout the process was excellent. He made himself available and offered in-depth knowledge to speed up the process. It was difficult arranging the documents from abroad but he simplified the process and his organization made it relatively pain-free. I would recommend Expat Mortgages and Michael for any mortgage application.

Date posted:17th February 2023
Name:Sheridan Cole
Expat based in:Saudi Arabia

Simply Fantastic

yacht crew expat mortgages

Michael at Expat Mortgages was simply fantastic!!

He was incredibly knowledgeable about the process of expat mortgages and really supported us from start to finish, resolving any problems arose.

Michael was always responsive and understanding when we were stressed about our move.

We would highly recommend him!

Michael- THANK YOU so very much!!!

We are incredibly grateful!!!!

Simon and Rebecca

Date posted:17th February 2023
Name:Rebecca Miller
Expat based in:USA

A Headache-Free Expat Mortgage Application

I have just purchased my first property and couldn’t have done it without Michael. Not only was he the only expat mortgage broker I spoke to who could get me a mortgage in principal, he also supported me every step of the way (18 months from start to finish). If you want a headache-free mortgage process, I would highly recommend Michael.

Date posted:16th December 2022
Name:Bettina Kratzer
Expat based in:Dubai

A High Recommendation

Such a high recommendation for expat mortgages especially Tracey.
What was a fairly laborious and involved process was made so much easier with support at every stage from start to finish.
If you need a mortgage abroad use Expat Mortgages.

Date posted:13th December 2022
Name:Lorna Craggs
Expat based in:Australia

Completely Professional

Tracey at Expat Mortgages was completely professional to work with throughout the whole process.
Constant communication between all parties up to completion.
I have no hesitation to recommend Expat Mortgages and will be using their services again in the near future.

Date posted:6th December 2022
Name:Leslie James Magill
Expat based in:Saudi Arabia

Great Support

I really appreciated the great guidance and service I got from Michael at Expat Mortgages, who found me exactly what I needed, and helped me through the various steps. He was always quick to respond to queries and follow through any actions, and provided great support from start to finish. Will definitely contact Expat Mortgages and Michael again in the future.

Date posted:26th November 2022
Name:Sophie Ball
Expat based in:Ireland

Tracey Barnes was recommend to

Tracey Barnes at Expat Mortgages was recommended to us via a friend in Singapore who had used her services in the past. We had a very complex requirement with multiple lenders, multiple properties and two UK countries. We were very impressed by Tracey’s professionalism, responsiveness and ability to find us the right deals to get us the outcome we needed.

In what turned out to be a 6+ month process we finally completed and we were very glad for Tracey’s support. In fact, she turned out to be the most competent and reliable person we worked with throughout the entire process.

We couldn’t recommend Tracey and Expat Mortgages highly enough, without her we absolutely would not have the result we wanted!

Sam and Amy.

Date posted:14th November 2022
Name:Sam Denton-Giles
Expat based in:Singapore

Excellent Personal Service

I was put in contact with Michael Johnson from Expat Mortgages after needing a mortgage for a UK property whilst living overseas.

Michael was fantastic and took me through the process always be clear and honest whilst offering a number of mortgage options that suiting my individual needs.

Michael remained in contact with me the time constantly liaising between myself and the mortgage company until completion date.

Excellent personal service and I was fully satisfied

Highly recommend

Date posted:8th November 2022
Name:Daniel Cole
Expat based in:Bermuda

Helpful, Professional & Responsive

I have recently completed on a re-mortgage with Tracey Barnes. I am so grateful for all of Tracey’s hard work and patience throughout. The process became very lengthy due to me needing to apply for a lease extension, which delayed the completion date. With all the recent political turmoil in the UK I though I was going to lose the deal, but Tracey pulled out all of the stops and we completed with the same conditions as before the mini-budget fiasco. I would highly recommend Tracey’s services as she was always so helpful, professional and responsive.

Date posted:8th November 2022
Name:Anthony Wilkinson
Expat based in:Barcelona, Spain

Wonderful After Care

We had the pleasure of asking Expat-Mortgages to act as our broker during our re-mortgage process as we had previously had an exceptional experience. I was extremely happy to receive the same great service and wonderful after care including follow ups and assistance as required. Having worked with Michael at Expat-Mortgages on more than one occasion I cannot recommend him and Ex-Pat Mortgages enough.

Date posted:1st October 2022
Name:Cameron Pigou
Expat based in:Melbourne, Australia

Very Knowledgeable

I have recently completed an expat mortgage with Expat-Mortgages. It has been a long process but Michael from Expat-Mortgages has been with me every step of the way. I am very grateful for his advice and support throughout the whole process. Michael was very knowledgeable, approachable, quick to respond, reliable, and he went the extra mile to help me complete the purchase as planned. I thoroughly recommend him; he was an absolute pleasure to work with.
Thank you, Michael!

Date posted:1st October 2022
Expat based in:New Zealand

Excellent Service

I am so grateful to have Tracey Barnes as my mortgage advisor. Tracey is very approachable, reliable and responsive. Her expertise and dedication are highly appreciated. She guided me through the way and kept me informed at all times. She is just an amazing trust advisor. Highly recommend her services!

Date posted:27th September 2022
Name:Jessica Wong
Expat based in:Hong Kong

Expertise & Knowledge

Tracey was an amazing find. She really went out of her way to find a suitable lender for me. She also explained the process to me in great detail and kept me informed at all times. I could not have managed this process without her help. Buying a house in the UK from aboard is not an easy matter and having someone with Tracey’s level of expertise and knowledge on hand to guide you through it was invaluable. I would highly recommend her services.

Date posted:6th September 2022
Name:Simon Hunter
Expat based in:Amman, Jordan


I cannot recommend Michael at Expat Mortgage highly enough. Michael’s guidance was invaluable and he was so supportive in helping me navigate the complex expat mortgage arena. Michael was readily available, highly approachable and extremely knowledgeable. He took the time to explain my options. I felt I was in very good hands throughout the whole process. Thank you!

Date posted:17th August 2022
Name:Barbara Mason
Expat based in:Montreal, Canada

An Amazing Help

Michael at Expat-Mortgages was such an amazing help through the whole process of applying for and completing on an expat mortgage. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the offers available and his ability to find something that worked perfectly for me. I would (and will!) highly recommend him to anyone I meet who is looking for an expat mortgage.
Thanks Michael!

Date posted:14th August 2022
Name:Katie D
Expat based in:New York City

Very Well Supported

We were very well supported by Tracey Barnes at Expat-Mortgages. Excellent communication, quick responses and and a very smooth process to give us the expat/property investment mortgage we couldn’t find anywhere else. In spite of several house purchases falling through (beaten on price) we eventually prevailed and Tracey was there, every time. Many thanks!

Date posted:2nd August 2022
Name:Jim and Lona Parry
Expat based in:Australia

Forever Grateful

We have recently completed an expat mortgage with Michael D Johnson at Expat-Mortgages and have been extremely happy with the advice and support he has given throughout the whole process.

When we engaged Expat-Mortgages we were at a point with our previous mortgage broker where we thought we had reached the end of the road.

Without Michael, we would have definitely not been able to get the mortgage we required and are forever grateful for everything he has done!

Date posted:29th July 2022
Name:Rushabh Shah
Expat based in:Kenya

Just Excellent Service

We had Tracey Barnes as our mortgage advisor at Expat-Mortgages, and we are delighted with her service. Quick responses, pushing the solicitors to get the job done quicker, explaining everything as it was our first property. Just excellent service, thank you very much!

Date posted:25th June 2022
Name:Stefan Zehirov
Expat based in:Bulgaria

Highly Recommend

Tracey at Expat Mortgages found us the ideal mortgage for us to buy a beautiful family home and helped us every step of the way until completion. Highly recommend,

Date posted:24th June 2022
Name:Thomas Story
Expat based in:Netherlands

Many Thanks

Tracey at Expat-Mortgages was amazing she arranged my mortgage and helped me through everything including avoiding a scam when someone hacked into my e mail.
I would happily do it all again with Tracey she was always at the end of the phone with helpful advice and nothing was ever to much trouble for her .
Many Thanks Tracey

Date posted:2nd June 2022
Name:Julie Day
Expat based in:Sharjah , United Arab Emirates

An Absolute Pleasure

Michael at Expat-Mortgages was an absolute pleasure to work with to obtain a remortgage for my London apartment. He stuck with me through the whole drawn-out process of obtaining an EWS1 safety certificate for the building, he remained unphased, assisting with every aspect of the mortgage and locating a conveyancer.

I thoroughly recommend him, he’s also a great guy to chat to as well.


Date posted:27th May 2022
Name:Richard Chan
Expat based in:Melbourne, Australia

Hugely Knowledgeable

Arranging a mortgage from overseas during a pandemic was never going to be straight forward. Expat-Mortgages were hugely knowledgeable and helpful throughout. Very quick response time and the process was much less stressful than I had anticipated. Michael was always available and even chased up the conveyancing very effectively. Highly recommended.

Date posted:19th May 2022
Name:Alex COOK
Expat based in:Brunei

Incredible Support

Tracey at Expat-Mortgages has been an incredible support the last few weeks as we move from Germany back to the UK, I honestly don’t know how we would have done it without her! She did so much heavy lifting with the paperwork, coordinated everything with providers and got us an excellent rate on our fixed term mortgage – A tricky feat when you’ve been paid in 3 currencies in the past 5 years! Without doubt I would work with Tracey again, and have already recommended her directly to a number of colleagues. Thank you Tracey, you have made our little family very happy!

Date posted:16th May 2022
Name:The Simpsons
Expat based in:USA then Germany

Sound & Impartial Advice

Due to being based in China, throughout the process I came under numerous issues and hurdles especially since I was a first time buyer. However choosing Michael through Expat-Mortgages was by far the best choice in my whole house purchase. He offered sound and impartial advice on all aspects, even when it was not directly related to the mortgage. This helped guide me and prepare me when many times I was quite honestly lost. As far as the mortgage was concerned, this was very smooth and at a good rate. Any queries, questions or areas I didn’t understand he was very patient and helpful to make sure I had a full understanding in all of the paperwork. By every measure regarding the help, time and guidance I would recommend Michael to anyone else taking an expat mortgage.

Date posted:5th April 2022
Name:Richard William Mapp
Expat based in:China

Thank You

Thank you to Tracey at Expat-Mortgages for her help and expertise, guiding us smoothly through the remortgage of our rental property in the UK. We first spoke to Tracey 5+ years ago and her advice was to wait until nearer the expiration of our current mortgage before re-mortgaging. When it came time to switch Tracey again had the most competitive rates, even obtaining an additional 0.4% discount after we accepted the original offer from the building society. Tracey also helped with the appointment and management of solicitors to complete the transfer.

We highly recommend Tracey and her services.

Date posted:29th March 2022
Name:Neil Kenney
Expat based in:United States

An Excellent Mortgage Broker

I can strongly recommend Michael at Expat-Mortgages who is an excellent mortgage broker. I have now used him twice to source an expat mortgage and his service has been first class in both instances. He is very knowledgeable of the products on the market that are applicable to your overseas location. He is proactive and responds quickly to any questions or queries.

Date posted:23rd March 2022
Name:Paul Walker
Expat based in:Bahrain/Saudi Arabia

An Absolute Pleasure

Micheal at Expat-Mortgages was an absolute pleasure to work with and supported us through every step of the Expat Mortgage application. I could not recommend anyone better than Micheal. Thank you for your professionalism.

Date posted:20th March 2022
Name:William Ashcroft
Expat based in:Saudi Arabia

Very Knowledgeable

Right from my first contact with Tracey Barnes at Expat Mortgages she was very knowledgeable, efficient and professional. She guided us through the complicated process of ex pat mortgages and we felt very confident in her abilities.

Our house purchase became quite a drawn out affair, but she was always there with a solution and patience! I highly recommend Tracey to anyone needing an ex pat mortgage, you wont be sorry!

Date posted:11th March 2022
Name:Angela Bird
Expat based in:Bulgaria

Great Support

Many many thanks to Michael at Expat-Mortgages for his prompt advice and great support. Very smooth information solicitation, application and diligent follow-up throughout. 6weeks from contacting Michael to having a concluded mortgage. I am super happy.

Date posted:18th February 2022
Name:Thomas How
Expat based in:Luxembourg

Helpful Knowledgeable & Professional

We can’t thank or recommend Tracey Barnes at Expat-Mortgages enough for guiding us through the mortgage application process. This was our first-time buying as expats and from the very first emails and calls to completion on our purchase a few days ago, Tracey has been efficient, helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Will certainly call Tracey again and we recommend her to all expats looking for help. Big thank you, Tracey!

Date posted:18th February 2022
Name:Richard Crow
Expat based in:Indonesia

Highly Recommended

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I would highly recommend Michael Johnson at Expat-Mortgages. We contacted many mortgage brokers at the outset and Michael at Expat-Mortgages clearly stood out from the rest, with his knowledge and advise. He instantly made you feel comfortable and nothing was too much for him. He was always available. From the beginning to the end of our successful mortgage application, he helped us through every stage along the way.

Date posted:17th January 2022
Name:Ann Barker
Expat based in:Spain

An Exceptional Mortgage Broker

Michael Johnson is an exceptional mortgage broker. He kept me advised and updated every step of the mortgage process, explaining the reason for every document requested from me. His manner was always friendly, and he was always available to answer every question. Before approaching Michael, I had gone through a high street mortgage advisor who honestly wasted good 4 months as he didn’t have an idea on how to deal with expats mortgages. I will strongly recommend Michael to my friends and colleagues in the future, and I will be certain to use him the next time if I require re-mortgaging. He is remarkable and a five-star broker, and any organisation should be proud to have him working for them.

Date posted:11th January 2022
Name:Khalid Abusaieda
Expat based in:Qatar

A God Send

I can honestly say that Tracey Barnes at Expat Mortgages was a god send when I first contacted her in May 2021. I soon realised that it was not easy to find someone willing to be a lender for a purchase of a property when one works overseas.
Not only did Tracey helped me with a mortgage lender but I was also able to bring my personal information up to date as required the the law in UK.
The past 6 months was an emotional roller coaster of a journey and Tracey was always there to support and guide me when at times I was on the verge of giving up.
Thank you Tracey for your professional advice and one of the most efficient person that I had the pleasure of dealing with. Without your support, the beautiful apartment that I have now purchased wouldn’t have been possible.
I will definitely be recommending Tracey and Expat-Mortgages to other fellow expatriates.

Date posted:7th January 2022
Name:Sonam Fleming
Expat based in:Kuwait

Guidance & Support

We can’t thank Michael enough for the guidance and support he provided us over the last 12 months. We are first times buyers, living abroad with two young children and he was an expert at keeping us calm, answering our questions and giving us considered advise. He was patient and never made us feel like we were asking too many questions. We would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for an expat mortgage.

Date posted:1st January 2022
Name:Joanne Keyden
Expat based in:Dubai

Best Decision We Made

We were more than nervous about buying a home in the UK while still living in the US, but Michael seriously is the best! He helped us every single step of the way working crazy hours just so we could ask him basic questions. He was amazing at explaining everything to us in terms we could actually understand. He got us a really great mortgage and made the entire process, which seemed impossible to us in the beginning, feel seamless and easy. If you’re buying a house in the UK from out of country Michael is THE person to help you do it. Best decision we made!

Date posted:22nd December 2021
Name:Samantha Norbury
Expat based in:United States

Very Professional

Michael Johnson was our Advisor and he was superb. Very professional and detailed and his experience made the process very easy. We felt that we were well informed of the end to end process in advance and had clear expectations regarding timeframes.

I can highly recommend Michael Johnson to anyone that is looking for an ExPat mortgage.



Date posted:22nd December 2021
Name:Matt Peart
Expat based in:New Zealand

An Incredible Deal

Niel’s performance was outstanding in the remortgage of my existing property back in the UK. He managed to find a deal that beat the rate offered by my existing provider by over 2% and with a term 2.5x the existing. With likely large interest rate hikes in the coming years this was an incredible deal. Successful application of this offer posed numerous challenges so I was initially only 30% confident of a successful application. Niel handheld the whole process including all the issues along the way and managed to execute well ahead of schedule. I will be using Niel for all my future purchases and will be recommending him to my other expat contacts globally.

Date posted:15th December 2021
Name:Thomas Bloxham
Expat based in:Hong Kong

A Real Pleasure

Tracey at Expat-Mortgages supported us through the whole process. Ensured all the right documentation was in place and made sure we had the most appropriate offer from the lender.
It was a real pleasure to work with her.

Date posted:14th December 2021
Name:Simon Ranyard
Expat based in:Sweden

Seamless & Efficient

Neil gave me confidence in his ability to support me from our very first conversation and indeed he delivered on his promises, his experience ensured the whole process was simple, seamless and efficient throughout. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services if you are seeking expat mortgage assistance.

Date posted:11th December 2021
Expat based in:Australia

Speciality Broker

I had nearly given up on my chances to secure a mortgage as a non-resident until I found Michael. What a blessing he has been! From the start, he expertly walked me through the nuances of expat mortgages. He was extremely knowledgable about all the regulations and restrictions and guided me to find a solution that was best for my situation. I’m most impressed by Michael’s attention to detail. It took me quite a while to work through the process (due to the pandemic), but Michael was there the whole time, staying on top of things and checking in on me routinely. I’m finally all moved in to my new flat, thanks in large part to Michael’s support. I would happily recommend him to anyone in need of a specialty broker and /or guidance for securing expat mortgages.

Date posted:6th December 2021
Expat based in:United States

Help & Patience

We’re grateful to Michael for all the Expat-Mortgage advice and help he gave us and the hard work he put into putting the advice into practice. We don’t think we would ever have got the idea off the ground without his help and patience.

Date posted:2nd December 2021
Name:Keith & Linda Williamson
Expat based in:Heidelberg, Germany

Tracey is Fantastic

Tracey is fantastic, someone you certainly want in your corner when buying a property. She’s been a pillar throughout the process and offered some valuable insights. Thank you Tracey, I look forward to working together again soon.

Date posted:23rd November 2021
Name:Nadeem Anjarwalla

Genuinely Humbled

Honestly, above and beyond service from Michael. My mortgage process took so long across a few years (because of me and my issues and changing circumstances) and Michael was always briefed and ready to help. He was always there at the end of an email or an phone call and always warm and receiving any bad news with humour and straight-forward advice, it wasn’t about ‘how can I get the mortgage done’ but ‘how can I best help you’. There are times when you feel lucky, well having Michael advising me over the long years was one of those times. I am genuinely humbled by the help I received. Thankyou.

Date posted:16th November 2021
Name:Corin Nichols
Expat based in:Estonia

Above and Beyond

Michael has gone above and beyond for us, time and time again. It’s not easy for us to find mortgages for a company in the UK when the Directors live abroad, but Michael has been consistently reliable for the past decade. It’s rare in business to find people that you can trust and rely on, so i’m pleased to say that Michael at Expat-Mortgages, for us, is one of them and he has been reliable throughout all of our business transactions. We have no hesitation in recommending his services and shall continue to partner with him for as long as he is willing to put up with our difficult demands.

Date posted:10th November 2021
Name:Mark Gardner
Expat based in:Singapore

Extremely Knowledgeable

We found Tracey to be extremely knowledgeable, efficient and approachable. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tracey to anyone looking for an expat mortgage, or to contact her again in the future.

Date posted:29th September 2021
Name:Rachel and Adam Ferguson
Expat based in:Hong kong

Simply Outstanding

Michael was simply outstanding in all aspects. His care and consideration were met with a passion to ensure that I got the best service and best deal. He initially explained all the requirements making it sound easy and straight forward; and it was in reality. I would recommend him as a champion guide for Expats looking to buy or remortgage in the UK

Date posted:29th September 2021
Name:Ahmed Suleiman
Expat based in:Bahrain

I Keep Coming Back!


Expat Mortgages (Michael) has done nothing but support me throughout this expat mortgage journey. Rough markets and COVID challenges meant delays in new build constructions and needing to re-validate and/or revise existing mortgage offers. But Michael helped every step of the way until completion. Very happy, have used Expat Mortgages 3 times now and will be calling for their help next time again!

Date posted:28th September 2021
Name:Christian Openshaw
Expat based in:Dubai

Highly Recommended Service

This is the 2nd time I have worked with Niel at Expat Mortgages and I’ve been really happy with the service both times around. Niel explains the situation clearly and is always available for a quick catch up or a more detailed conversation. Highly recommended service and makes life very easy when you are not there directly.

Date posted:20th September 2021
Name:James Sutcliffe
Expat based in:Switzerland

Nervous At The Start

Back in January we set about the process of buying a house for our return from the US to the UK, all the UK High Street banks said ‘No, you need X months of wage slips’ the international banks said ‘you need $x of income’ (x was a very large number!).

A google search turned up Expat Mortgages. I was nervous at the start – who is this person? am I taking a risk sending money and all my details? There was nothing to be concerned about, Michael was amazing and took us through what in the end was a long and complicated journey.

So, here we are some 8+ months after we started. Today we completed on our new house and we could not have done it without Michael at Expat Mortgages. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Date posted:2nd September 2021
Name:David Sharp
Expat based in:USA

Very Happy

I recently worked with Expat-Mortgages (Michael Johnson) on a remortgage of my home in the UK. Michael was refreshing to deal with, responsive, helpful and available. This made a significant change from other providers I had contacted who were largely non responsive and dismissive. The process was far quicker than I expected and I was kept updated at every step of the way. I have since contacted Michael again for another property and he will definitely be my first point of call on such matters. Very happy with the service provided.

Date posted:24th August 2021
Name:Shalagh Altair Massingham
Expat based in:Dubai

Fantastic Help

Michael at Expat-Mortgages was a fantastic help for us to navigate the complexities of being both an expat and self employed. He was able to guide us through the mortgage options and providers available to us and then to navigate the application process from the other side of the world, all during a global pandemic. Would definitely recommend!

Date posted:19th August 2021
Name:Matthew Taylor
Expat based in:New Zealand

Calm Under Pressure

Tracey did a wonderful job from start to finish for us. She clearly explained the options for the various mortgage products and secured a very competitive rate. She remained calm under pressure when my solicitors were dragging their feet and was a consummate professional throughout. No hesitation in recommending her services nor in using her again. Thank you for helping us secure our dream home, Tracey.

Sincerely, Chris & Heather

Date posted:13th August 2021
Name:Chris Marsh
Expat based in:United States

Money Well Spent

I had almost given up on securing a mortgage when I came across Expat Mortgages. One year later, I’m a homeowner. Tracey was incredibly supportive from the get go, guided me through all the complex procedures, was proactive, and very communicative. Money well spent to ensure her support from beginning to end and I am very satisfied with the service. Would 100% use Expat Mortgages again and would suggest them to any UK nationals living abroad and trying to secure property back home.

Date posted:11th August 2021
Name:Adam K. James
Expat based in:Bangladesh

Diligence & Reassurance

Like everyone else, we have also struggled over the past year. In addition, we found it heart breaking to be told that our mortgage would not be approved because we had taken holiday pay offered by the government as pandemic relief. Luckily for us, Michael from Expat-Mortgages recommended alternative products and guided us through the application process with diligence and reassurance. We have been granted a product that has enabled us to remortgage and to get our finances in order, we are very happy with the outcome and above all, with the high-quality service we have received. Thank you very much!

Date posted:9th August 2021
Name:Hector Gutierrez
Expat based in:Japan

Extremely Helpful

Michael was more like a friend than broker when he organised our expat buy to let mortgage. Extremely helpful from very start to the very end and completion. Nothing was too much trouble and Michael always responded to emails quickly. Professional and courteous. I highly recommend Michael Johnson and Expat-Mortgages

Date posted:30th July 2021
Name:Craig skinner
Expat based in:Spain

Truly Excellent

Micheal from Expat-Mortgages was truly excellent and took out all of the hassle of dealing with the bank and managed to get very quick responses when changes were required
Thanks to him I managed to get approval in a very reasonable time scale
Thank you

Date posted:30th July 2021
Expat based in:Qatar

A Breath of Fresh Air

I had been trying to find a UK mortgage for over two years and was always let down by companies & individuals due to my difficult circumstances of being paid in euros into overseas banks and being out of the UK for twenty years.
Niel Khambay was our advisor and was a breath of fresh air compared to other companies i had dealt with. I cannot speak highly enough of the service & confidence he provided me from the initial contact through until we had received the keys of our UK property.
I found Niel very approachable with a professional but friendly manner and was always available to answer any queries i had. I shall definitely be using Niel again when required.
I would give Niel my highest recommendation to any expat looking to relocate or purchase a property in the UK.
Thank you Niel

Date posted:11th July 2021
Name:John Watson
Expat based in:Mallorca

Absolutely Delighted

We were absolutely delighted with the service we received from Tracey to help us find an BTL mortgage. She worked tirelessly to find us the best deal, and was able to provide good advice and support along the way. She remained in close contact throughout the sales period ensuring everything moved quickly.

We will definitely use Tracey and Expat-Mortgages again for any future mortgages! Cannot recommend enough.

Date posted:8th July 2021
Name:Lorna Copland
Expat based in:Norway

Very Efficient Service

Very efficient service from Niel at Expat Mortgages

Date posted:7th July 2021
Name:Roger Kernan
Expat based in:Australia

First Time Buyers

Being first time buyers in the UK while living overseas, obtaining a mortgage was a daunting task. [Niel from] Expat-Mortgages.co.uk made the process incredibly straightforward. We were able to secure an overseas mortgage at a very competitive domestic rate from a well known high street bank. The whole process was handled quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Expat-Mortgages.co.uk to overseas buyers looking for UK real estate.

[Niel is absolutely excellent]

Date posted:29th June 2021
Name:Graham Gurney
Expat based in:Hong Konf

Excellent Experience

I had an excellent experience with Expat Mortgages. My broker, Michael was so professional, helpful, and kind as we navigated the process of purchasing and mortgaging a property back home. He was a joy to work with and I highly recommend him and Expat mortgages. Thank you Michael :-).

Date posted:28th May 2021
Name:Doreen Main
Expat based in:US

Excellent Service

I’m currently an Expat living in Australia and wanted help in releasing equity in my UK property. I contacted a number of different brokers, all with various levels of fees. Although some were cheaper, they were very poor in communication with some not getting back to me after I had queries. Tracey however was very quick in responding and was happy to to talk despite the time difference. Tracey provided various options and was happy to discuss my queries on each one. She stayed in communication every step of the way and was in contact with the mortgage provider and legal team to ensure it was running smoothly. Despite a few hiccups with postal services, it went well and actually processed quicker than I expected. Excellent service.

Date posted:27th May 2021
Name:Peter Leung
Expat based in:Australia

Helpful, Knowledgeable, Positive

From the very first phone call, Michael was helpful, knowledgeable and positive. He has helped us realise our dream of owning a home back in the UK with a mortgage which we never thought would be possible. Michael stayed in touch and was available whenever we needed answers. He always went the extra mile. I highly recommend Expat-Mortgages for great client service, honesty and positivity.

Thank you Michael for all of your help.

Date posted:27th May 2021
Name:Heather Munden
Expat based in:Spain

Expat Buy-to-Let

With Brexit on the horizon we decided to apply for a Withdrawal Agreement Visa and make France our permanent home. This prompted some financial changes to enable us to rent out our home in Cambridge. Michael assisted in the refinance to an expat buy-to-let to suit our new arrangements. It was great to work with someone who understood our needs and supported our plans. Michael stayed on top of the transaction from application to completion and has made a promise of after care. I highly recommend him to any expat looking to update or change financial arrangements when taking up residency in the EU.

Date posted:18th May 2021
Name:Lisa Foster
Expat based in:France

Responsive Detailed & Honest

I am a British Citizen, living in Malaysia. Initially I tried to speak to some banks directly for a mortgage to obtain a UK Buy to let property. However, I found the process extremely difficult as it was very challenging to communicate directly with the mortgage lenders. This was when I decide to contact some brokers and right from the start Tracey was the most responsive, detailed and honest about our finance options. Buying a house was surprisingly challenging but with Tracey’s assistance we managed to complete with a mortgage arrangement and a property that we were happy with. Thank you Tracey!

Date posted:17th May 2021
Expat based in:Malaysia

Always There

Tracey made my mortgage renewal as easy as possible! she was always there to help with questions and secured much better rates than I had expected! I will definitely use them again in the future.

Date posted:17th April 2021
Name:Mark Ferguson
Expat based in:Turks and Caicos

Impartial and Objective

Impartial and objective approach and advice from start to finish, would go as far as saying was a key driver in pushing the right people to complete when we really needed to complete. Will for sure use Expat-Mortgages again for any future requirements. Thank you!

Date posted:15th April 2021
Name:Owen Coll
Expat based in:UAE

Get The best Deals

I have used Michael at Expat-Mortgages several times for mortgage assistance and he’s always able to get the best deals and genuinely has personalise service from start to finish, highly recommend him.

Date posted:9th April 2021
Name:Jennifer Barley
Expat based in:Dubai

Always Available

With Michael’s help we were able to secure a mortgage in record-time. From the outset he was always available to answer any queries and guide us effortlessly through the entire process. Would highly recommend Expat-Mortgages for doing such a great job and will certainly use again.

Date posted:6th April 2021
Name:Helen Blades
Expat based in:Dubai

Top Quality

I cannot express enough how happy my husband and I are with the service we received from Michael Johnson at Expat-Mortgages.

He took on the challenge even though many others had told us it couldn’t be done.

Michael’s hard work, perseverance and tenacity were just a few of the many attributes that helped us buy our house in the UK from Australia. The time difference was not an easy factor either but he made it work. All round top quality client care and we cannot recommend his services highly enough!

Date posted:6th April 2021
Name:Madeleine Jebson
Expat based in:Melbourne, Australia

Professional Service

My wife and I recently completed on our investment property in the UK and we were delighted with the professional service delivered by Michael. From start to finish, Michael was always available to assist us with any queries and guided us along the process every step of the way. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael and I have done so already.

Date posted:6th April 2021
Name:Richard Arrowsmith
Expat based in:Dubai, UAE

Really Helpful

I was initially worried about how easy it would be to arrange an expat mortgage on my home. Michael, however, was really helpful and made everything much clearer. He was also there to help even after I had received an offer from the bank right through until completion.

Date posted:6th April 2021
Name:Leanne Sankey
Expat based in:Australia

Excellent, Professional & Invaluable

We have had an excellent, professional, and invaluable service from Expat-Mortgages. Our adviser Michael Johnson has helped us from day one until the completion of our purchase, going over and beyond his role, making the whole process of our home purchase a delight especially in such hard times.

Date posted:2nd April 2021
Name:Dilek Kahraman

Clearly & Patiently

Michael at Expat-Mortgages was really great to deal with. He guided us through the remortgage process very clearly and patiently. He answers calls and emails promptly and professionally. I was honestly dreading the whole process but he made it easy and I thoroughly recommend him. Thanks!

Date posted:27th March 2021
Name:Sarah Holberton
Expat based in:Spain

Very Fast Responses

I have now used Michael twice to purchase two properties. The first was back in 2015 and recently in 2020/21. Both times Michael has guided me through the process with ease and found a decent product even though lenders can be difficult for employees in Kazakhstan. He is very fast with responses by email and on the telephone, and he followed up frequently with the lender to check how the application was going. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michael for your expat mortgage needs.

Date posted:22nd March 2021
Name:Matthew Ketteringham
Expat based in:Kazakhstan

A Great Specialist

We first contacted Michael two years ago with an inquiry regarding locating a suitable product for us. Although we did not follow through with the process at that point when we approached him a year later Michael was very welcoming and eager to help us, he remember our case and there was no wrinkle in not pursuing the matter further before. It was a delight to work with him. He did not pressure us at any stage, he gave us honest and responsible advice at the pre-application stage, clear guidance during the application stage and promptly dealt with all the hurdles in the process to make sure the matter successfully progressed to completion even after we had appointed our lawyers. He was keen to make the process easy to follow and was always very responsive to our emails and concerns. The overall process took about 4 months from beginning to completion and that was including all the downtime around Covid challenges and Christmas holiday closures. A great specialist and a very honest professional! Would not hesitate suggesting Micheal D Johnson to anyone looking for similar broker services! 10/10

Date posted:22nd March 2021
Name:Gary Williamson
Expat based in:Australia

Very Informed

We worked with Michael to secure a mortgage as ex- pats. He was a pleasure to deal with and made the process very easy. He was very informed and gave excellent advise and guidance. We would highly recommend them!

Date posted:21st March 2021
Name:Zlatka Jones
Expat based in:Singapore

Thoroughly Recommended

Thank you to Tracey Barnes who gave us great advice and helped us through the whole process of securing a mortgage. This was our first experience of buying a house in the UK and Tracey was always on hand to help answer any questions we had. I would thoroughly recommend!

Date posted:26th February 2021
Name:Jennifer Braithwaite
Expat based in:Saudi Arabia


Over the course of 6 to 8 months I had spoken with a number of mortgage brokers with no success which was expected as we have a complicated situation. I was almost going to give up and a friend recommended Michael D Johnson from Expat-Mortgages. Michael found a product to meet our needs almost instantly, he made the process seamless from start to finish. Michael is one of the best brokers I have had the privilege of working with, he is an expert in his field and made our stressful situation stress free. I look forward to working with Michael again on future deals. 10/10

Date posted:23rd February 2021
Name:Mark partridge
Expat based in:Australia

Very Approachable,

Niel Khambay was very approachable, efficient and professional throughout the whole Expat mortgage process and was a pleasure to deal with. From the outset he searched for a suitable product from a reputable provider, bearing in mind there are very few good/trusted products available to an Expat. He provided advice and assistance even when it came to choosing the Solicitors. Our situation was complex however if we had any problems, we would use WhatsApp and he would respond back quickly. I have no hesitation in using and recommending Niel. Thank you.

Date posted:16th February 2021
Name:Pretesh Parmar
Expat based in:Qatar

Supportive and Professional

Michael Johnson was so supportive and professional throughout the whole mortgage process. From the beginning of the search for a suitable product for our needs, to the ‘out of hours’ emails to our new mortgage provider, making sure they were keeping on track for our timeline. He really helped us so much and went above and beyond to ensure a successful conclusion to our house purchase. If we had any problems, he would email back straightaway to say “Leave it with me”! We know we will be using Michael again for our future mortgage needs and I have no hesitation in recommending him to any expat. Excellent service! Thank you Michael.

Date posted:9th February 2021
Name:Helen and Anthony Pink
Expat based in:United States

Supportive Throughout

Michael Johnson was an example of what professionalism is all about. He was supportive throughout the process, clear and efficient in his communication and follow ups. Hugely indebted to him for the encouragement and facilitating the long and tedious process of mortgage application. He was quick in responding, resourceful and understanding and more importantly sincerely in his conduct. I will highly recommend Michael any day. Thank you mate!!

Date posted:5th February 2021
Name:Hussam MKSultan
Expat based in:Malaysia

Niel Khambay Did A Great Job

Niel Khambay did a great job in researching and finding a product for myself. The time difference between the UK and Australia can be challenging. Niel made himself available at short notice multiple times. I would recommend Niel for anyone looking for an expat mortgage.

Date posted:5th February 2021
Name:Simon Beckingham
Expat based in:Australia

Easy To Work With

We had tried several mortgage advisors, before getting in touch with Niel. He was very personable and easy to work with. He was able to give us several mortgage options and helped us choose the best one for us. We are delighted to have met him and I would recommend him fully.

Date posted:27th January 2021
Name:Jo Maye
Expat based in:United Arab Emirates

Enormously Indebted

We can’t speak too highly of Niel Khambay and the service he provided. He was absolutely brilliant and we are enormously indebted to him. From our first contact right up to getting the mortgage finalized, he was so ready to help and so unfazed by the various problems that arose along the way that we’re quite sure that without him we would never have succeded.

Date posted:26th January 2021
Name:Anthony Richard Gibson
Expat based in:France

Clear Concise Professional Advice

I dealt with Tracey Barnes who offered clear, concise professional advice throughout the whole process. From the initial point of sourcing mortgage options all the way through to chasing the last final outstanding items, the experience and service was second to none! I shall 100% recommend Tracey and the team. Thank you.

Date posted:22nd January 2021
Name:Matthew Trundle
Expat based in:Singapore

Excellent Recommendations

I dealt with Michael – who was fantastic. He clearly explained the process and documents he needed, made excellent recommendations and guided us through the steps. He also managed to sort out any complexities and issues -communicating constantly and clearly throughout the process. Highly recommended

Date posted:11th January 2021
Name:Peter Hopwood
Expat based in:Australia

Clear Communication

Michael provided an excellent service. I was impressed with his clear communication, knowledge of the products & process and his diligent follow-up. I would recommend Michael

Date posted:7th January 2021
Expat based in:Australia

Would Highly Recommend

Michael was brilliant! From start to finish he was available every step of the way to provide support and answer any questions. He was professional and guided me through every step of the process. His prompt responses made the process less stressful. Thank you for all your help Michael. Would highly recommend.

Date posted:4th January 2021
Name:Safa Aziz
Expat based in:Qatar

Extensive Knowledge

Sincerely, I can not speak too highly of Michael Johnson. His guidance, extensive knowledge and calm manner created a stress free process when we recently re-mortgaged our UK property. I totally trust him. We had some nail biting moments and Michael was a great source of advice and calm guidance during those times. Michael knows everything there is to know about expat mortgages and I would not hesitate to recommend him highly for this service. We will use him again in a heartbeat if we need this service again.

Date posted:22nd December 2020
Name:Martha Coleman
Expat based in:Sydney, Australia

An Absolute Blessing

Michael has been an absolute blessing helping us navigate the successful purchase of our UK house from afar, and was the picture of patience and sound advice throughout the process of securing our mortgage. I would highly recommend Michael to other expats looking to secure a mortgage – for his expertise, his guidance and knowledge in steering through what can be quite an involved process.

Date posted:16th December 2020
Name:Phil & Oriel Blake
Expat based in:US Virgin Islands

Extremely Impressed

I was extremely impressed with the service and ability to find a solution in these difficult times. Tracey was always fast to respond to any query and explained the process clearly when questioned. I would highly recommend Meridian Expat Mortgages.

Date posted:14th December 2020
Name:Jim Brown
Expat based in:Saudi Arabia

Reliable, Honest, Professional Advice

I had an extremely good experience with Tracey at Meridian Mortgages. She has provided reliable, honest, professional advice throughout the house purchase process, and has been extremely efficient and responsive to all my questions. I would not hesitate to use Tracey again, and would definitely recommend the service to others. Thank you Tracey, for your help.

Date posted:7th December 2020
Name:James Trafford
Expat based in:Singapore

The Patience Of A Saint

Due to the covid pandemic, many mortgage companies were unwilling to offer me a mortgage, I contacted meridian and the agent who guided me through the procedure was fantastic, it wasn’t an easy task, what with being so far from the UK but they held my hand every step of the way and in the end it all got sorted, i can’t thank Tracey enough for all her help, she had the patience of a saint, Thank you very much!

Date posted:24th November 2020
Name:Malcolm Rowe
Expat based in:Boracay Island, Philippines

Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended
Extremely efficient and knowledgeable service, helped us navigate our refinancing in a complicated market. We felt supported throughout the entire process.

Date posted:12th November 2020
Name:Damien Hewitt

Professional and Dedicated

Tracey is a very professional and dedicated advisor, who went above and beyond to secure a viable lender in a very restrictive market place. She remained very responsive throughout the whole process and was always there to answer any questions, and provide timely advice. Highly recommended!

Date posted:2nd November 2020
Name:Heath Irving
Expat based in:Macau

Expat-Mortgages Saved The Day

Michael D Johnson basically saved the day. He is extremely thorough, persistent and above all a nice person to work with, even when the going gets tough. Without a doubt, it is only because of Michael helping us that we were able to obtain a mortgage. He has excellent relationships with the banks, knows exactly what is required and when, and will go above and beyond to help his clients. Highly recommended.

Date posted:1st November 2020
Name:Tom J
Expat based in:Muscat, Oman

Highly Recommended

Michael Johnson organised a remortgage for us during the lockdown period of the pandemic after the process with another broker ground to a halt. It was a slightly complicated expat mortgage and Michael secured a good product for us with a reputable lender and despite the slow process we managed to complete. Michael guided us through every step and we felt safe and confident in his hands. We highly recommend Expat-Mortgages as a broker for residential and expat mortgages and we will certainly use him again

Date posted:19th October 2020
Name:Celine Star
Expat based in:Spain

Mortgage From Australia

Michael has been fantastic for me for over 5 years now helping us remortgage and refinance our UK home. He made it easy to liaise from Australia and went the extra mile to help coordinate all requirements with lender and even my lawyer.

Many thanks

Date posted:2nd October 2020
Name:Sheeraz Singh
Expat based in:Australia

Organised & Persistent

We got there in the end, mainly because of the organisation and persistence of Tracey! Thank you.

Date posted:24th September 2020
Name:Jamie Taylor
Expat based in:NY

A Bit Nervous

I highly recommend Michael D Johnson as an expat mortgage broker. I was a bit nervous about the whole process at the beginning but Michael was fantastic. He clearly explained every stage of the process. From start to finish was very stream line and made uncomplicated by Michael’s personality. He was very professional and friendly throughout the process and responds to emails very fast. I could not recommend him enough. If I was to go through this process again in the future, I would not hesitate to have Michael on the case again. Thank you very much for all of your hard work Michael.

Date posted:16th September 2020
Name:Sarah Whitley
Expat based in:Sydney, Australia

I don’t normally leave reviews…..

I don’t normally leave reviews, but in this case it is highly deserved. Michael Johnson is a brilliant man to have on your side. Not only is he very knowledgeable, his communication and willingness to get involved in your purchase is unmatched; you really do feel like you have someone in your corner fighting for you! I have purchased two properties using Michael as my broker, and I would strongly encourage anyone to use his services. Yes, there are other brokers out there, but when you are buying big assets such as property you need a reliable team mate. Michael is your guy.

Date posted:3rd September 2020
Name:Brendan Eveleigh
Expat based in:UAE

A True Expert

Michael D Johnson (Expat-Mortgages) has helped me numerous times to apply for a mortgage (both residential and buy-to-let) and honestly I would never even think about finding another mortgage advisor. He is one in a million and always and naturally goes beyond what the job requires. Due to the amount of stakeholders, buying a house is never easy but Michael always steps in and nudges the right people at the right time and communicates wonderfully all the way from initial mortgage information until property completion. He is also very thorough and his explanations are clear and accurate. He is a true expert in his field. Thank you Michael Johnson. Please don’t retire any day soon!

Date posted:20th August 2020
Name:Vanessa Lewis
Expat based in:Hong Kong

Delighted With The Service

We had almost given up hope of being able to buy a property back in the UK, until Skipton International suggested speaking to Michael at Expat-Mortgages. What a relief! Michael was able to arrange a mortgage for us with probably the only possible provider. Michael has a very professional approach, he talked us through the whole process, assisted with questions around completing forms. Then in the very difficult circumstances of trying to buy a house during the Covid lockdown Michael was always available, helpful, and pushing things forward where possible.
We were delighted with the whole service, thank you!

Date posted:20th August 2020
Name:Marco Voosen
Expat based in:Germany

Appreciation & Gratitude

Please allow us to express our appreciation and gratitude for everything you’ve done to help us to buy our new property. You gave us the peace of mind and the right advice every time we came to you seeking support.  

 Thank you Tracey for always understanding our situation and answering our concerns, we are so thankful that we came to you 🙂 

 We will for sure consider you in future if we are going for another property and will definitely recommend you to anyone who is in need for a Mortgage.  

 Thank you Tracey for your availability whenever we needed you, for your professionalism, knowledge and kindness, truly we do appreciate you.. 

 We appreciate to stay in touch. 

 Best regards 

Eva Warda and Wissam Yakob

Date posted:2nd August 2020

Absolutely Smooth & Seamless

Absolutely smooth & seamless process.

I got in touch with Expat-Mortgages around 24 months ago when I decided on buying a property in Manchester. For one reason or the other the transaction kept getting delayed but Michael remained in constant touch. Once we finally did decide to move ahead with the process, I found him to be very professional, aware of the market and the needs of expats requiring mortgages in the UK market. He made the process very smooth & seamless by keeping me fully informed at each and every step. All this helped me in concluding the transaction on time and without any issues at all. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michael to anyone looking for a mortgage in the UK and would definitely be getting in touch with him for my own future requirements.

Date posted:26th July 2020
Name:Salman Mir
Expat based in:Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Extremely Supportive

Michael was extremely supportive and communicate throughout the whole process. He is extremely through and left no t’s uncrossed or i’s undated.

Michael was very flexible and always considerate to the significant time zone difference with Brisbane.

Thank you Michael for all your help and for continuing to push all parties to keep the process moving and drive completion.

Date posted:21st July 2020
Name:Si Preston
Expat based in:Australia

1st Class Service

Before I found Michael and worked with him to get my second expat mortgage I was close to giving up as other mortgage advisors had told me it was not possible for me to get a 2nd expat mortgage. Michael was fantastic throughout the whole process and I highly recommend him for any expat out there looking to secure a mortgage back home. Very professional and friendly service from start to finish.

Date posted:6th July 2020
Name:Donald Mackay
Expat based in:USA

Non Stop Help

I’ve now known Michael for about 4/5 years! he has helped me non-stop with 2 houses that we pulled out of and a house we finally managed to agree one which is some feat! Throughout he offered a thoroughly professional and personal service which i am very grateful for as its not easy coping with all the details when you live abroad. I feel like I have gotten to know Michael and he is always on hand to help and answer all your questions on any day and at any given time. Thank you for all your service and i wish you all the best for the future. I have absolutely no problem in recommending Michael to anyone who needs to go through this process. Don’t hesitate to get him involved. You wont regret it. Cheers!

Date posted:26th June 2020
Name:Graham Smallshaw
Expat based in:Singapore

Tolerant and Understanding

Michael saw through the 2-year delayed project from start to end. Presented good options and had a no fuss and get it done approach. Communicates clearly and follows up to assure that I remained informed.
Very happy and will return.

Date posted:15th June 2020
Name:Ryan Rogers
Expat based in:Dubai

First Class Service


We have worked with Niel on 2 seperate projects, firstly to refinance/raise capital. Secondly to purchase a property.

On both occasions Niel guided us through all the processes needed. He always found a way to overcome any problems that arose, and managed to secure us great products at highly competitive rates.

We would like thank Niel for his hard work in overcoming the many challenges we faced.

Lee and Nikki Tregunna…….Queensland Australia

Date posted:10th June 2020
Name:Lee Tregunna
Expat based in:Queensland Australia

Highly Responsive

Michael was a great partner in the entire process – highly responsive, friendly, and on your side. I would strongly recommend Expat Mortgages.

We were purchasing a residential property in the U.K., and it was difficult for me to find a lender, as an India-based expat. Michael knew this area very well, and was able to find a great lending option for me, that allowed us to complete the purchase.

Date posted:1st June 2020
Name:Manjinder Sohal
Expat based in:India

Highly Recommended

I first enquired about an overseas mortgage with Michael two years ago. I had been looking at a number of off plan property options, and really did not know anything about securing a mortgage. Right from the get go Michael was able to assist, support and answer every question I had. He walked me through the process and helped me choose the best option for me.

My property completion was delayed numerous times, and at every stage Michael was able to assist with conversations with my mortgage lender, understanding my options and offering great advice.

Living in the US and being able to rely on Michael made a very stressful situation very manageable and I am thankful to him for that. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing support of all aspects of securing a mortgage whilst living abroad.


Date posted:22nd May 2020
Name:Aaron Collins
Expat based in:USA

Very Professional and Proactive

They were very professional and proactive in managing my mortgage and keeping me informed. The person who dealt with me ( Tracey) constantly liaised with me, the mortgage company and conveyancer. This was despite the fact that I reside in New Zealand (dealing with the time difference) and it was the peak of the COVID 19 lockdown.
I would strongly recommend them.

Date posted:16th May 2020
Name:R Foon
Expat based in:New Zealand


I cannot explain how happy I am to have had Michael assist me with my re-mortgage application.

I am the other side of the world and he and have an offer on the table with in no time at all and no back and forth messaging.

This man is really good at his job and I really could not be grateful enough for his help- the process was quick, simple and stress free!

Thanks so much Michael your a superstar! Will deffo be back next time I need any type of mortgage
assistance !

Date posted:3rd April 2020
Name:Kathleen Brown
Expat based in:Australia

Excellent Professional Service

Excellent Professional Service

Michael did a superb job helping us obtain an expat buy-to-let mortgage in the UK from the US.
At every stage he was professional and proactive in managing us through the process. He was also excellent in liaising with the mortgage company and conveyancer.
We can not recommend him enough.

Date posted:24th March 2020
Name:Nick Jones
Expat based in:USA

A First-Class Service.

A first-class service. Michael helped us throughout the process from finding a mortgage product to meet our needs. To maintaining regular contact and updates with us. To chasing the estate agency when we encountered lengthy delays.

Michael just set a new high standard for service delivery.

Date posted:24th March 2020
Name:Peter Mannering
Expat based in:Algarve, Portugal

Support, Patience, Guidance

I want to thank, Michael Johnson, from the bottom of my heart for all his help, support, patience and guidance. My application was particularly challenging, but I got there in the end, which if it had not been for Michael, would never have happened. I sincerely appreciate all your efforts, the hundreds of emails and the numerous telephone calls. I wish you the best of luck, especially at this time, where the world economies are facing big challenges and mortgages difficult to come by. Thank you.

Date posted:22nd March 2020
Name:Rhonwyn Tighe
Expat based in:Jeddah

Someone In Your Corner

We’ve dealt with Michael for a number of years for several reasons. Michael is brilliant at recommending a suitable mortgage product, is great at listening and very patient in explaining and understanding complex situations. You really feel like you’ve got someone in your corner when dealing with Michael and I wouldn’t hesitate to push business his way or recommend him to anyone. Thanks for your help Michael.

Date posted:21st March 2020
Name:Corin Nichols
Expat based in:Estonia

Would Definitely Recommend

Tracey Barnes at Expat Mortgages helped source the finance we needed, giving us options in a professional, knowledgeable and helpful way, through to completion – would definitely recommend. Thanks Tracey.

Date posted:5th March 2020
Name:Shaz Qureshi
Expat based in:UAE

Dedication and Expertise

I was introduced to Michael through a friend’s financial adviser. It is always a bit hit and miss finding the right mortgage advice so we were delighted to have found Michael. We can’t fault his efficiency, dedication and expertise. We didn’t think it possible to re-mortgage as retired ex-pats but Michael achieved it and at a very reasonable rate too. Thank you. We will certainly come back and will recommend to others.

Date posted:22nd February 2020
Name:Priscilla Holland-Smith
Expat based in:France

I Will Return

Michael Johnson handled my case. It was quite complex but Michael found solutions for each and every problem we encountered with humour and a positive attitude. Thanks Michael!
I will return for these services if I need to in the future

Date posted:17th February 2020
Name:Charles Barguirdjian
Expat based in:Singapore

A Great Experience

I had a great experience working with Tracey. She was extremely professional through the process, very responsive and very helpful. I couldn’t wish for a better person than Tracey and I highly recommend her services! She made the whole experience very pleasant. Thank you, Tracey!

Date posted:13th February 2020
Name:Hind W
Expat based in:New York

This Company Is Fantastic

This company is fantastic. Their fees were best and their work ethic is second to none. From our initial conversation on mortgage requirements and personal situation to changing mortgage provider it took less than 2 months. They provided a solicitor who were great and efficient and the transition was flawless. Thank you Tracey for all your help, you made what felt like a difficult project very easy.

Date posted:31st January 2020
Name:Will Barnes
Expat based in:Norway

An Amazing Asset

Tracey was an amazing asset to our acquiring a mortgage. She was patient with our questions and available whenever we needed her assistance. Cannot recommend enough her services as they were indispensable and greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly.

Date posted:13th January 2020
Name:Sahra Iqbal
Expat based in:United Arab Emirates

So Helpful

Tracey was so helpful. She was able to organize our finances from three countries so we had a really clear picture what was possible. She made sure all possible problems were cleared up so there were no delays and was incredibly patient at every step. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Date posted:6th December 2019
Name:Fiona Shadbolt
Expat based in:USA

Stellar Performance

Stellar performance, proactively managed advice and follow through, I can only highly recommend Michael’s service. It feels good when people are genuine about the work they do. Thanks again for the flawless and great service provided.

Date posted:5th December 2019
Name:Lucie Erzgraeber
Expat based in:Germany

Extremely Responsive and Informative

Michael was extremely responsive and informative regarding all possible options for an expat mortgage. I wouldn’t have been able to find that information without him.

Date posted:27th November 2019
Name:Elisabeth Engl
Expat based in:USA

High Praise Indeed

After having been recommended a number of other firms and being less than impressed with the services/advice they offered, I did a google search and came across this site. And I am so glad I did as I have just purchased my home – I honestly cannot recommend this service highly enough!

I worked with Tracey from the start and she was helpful, informative, never pushy, and she worked really hard to come up with a wide variety of solutions to my less than ideal circumstances. Before dealing with her, I really had started to wonder if my purchase was going to be possible – but not only was it, I also had a whole range of options to choose from.

I plan to buy again in the coming year and will most definitely use Tracey’s services again.

Date posted:21st November 2019
Name:Sonia Zambakides
Expat based in:SE Asia

Efficient and Supportive

I cannot recommend anybody more highly than Michael.
He was efficient and supportive every step of the way.
I wish there were more people like him in this world !
I will definitely work with him again when the need arises.

Date posted:16th November 2019
Name:Sandy Goldsbrough
Expat based in:Dubai

Great Advisor and Highly Recommended

Great advisor and highly recommended!
Michael has always been a great advisor and he supports throughout the whole process of the purchase. Current purchase was smooth and less hassle with his guidance. I highly recommend him!

Date posted:27th October 2019
Name:Enamul Haque
Expat based in:Qatar

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

We were put in touch with Michael and from then on it was a breeze. The bits I found most helpful were;
He would do what he said he would & when he said he would.
Very helpful. He was happy to move along at our pace.

It just made things easy. I would highly recommend Michael. We wanted a buy to live mortgage and this is precisely what we now have. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.

Date posted:15th October 2019
Name:Ricky Smart
Expat based in:Dubai

Tracey and Her Team

Tracey and her team guided us through a very challenging bank application with ease and came to the rescue when the bank was being difficult.
They went over and above the call of duty several time to save the day.
Thank you

Date posted:19th September 2019
Name:Barry Robinson
Expat based in:Quatar

Great (and patient) Service

Great (and patient) service all round.
I dealt with Michael Johnson, who is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and also interested in your own specific circumstances. Being based in Australia apparently presented some challenges for me but, with Michael’s help, we were able to overcome them, and I was very happy with the final product selected.
Michael was also nothing if not very patient. I first met him around 3 or 4 years ago when I first considered buying an investment property. However, it took a few years for the stars to align on the opportunity. However, when I contacted him again those 3 years later, he still had all his records to hand and, with a bit of updating, we were ready to go.
Thanks for all your help Michael!

Date posted:27th August 2019
Name:Craig Gilchrist
Expat based in:Sydney

The Height of Professionalism

Michael Johnson was the height of professionalism
His unlimited efforts to secure an expat mortgage were far exceeded
If not for his ongoing efforts through two aborted and one successful home purchase I would never have been able to buy back in my country
I would recommend Michael to especially British Expats where looking to secure a mortgage and the extensive support he provides

Date posted:21st August 2019
Name:Marilyn Hayat
Expat based in:Kuwait

Invaluable Assistance

I was apprehensive about taking on the remortgaging process whilst living outside the UK. Michael Johnson and Meridian were invaluable in assisting us in this. The process was conducted smoothly and timely as a result. I would recommend them to my friends and family.

Date posted:26th July 2019
Name:Paul Theobald
Expat based in:New Zealand

Fantastic from start to Finish

“Michael was fantastic from start to finish. Whilst other brokers were unable to find a mortgage product to fit my needs Michael secured me a mortgage product that has saved me hundred of pounds a month compared to my current provider.
Michael made a complex and stressful experience very straightforward. I was particularly impressed with the level of support he gave me, going far above and beyond what I would expect from a broker. He chased up lenders and solicitors tenaciously on my behalf, and answered any queries I had swiftly and effectively.
I would not hesitate to recommend Michael if you are thinking of remortgaging, he was absolutely brilliant and I look forward to calling on his services again when I next need a mortgage arranged.”

Date posted:30th May 2019
Name:Dr Henry Hardy
Expat based in:New Zealand

Depth of Knowledge

Michael arranged an expat mortgage for us which enabled us to refinance our house in London, and borrow enough to buy a property where we now live, in Oslo.

After having been let down by a different broker, we were reassured immediately by his depth of knowledge and obvious experience in the market. We discussed the various options and quickly arrived at several alternatives. His help throughout the process was then second to none, guiding us through the mountains of required documentation, and helped mediate with the lender where specific documents weren’t available – leading to a successful conclusion. If I need an expat mortgage again, I know who to ask. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Date posted:13th April 2019
Name:Malcolm Lea
Expat based in:Oslo, Norway

Tempted ?

Tempted to cut the middleman and save a mortgage broker’s fees? Wrong! Time is money, and there is no point in being a Jack of all trades and master of none. Focus on your job or business, and leave all matters mortgage in Michael’s hands, you won’t be disappointed! I am glad to have taken such a decision, and can personally attest to his professionalism, high ethical standards, and attention to detail.

In my case, completion took nine months, due to some missing documentation, and yet he was there whenever needed, always replying to e-mails within one working day. I would also like to underline his in-depth knowledge of the UK mortgage market and the different actors and products, making it possible to find tailor-made solutions to clients.

Looking forward to my next real estate purchase!”

Date posted:12th April 2019
Name:Alexandra Calvo
Expat based in:Spain

Highly Recommended and Rightly So

Michael came highly recommended and rightly so. He has fantastic experience of the expat mortgages market and held my hand throughout the process. Michael was always happy to speak to discuss any queries and was very responsive over emails. He continued to support me throughout the purchase process even after receiving full payment. (which I thought was particularly refreshing and makes Michael stand out, aside from his excellent market knowledge). Michael will be my first port of call for future mortgage queries / support and I would highly recommend him.

Date posted:5th April 2019
Name:Mohand Al-Ansari
Expat based in:Dubai

Thorough Throughout

Michael was great. The whole process took about twice as long as it probably should have, but this was through no fault of Michael’s. He was very thorough throughout, with excellent response times, especially when considering the time difference. Even when his role was effectively finished he still kept up to date with the progress of the refinance, right up until completion. I would not hesitate in recommending him.

Date posted:8th March 2019
Name:Tony Walters
Expat based in:Australia

Highly Recommended

We have been working outside of the UK for 20 years and until contacting Niel Khambay at expat mortgages had no idea that a mortgage was achievable. Living in South Africa the Rands volatility is a huge issue and combined with the fact my wife and I are commission only.
Actually I don’t think it gets any harder than us and I would say a huge thank you to Niel and the network , our cotswold home completed last week on an exceptional rate and acceptable 75% of purchase price deal.
Highly recommended !!

Date posted:8th March 2019
Expat based in:South Africa

Helpful and Positive

Michael was helpful and positive throughout the process. I appreciate the support and guidance to get through to completion.

I recommend Michael if looking to get an Expat Mortgage.


Date posted:6th March 2019
Name:Atti I
Expat based in:China

I Cannot Speak Highly Enough

I cannot speak highly enough of the service provided, from start to finish.

Michael’s product knowledge, together with his proficient and highly personable manner, surpassed my expectations. I will certainly return and will have no reservations in recommending his services to others.

Date posted:3rd March 2019
Name:Nic Walters
Expat based in:UAE

Extremely Helpful

Michael’s service and support are superb. He is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, dealing with all the ‘heavy lifting’ of my application, making an otherwise arduous process straightforward and swift. Thoroughly recommended.

Date posted:1st March 2019
Name:Phil Jones
Expat based in:United States

Thorough & Informed

Michael’s approach to my expat mortgage was thorough and informed. His knowledge of products and lenders is extremely deep and I was really pleased with the end result. Although my case was dealt with over 2 years ago, we gave kept in touch. I know that he will keep me informed of changing lenders practices, and that he has my best interests at heart. Thank-you Michael !

Date posted:24th February 2019
Name:Neil Salvi
Expat based in:India

First Class

Tracey was first class in helping me get finance for a property I own in London. She was always available to help me through the twists and turns of dealing with international lenders and the time differences. I highly recommend expat-mortgages as a business and Tracey
Many thanks
Jon Perry

Date posted:21st February 2019
Name:Jon perry
Expat based in:Australia

The Best


Niel has been professional and efficient from start to finish. Highly recommend his service and this company to anyone looking to buy a property in the UK. Thanks again Niel!

Date posted:14th February 2019
Expat based in:Hong Kong and Thailand

Extremely Helpful

Tracey has been extremely helpful, efficient and professional throughout the process of gaining an expat mortgage. We would highly recommend her and will definitely use her again if we need to. Thank you Tracey!

Date posted:23rd January 2019
Name:Emily & Pierrot


Tracey Barnes has been amazing. From start to finish she has helped us navigate buying our first home in Scotland. She she is extremely knowledgeable and went above and beyond. Because of her I would recommend your company and already have to some friends. Thank you for everything !

Date posted:23rd January 2019
Name:Sereena marks
Expat based in:Usa

Absolutely First Rate

The service that I received from Michael was absolutely first rate. From his thoroughness in exhausting all potential options for finance right through until completion. His professionalism and response rates were excellent.
As a result I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a mortgage – particularly those in locations where a standard product is not always available.
Thanks & best regards.

Date posted:17th January 2019
Name:John Dowd
Expat based in:Nairobi

Tenacious Professionalism

Michael Johnson was a pleasure to work with.
After finally finding Michael the whole process of buying a house in the UK, went from very stressful to stress free. He is always available, no questions are too big or small. He replies to any queries you may have instantly. His knowledge of the housing market and the opportunities he made available, even after I had hit several brick walls myself before I spoke with Michael were such a relief. Any hurdles that arose during in the process Michael worked through them with tenacious professionalism, while remaining calm and reassuring. Pure and simple, no hidden charges, honest, friendly and secured our future!

Date posted:11th January 2019
Name:Pete & Amanda
Expat based in:The Netherlands

Very Proactive

I used Michael’s services in 2018 when purchasing a property in the UK. Michael was very helpful, he explained all options clearly, he was very proactive and replied to emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. Michael fully updated me at all times during the process. I would recommend Michael’s services.

Date posted:4th January 2019
Name:Helen Roberts
Expat based in:Hong Kong

Professional Service

Professional services provided by Michael.
Details walkthrough on the application process and recommendation.
Would use the service again in future.

Date posted:19th December 2018
Expat based in:Hong Kong

Above & Beyond

I would use Michael everytime I have to get a mortgage. He is extremely professional, helpful and pro-active. He went above and beyond to assist in completing. Thank you very much for everything.

Date posted:17th December 2018
Name:Muhammad Hassan
Expat based in:Singapore

Professional Service

Professional service all the way through the process.
Would highly recommend and would certainly use again.

Date posted:14th December 2018
Name:steven kendrick
Expat based in:switzerland

Highly Recommended

I have used Michael’s services twice in relation to remortgaging my property. On both occasions the level of service received was excellent, this was particularly helpful as I am not based in the UK. I would highly recommend Expat Mortgages

Date posted:14th December 2018
Name:Mohammad Zia
Expat based in:Ireland

Exceptionally Diligent & Knowledgable

Michael Johnson was our broker and was exceptionally diligent and knowledgeable in providing advice on my recent ExPat mortgage. He took the time to understand my specific circumstances, which were quite complex and to match me with the right mortgage company and product, that gave me the flexibility I was looking for. In addition, he often went above and beyond to help me through the mortgage approval process and provide support right up to completion. A big thanks to him for all his help, it was very much appreciated. I would not hesitate to go to Michael again in the future or recommend him to anyone seeking expat mortgage advice.

Date posted:10th December 2018
Name:Andrea Ward
Expat based in:Canada

I Would Happily Recommend Tracey

Tracey Barnes was my broker and from the very beginning she was a pleasure to deal with. I found Tracey to be very thorough and felt confident throughout the process that I was in good hands. I obtained an ex-pat mortgage through Tracey for which I am really appreciative, and would happily recommend her!

Date posted:5th December 2018
Name:Derek Kaplan
Expat based in:United States

It’s Not Easy Being Michael……

It’s probably easy to be a great agent when a house purchase is straightforward. The real test comes when problems occur. While securing a mortgage offer was extremely quick and straightforward, my actual house purchase turned out to be very complex, and long-winded. Michael was there every step of the way, and offered support long after he really needed to. I can honestly say that I don’t think that the sale would have happened if not for his support. He was the voice of reason and reassurance at the very times we needed it most. I could not recommend him any higher than I do, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again in the future. This isn’t just about getting a super quick mortgage offer – actually cares about his clients.

Date posted:19th November 2018
Name:Patrick M
Expat based in:United States

I Highly Recommend Tracey

I cannot recommend Tracey highly enough; she was calm, professional, patient and incredibly helpful throughout the process. I got the finance I wanted at a good rate, and was able to refinance and purchase as I had hoped. Thank you!

Date posted:16th November 2018
Name:Laura Shadbolt
Expat based in:Switzerland

Tracey was invaluable in helping

Tracey was invaluable in helping me get through the minefield of an expat mortgage. For many people working and living overseas, our circumstances can make dealing with situations in the UK much more difficult than we’d initially expected. With Tracey’s professional approach, guidance and patience, we secured the mortgage I wanted, within the time frame we had allocated. A big thank you.


Date posted:14th November 2018
Name:Peter Styles
Expat based in:United States

Niel is extremely professional

Niel is extremely professional. He probably worked so hard for me to get the loan, because of my Nationality I didn’t even know its possible. Highly recommend Expat Mortgages.

Date posted:12th November 2018
Name:Angie Dela Rosa
Expat based in:Hong Kong

Just a few words to say thanks to Niel

Just a few words to say thanks to Niel for arranging my ex-pat mortgage. Throughout the process Niel was always helpful and responding very quickly to any queries I had. As I discovered the process is of necessity quite long (not Niel’s fault) involving a lot of documented information but in every instance Niel was always available to help and I am very pleased with the mortgage Niel arranged for me. I would not hesitate to recommend him to other ex-pats in a similar position. Thanks again Niel.

Date posted:31st October 2018
Name:Anthony Desmond Johnson
Expat based in:Cyprus

Tracey was incredibly professional, timely and a pleasure to deal with

I have a few properties and was looking to remortgage in the UK. It is a complex field to navigate, however having been introduced to Tracey from Expat mortgages, I found that it was possible to do this from Australia.

Tracey was incredibly professional, timely and a pleasure to deal with. My advice to anyone considering doing this process is to have patience. Tracey did, however, make the process as painless as possible.

Thank you again,


Date posted:22nd October 2018
Name:Alexander Rea
Expat based in:Australia

Michael was very professional and extremely helpful

Michael was very professional and extremely helpful. Excellent service from start to completion.
Everything was explained fully. Michael was a pleasure to work with.
Would highly recommend and have no hesitation in using Michael again.
Great Service.

Date posted:17th October 2018
Name:Helen Blades
Expat based in:UAE

It was a relief to work with Tracey

I had previously worked with the expat departments of two large banks, and found that their sales people didn’t understand their own products very well at all, given the many nuances and details involved in these types of complicated mortgages.
It was a relief to work with Tracey, who had a great understanding of the products on the market and was able to help throughout the process to get the deal done.

Date posted:15th October 2018
Name:Daniel Pugh
Expat based in:United States

Niel was excellent throughout the whole process

Niel was excellent throughout the whole process and helped me to secure a Mortgage at a rate which I never thought was possible. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an expat mortgage in the future.

Date posted:9th October 2018
Name:Murray Davidson
Expat based in:UAE

Great service, superb communication and very helpful

Neil and the team achieved the seemingly impossible in getting us the mortgage we needed.

Great service, superb communication and very helpful with multiple options.

Thank you for your part in helping us realise our dreams!

Date posted:1st October 2018
Name:Richard Williams
Expat based in:Australia

Tracey at expat mortgages has been an angel with her patience

Tracey at expat mortgages has been an angel with her patience, kindness and hard work. Throughout this often complicated and stressful process, she has been amazing always offering the best advice, getting us through every challenge along the way. I would recommend her services to anyone considering the process of applying for a mortgage while living abroad, can’t thank her enough for the service provided.

Date posted:20th September 2018
Name:Sean F D
Expat based in:Sweden

Working with Michael has been just brilliant

Working with Michael has been just brilliant. Right from the very first interview, Michael makes it very personal to find you the best bank/mortgage company based on specific needs. He is extremely responsive, and his follow through is next to none. At times, it can be difficult to get through to the call center when calling from abroad to get updates and such. We just let Michael know for his awareness of some of the challenges we were running into and next thing we found was that he actually followed up on your behalf and helped address concerns or answers, and even after that, remain in contact until the concern was completely resolved. That to me was the ultimate in customer service. No one beats that. Thank you once again Michael for all your help.

Date posted:14th September 2018
Name:Amit Dave
Expat based in:UAE

Michael, Great explained everything

Michael, Great explained everything, took the stress out of the process, called me when he said he would.

Date posted:4th September 2018
Name:Sharon Ashton Ridley
Expat based in:Western Australia

Michael of Meridian has provided an extremely professional service

Michael of Meridian has provided an extremely professional service, guiding us from the beginning of what appeared to be an almost unattainable situation. He sourced a number of options and explained the implications at every stage of the selection process. His advice and assistance have been extremely useful and accurate in securing the right mortgage. He was unwavering during our time with him by replying to emails very promptly and always made himself available, even at the weekends. I can only highly recommend him should you be looking to secure a UK mortgage from overseas.

Date posted:28th August 2018
Name:Lesley Lam
Expat based in:Hong Kong

Very professional and extremely helpful

Very professional and extremely helpful.

Everything was made easy and Michael always replied to my emails promptly and followed through all issues.

The whole process was fantastic and I highly recommend this form to everyone. You will not regret it at all.

Date posted:18th August 2018
Name:Simi Manrakhan
Expat based in:Mauritius

Michael was very helpful

Michael (Michael Johnson of Meridian) was very helpful. I was impressed by how smoothly he was able to guide me through the fairly complex and unfamiliar process from choosing the most appropriate mortgage provider and product, the application process, obtaining and providing all the documentation required and finalizing the details. Job well done – all remotely by email.

Date posted:13th August 2018
Name:Alistair McKinnon
Expat based in:USA

Tracey went above and beyond

Tracey went above and beyond to make sure all the paperwork was completed and submitted in time to complete. I had challenges my end and Tracey was incredibly helpful and patient in making sure all of my challenged were overcome. Absolute value for money and I would most definitely recommend this service

Date posted:9th August 2018
Expat based in:Perth

The service I received from Michael was first class

The service I received from Michael was first class, prompt, efficient with good follow up following initial offer of the mortgage through to completion. I would highly recommend these services. Thanks. Simon

Date posted:8th August 2018
Name:Simon Langan
Expat based in:Austria

We consider Michael a friend

I first contacted Michael Johnson in Jan 2017. I am an expatriate living and working in New York State. My husband is American. With no surplus income I began to find out whether it was possible to buy out a relative so as to own rather than to sell a beloved family cottage. In short Michael Johnson has helped me achieve this dream. It has been a long process! He has stuck with it and from my initial contact with him to the completion just this month- 18 months later.
We consider Michael a friend rather than a business associate as he has spoken to us so many times through this difficult “buy out” process. Michael has sought out options for us and explained the pros and cons of each possibility. He always responded to the copious phone calls and emails promptly. He is patient, friendly and efficient!. We successfully obtained a bridging loan through Michael and will soon seek his advice and expertise on transferring this to a buy to rent Mortgage.

Date posted:23rd July 2018
Name:Susan Joyce Carpenter
Expat based in:New York

Michael Johnson made it super smooth and simple

Arranging an expat mortgage can be quite complicated nowadays but Michael Johnson made it super smooth and simple. He was always punctual, crystal clear in explaining everything and went above and beyond to follow-up with the bank to ensure the process completed very quickly. It is very clear that he has a superb working relationship with the banks as well which goes a long way with this process. I would highly recommend him to anyone and will definitely go straight back to him for any future needs.
Thanks Michael!

Date posted:20th July 2018
Name:Anup Dutt
Expat based in:Mexico

Very appreciative of the work done

I have recently completed a mortgage with Expat Mortgages and am very appreciative of the work done on our behalf by Tracey Barnes. Having helped us secure the mortgage Tracey could have easily left us to go through with the legal side of the sale alone however this was definitely not the case and she helped us right through to the end when we had to obtain some insurance with some very specific covenants which at one stage looked like jeopardizing the sale. As well of the knowledge of the products her response to my many and varied email enquiries was always very quick and this speed of response was very much appreciated

Date posted:16th July 2018
Name:Rory Fidler
Expat based in:Abu Dhabi

Tracey Barnes has gone above and beyond

Tracey Barnes has gone above and beyond what I would have expected from any mortgage consultant. I think it safe to say that without her perseverance, industry knowledge and desire to succeed I would have been unsuccessful. I have no hesitation in recommending Tracey to any expat who needs a mortgage – particularly if, like me, you do not have much of a footprint in the UK. Thanks, Tracey for all your help and advice.

Date posted:7th July 2018
Name:Alan Rooke
Expat based in:Dubai U.A.E.

Michael as always, was fantastic!

Michael as always was fantastic! This is the second time I have used Michael and like last time he delivered an exemplary service.

No matter how busy he gets he always has time to answer any worries or queries and he always responds in a way that is easy to understand and thorough.

I have absolutely no problem in recommending Michael (and have done a few times) and I will certainly be using his services for my next purchase.

Once again Michael, thank you for absolutely everything that you do. I feel so fortunate to have come across your excellent services and I know for sure the whole process would be far more challenging without you.

Looking forward to working with you again!

Kindest regards

Date posted:6th July 2018
Name:Matthew Griffiths
Expat based in:Hong Kong

Michael Johnson was excellent

Michael Johnson was excellent.

He is personable and very knowledgeable about the whole mortgage lending process.

He assisted us every step of the way and helped us with any challenges we occurred.

I would confidently recommend Michael Johnson to organise your expat mortgage here in the U.K.

Date posted:4th July 2018
Name:Tammie Beasley
Expat based in:Barbados

Tracey is the ‘go to’ person

Tracey is the ‘go to’ person for expats who need a mortgage in the UK. She is knowledgeable, straightforward, responsive and makes you feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. Highly recommended.

Date posted:4th July 2018
Name:Hayley Carnochan
Expat based in:UAE

We could not thank Michael enough

We could not thank Michael enough for his commitment to finding us a mortgage that was right for us.

He was incredibly supportive every step of the way, proving great counsel and advice from start to finish.

We would 100% recommend Michael to anyone looking for an expat mortgage. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable but he is also a really kind and genuine person and we couldn’t thank him enough for making this a reality.

Date posted:27th June 2018
Expat based in:Singapore

Cannot recommend Michael enough

When the Halifax or any other mainstream UK based bank would not give me a new mortgage because I was an expat Michael came to my aid. There is a massive gap in this market and fortunately Michael knows how to help expats. If you are looking for a new mortgage but you are trapped with no deal, look no further Michael will help. I have just completed my remortgage and now I am able to buy a second home in Cyprus. Thank you so much Michael. Cannot recommend Michael enough.

Date posted:21st June 2018
Name:Mark Kerslake
Expat based in:Cyprus

Thank you, Michael!

I wanted to purchase a property back in the UK whilst still living and working in the IOM. I knew expat mortgages were available, but I did not meet the criteria of most of the large banks; fortunately, I discovered Michael Johnson through an internet search and he quickly found a good, ethical lender to provide the finance I required. I would never have been able to do this on my own. Thank you, Michael!

Date posted:18th June 2018
Name:Sarah Flack
Expat based in:IOM

Thank you so much Tracey

Thank you so much Tracey.
I cannot recommend her enough, she has been so helpful and on the ball from the first day to our completion day. Thank you again Tracey

Date posted:11th June 2018
Name:Aysha Starkey
Expat based in:Essex

How happy I am with Tracey Barnes

I would just like to take this opportunity to tell you how happy I am with Tracey Barnes and her assistance in obtaining a remortgage for me.

It was simply a 1st Class service from start to finish.

Kind Regards

Date posted:5th June 2018
Name:Stephen Ascott
Expat based in:Singapore

Excellent service we received from Tracey Barnes

I would just like to acknowledge the excellent service we received from Tracey Barnes at Meridian Mortgage specialists.

Tracey helped gain our mortgage through rather complex circumstances where other providers could not. My income is still based in South Africa and my wife was working in the UK on a work visa. Despite all these challenges Tracey still managed to help with the process and communicated throughout. We are now happy home owners in the UK. I cannot recommend here enough.

Date posted:5th June 2018
Name:Rob & Sarah Fox
Expat based in:South Africa

I would like to thank Mr Michael Johnson

I would like to thank Mr Michael Johnson,
God bless you my friend, Michael made what looked to be impossible very much possible, I’m an expat working in the UAE and after weeks of numerous rejections from well known UK banks, I found Michael who led me in the right direction instantly, because of this fantastic man I’ve managed to get my home Mortgage/Re-Mortgage,
Michael guided me through the process in a smooth professional manner, assisting with documents some I was not familiar with, and explained in detail, Michael consistently responded over phone or email in a prompt and concise manner,

Michael’s a professional, who will get the job done I wouldn’t have done this without him,
thank you its been such a pleasure to meet you,

Date posted:29th May 2018
Name:simone maddox
Expat based in:Dubai UAE

Niel was very professional

Niel was very professional in all of our interactions. He clearly explained the process, responded promptly, and provided timely updates. Would recommend!

Date posted:23rd May 2018
Name:Ben M-G
Expat based in:US

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michael

After trying to “go it alone” with a well-known UK/International bank, with whom we had been customers for many years, it became apparent (after wasting two weeks of our time) that the level of restrictions that they had now placed upon expat buy-to-let mortgages for those who own multiple properties was going to severely limit what we had planned to borrow for our latest purchase.

We were on the verge of giving up when we found Michael Johnson through an internet search.

From day 1 he was onto our case. He took all the hassle and stress out of the mortgage application process and came up with an offer that was what we needed. He was always there to assist on the phone or by email – even helping out by communicating with the estate agent and our solicitors in the UK when things started to get difficult with our purchase.

Michael’s professionalism, service and attention to detail throughout the whole purchase from first contact with him until completion was excellent.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michael to any expat looking to obtain a mortgage.

Date posted:21st May 2018
Name:Stephen Blundell
Expat based in:Singapore

I strongly recommend Michael Johnson

I strongly recommend Michael Johnson for the second time. He helped us greatly during our crisis, when we were going through problems with the mortgage advisor.

Fortunately, we knew Michael Johnson and at that point we processed a new application with him and managed to issue the mortgage offer ASAP and secure our property. Without him, our purchase would not have been successful. Michael is very professional, reliable and provides the quality service. From my experience, I appreciate all his support throughout the entire purchase process. I recommend Michael who provides 5 star service.

Date posted:20th April 2018
Name:Enamul Haque
Expat based in:Qatar

Niel Khambay led me through

Niel Khambay led me through the process of securing a BtL mortgage from the initial steps back in August last year, through to the final offer at the end of March this year. He has a thorough knowledge of what will and won’t be accepted and is able to tell you whether or not you will be successful without taking money from you in the early stages. Only once he is satisfied that it is going ahead will you then be charged with a fee – which I thought was reasonable for the amount of work that he did for me.
Niel ensured that the process of obtaining a mortgage was smooth; he collated all necessary documents and liaised with the mortgage company on my behalf. He also phones you to get a better understanding of other financial commitments and that personal touch does feel like you are not just dealing with things through e-mail all the time.
My work colleagues here are amazed that working in Shanghai that I have been able to get a mortgage as the paperwork is often in Chinese, but this is through the help and support I received from Niel, in guiding me through the sometimes “awkward” processes.
Therefore, I have wholeheartedly recommended Niel to all of my colleagues who are interested in getting a BtL mortgage in the UK.

Date posted:18th April 2018
Name:Paula Alderson
Expat based in:Shanghai, China

Totally recommend using Michael

For anyone who is looking for a reliable Person-Company to help them with a Mortgage outside of the UK we totally recommend using Michael Johnson with Meridian.
Michael has been with us through the whole process so far. We have heard nothing but great recommendations about it from the people at the Bank & solicitors whom we are dealing with also.
Put your mind at rest & use Michael Johnson

Date posted:12th April 2018
Name:Jeff & Karen Phelps
Expat based in:Canada. Ontario

Michael was a great help

I found Meridian via a net search while trying to buy a house in the UK from the Falkland Islands; Michael was a great help, always quick to reply with email, he got me a great deal with my mortgage, helped me find a solicitor and was incredibly patient with my inexperience with regards to buying houses… turns out it’s nothing like buying a garden shed.
Helpful, efficient, professional and friendly, I couldn’t recommend them enough.

Date posted:10th April 2018
Name:Stephen John
Expat based in:Falkland Islands

Recommend Michael

I could not recommend Michael Johnson more. I came across him and meridian by a net search and he was everything we hoped for and more. Supportive, quick to respond and nothing was too much trouble. He facilitated 2 mortgages for us and sourced the best deal for us giving us all options and help along the way including recommendations of conveyors.
I would not use anyone else. Thanks Michael.

Date posted:4th April 2018
Name:G Byrne
Expat based in:Singpore

Michael Johnston has provided us

Michael Johnston has provided us with a professional, efficient and friendly service for a second time – finding and renewing a loan for our investment property. Great service and would highly recommend.

Date posted:3rd April 2018
Expat based in:Australia

Niel Khambay provided a personal

Niel Khambay provided a personal and simple process for my circumstance where I have my primary residence in the UK and employed in the Netherlands. Niel ensured that everything was easy to understand and moved the process along as quickly as possible to support my UK house purchase. It was a great pleasure to work with Niel and would recommend him to anyone with a similar situation to mine.

Date posted:20th March 2018
Name:James Sutcliffe
Expat based in:Netherlands

To commend Michael Johnson

I’m writing for the second time to commend Michael Johnson for not only finding us a mortgage lender happy to deal with clients living in high-risk Kenya in the first place, but the unfailing support he provided throughout the entire purchase process through to completion a further 9 months down the line.

Despite having fulfilled his remit of finding us a mortgage, he nevertheless was quick to respond to any queries we had and always ready to help and step in with the mortgage provider throughout the entire time. We can’t thank or recommend Michael highly enough.

Stephanie Hay Smith

Date posted:9th February 2018
Name:Stephanie Hay Smith
Expat based in:Kenya

Michael was able to advise and find the right lender

We were wanting to invest/buy a property on a BTL mortgage. Most if not all high street banks in the UK do not even glance at anyone overseas. Michael was able to advise and find the right lender we needed. He will take a good look at you before going forward to a lender in order check and advise if there may be any issues before you make official applications. Always contactable throughout the process and able to speak direct to lenders to help solve problems or chase issues on your behalf should you need help. Many thanks Michael.

Date posted:7th February 2018
Name:Ian Hollis
Expat based in:Germany

Michael’s experience and contacts in the business

I was an expat mortgage customer based between Hong Kong and Ireland and required a small mortgage on a UK investment property. There ware some obstacles surrounding the application such as the (small) size of the mortgage and the high floor level of the unit being purchased but these were readily overcome because of Michael’s experience and contacts in the business. He gave me a lot of his time via phone calls and via emails, guiding the process every step of the way.
It was clear that his excellent relationship with the managers at the bank concerned helped to keep the process on the rails. He was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.

Date posted:29th January 2018
Name:Noel Gaffney
Expat based in:Hong Kong

I worked with Michael Johnson

I worked with Michael Johnson to find another mortgage deal to buy out my ex (where there was only a small balance) and purchase a buy-to-let with the equity.
Where many other brokers had said it not possible, Michael talked to his contacts at the bank to explain my situation and made it happen.
Throughout the whole process he was on hand to offer advice, reassure and assist with the following up/chasing of parties (which was invaluable).
He has an easy personable style and a high level of professionalism that make it easy for me to recommend him to others. I will certainly be using him in the future for another BTL.

Date posted:29th January 2018
Name:Carey Shotton
Expat based in:Australia

Michael expertly guided us through

Michael expertly guided us through our mortgage renewal process – We had to change to a buy to let mortgage at renewal time as we are based abroad now. He found several quotations, and we chose the one that was right for us. What was really refreshing was that at no time was the pressure to take a particular product. He wanted us to be happy with the decision we made.

I cannot recommend Michael highly enough. He was very professional and I hope to work with him again in the future!

Date posted:3rd January 2018
Name:Peter C
Expat based in:Singapore

Michael Johnson’s help

As an expat based in Dubai, Michael Johnson’s help in securing a mortgage for a UK property was invaluable. He handled the constant back and forth with the bank and managed to get the mortgage in place much quicker than I would have been able to achieve on my own.

I would thoroughly recommend his services.

Date posted:2nd January 2018
Name:P Walker
Expat based in:Dubai, UAE

Niel Khambay provided excellent customer

Niel Khambay provided excellent customer service from start to finish, taking care to understand my personal circumstances, and defining a tailored solution to meet my requirements. He consistently responded on a timely basis, was flexible to adjust to changes in my plans, and did whatever was required to make the process as simple and efficient as possible. I highly recommend Niel and the Expat Mortgage team.

Date posted:2nd January 2018
Name:Thomas Hilditch
Expat based in:Russian Federation

After numerous applications I was

After numerous applications I was nearly ready to give up purchasing a small property in the UK and settle for an investment buy in Dubai where I currently reside. I found that the banks I had contacted could only cater for the 250k plus Morgage’s which was not what I was looking for. However after stumbling upon the expat mortgages website and discussing my options with Tracey Barnes, I suddenly found myself with options I had not been presented before, resulting in my recent purchase and I am over the moon! Tracey was always reachable and gave well detailed, sound advice. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for an expat Mortgage in the near future!

Date posted:2nd January 2018
Name:Zoe O’Sullivan
Expat based in:Dubai

Niel managed to find us

As an expat who hadn’t owned property in the UK for over 10 years, a buy to let mortgage seemed like an impossible task. However, Niel managed to find us a good lender and expertly guided us through the process and the documentary requirements. We have returned a couple of more times since and Niel is always available with sound practical and professional advice.

Date posted:22nd December 2017
Name:Kevin Leach-Smith
Expat based in:Singapore

I would like to thank

I would like to thank Tracey Barnes for her expert knowledge and guidance on the re-mortgage of my property in the UK. As an expat and having not re-mortgaged since 2002, I hadn’t realised how much information was required and how the regulation in this market has changed dramatically since I left the UK. Tracey always kept me up to date on where the re-mortgage was at and responded to any questions in a prompt and concise manner. Thanks again Tracey.

Date posted:14th December 2017
Name:Andrew Bushell
Expat based in:Cork, Ireland

Michael has been a professional and comforting presence

Throughout the entire process, from obtaining a quote to finalising the mortgage, Michael has been a professional and comforting presence. Each step was approached calmly and logically. His communication was clear and thorough and every email and phone call was followed up.

In what has become a difficult climate financially, legally and politically in recent times I would not hesitate to recommend Michael to any expat wishing to buy in the UK.

Date posted:13th December 2017
Name:Rafe Shabaily
Expat based in:Marrakech, Morocco

Michael’s efficiency and ‘can do’ attitude

I came across Michael and Meridian Mortgages completely by chance in 2016 while looking to buy a property in the UK. I was very impressed with Michael’s efficiency and ‘can do’ attitude right from the start. It is exactly what is needed when trying to navigate the sometimes opaque expat mortgage market.

We worked together through not one, but three failed purchases before I finally found ‘the one’. I am pleased to say the best deal by far was available on the fourth, successful attempt. Regardless, Michael was consistently cheerful and professional despite the twists and turns along the way, and I genuinely felt that he was as happy as I was when I managed to get the last one over the line to completion!

As a happy customer, I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone looking to secure mortgage financing in the UK whilst based overseas.

Date posted:12th December 2017
Name:Mrs A S Hope
Expat based in:Singapore

Michael was calm, friendly and efficient

An absolute necessity when thinking about an expat mortgage.
Michael was calm, friendly and efficient during what could have been a potentially stressful ordeal. He found workable solutions to navigate complex restrictions on expats when others couldn’t. In fact I have used him for 2 agreements in principle and would not hesitate to do so again or recommend him to others.

Date posted:5th December 2017
Name:Katie Briggs
Expat based in:Dubai

I was recommended to Michael

I was recommended to Michael by an old work colleague, who despite not knowing Michael had heard good things about him and his services.
Last year I had the good fortune to come into a sizeable pension pot and having lived outside of the UK for 29 years I decided it was time to buy a base in the UK for my eventual likely return. I started by checking all the regular banks etc., to see about getting a smallish mortgage over 11 years to enable me to buy a slightly better property, but no one was interested unless I wanted to borrow the minimum of 100K which I did not.
This is where Michael came in – I got in touch with Michael and within less than 24-hours he had a quote for me and had the bank call me the following day to discuss.
During the purchase, there was only one small hiccup reproof of identity, which Michael actually managed to sort out for me very quickly and put my mind at rest.
Everything was handled very professionally and all over the phone and by email, from the first call right through to completion, which was earlier today! I am thrilled and would not hesitate to recommend Michael.

Date posted:5th December 2017
Name:Sarah Amlot
Expat based in:Barbados

This is largely due to Michael’s know how

My husband and I are long term ex pats and we have lived outside of the UK for a considerable period of time. We wanted to purchase a small base in the UK which could also be used by our two grown up children. Like many others finding a mortgage proved to be a somewhat daunting task. I had first contacted Michael a couple of years ago and he had always responded to my queries quickly and efficiently. When we finally decided to proceed he was able to walk us through the process with relative ease and to calm us when the unexpected occurred. The mortgage offer is now through and we are hoping to complete relatively quickly. This is largely due to Michael’s know how. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to others in similar situations.

Date posted:1st December 2017
Name:Sharon D Melloy
Expat based in:Hong Kong

Michael is quick to respond, polite and efficient

I first contacted Michael when I was looking to re-mortgage a property in the UK in 2016. I’d had a look online and found the process and offerings confusing.

I organised a meeting with expat mortgages for when I was back in the UK over Christmas time. Before we met, Michael had already given me confidence in his ability to understand my requirements, find the most suitable mortgage offering for me and make things as easy as possible given I’m not residing in the UK.

Michael is quick to respond, polite and efficient. He also tells you how it is. I have recommended him to several people here in NZ and will continue to do so.

Thank you making the re-mortgage process as stress-free as possible. I will continue to use expat mortgages for any future UK investments.

Date posted:21st November 2017
Name:Rachel Bland
Expat based in:New Zealand

When no one seemed interested

When no one seemed interested in helping me get a mortgage I found through a friend Tracey Barnes of Meridian Mortgages, who with experience, tireless effort got me a mortgage and I am now the proud owner of my own home, thank you, Tracey. Rebecca H. Sussex

Date posted:30th October 2017
Name:Rebecca Hall

Challenge Met

Trying to purchase a property as an expat isn’t without its challenges, Michael Johnson provided me with sound advice and guided me towards a solution that was very well suited to my needs. I would certainly come back again for any other mortgage needs.

Date posted:12th September 2017
Name:Scott W
Expat based in:Hong Kong

Good Work

I received a fantastic service and have no hesitation in recommending expat-mortgages to all expats out there.
I spent days trying to obtain a mortgage with no luck as I am based in France, ex-pat mortgages provided excellent advice and found me a great deal in a matter of hours.
Well done guys, keep up the good work !

Date posted:7th September 2017
Name:Dave H
Expat based in:France

Happy to Recommend

Very happy to recommend Niel for the work he did on obtaining us a mortgage for our recent house purchase.

I had been turned down by a number of people (including my own bank) for a new mortgage due to fact that we lived in China. Niel swiftly reviewed the market and came up with an excellent option for us, managing the application and follow-up professionally.

We will come back again in the future if we have any further needs.

Date posted:6th September 2017
Name:Tim Watsham
Expat based in:Shangai China

It Was A Breeze

We relocated to the US and rented our UK house out. Our UK mortgage came to the end of it’s guarantee period but Virgin would not allow us to change product while it was under Consent to Let. This meant we had to re-mortgage while in the US which I had no idea how to approach. Michael was recommended to us by a friend and from the moment we made first contact with him the whole process was a breeze. He got us a great deal and the thing I was dreading turned out to be one of the easiest re-mortgages we have ever done. Would highly recommend both Michael & Meridian.

Date posted:5th September 2017
Expat based in:United States

Helpful & Consultative

Michael was able to use his relationship with the lender to get me a better deal than was otherwise available, and provided a helpful and consultative service that I felt I could trust. He also chased things on my behalf, ensuring I wasn’t disadvantaged by the time difference in Australia. I would definitely recommend his services

Date posted:30th August 2017
Name:Paul Mahoney
Expat based in:Australia

Highly Recommended

We had recently returned to the UK after living overseas for 15 years. With Michael’s knowledge of expat finance options we were were able to find a bespoke mortgage solution even though all of my business dealings were still done outside the UK. We are now looking froward to moving into our new home. Thanks Michael.

I would highly recommend Meridian and Michael Johnson.

Date posted:27th July 2017
Name:Jonathan Duncan
Expat based in:UK

Truly Blessed

Living as an expat in Hong Kong and receiving a salary in Hong Kong dollars, it was not easy to find a bank that would take on a re-mortgage and a buy-to-let. After emailing Meridian (which I found on line through google search) Michael quickly contacted me and within days, identified a couple of banks who were willing to work with me. Thanks to Michael, the mortgage offers came through smoothly and I was on my way to becoming a landlady for the first time. After the first-class service from Michael at Meridian, it took eight challenging, arduous months to completion. There was always that document missing or an item not checked. Though Meridian and Michael should have been part of this transaction’s history, Michael continued to work with me for the entire eight months and I can honestly say that it is because of Michael and his responsible, honest and experienced work ethic that the mortgages completed. I feel truly blessed to know him and cannot recommend him highly enough. Thankyou Michael!

Date posted:26th July 2017
Name:Vanessa Lewis
Expat based in:Hong Kong

Very Helpful

I had tried a number of avenues unsuccessfully to get a suitable expat buy to let mortgage. Tracey was very helpful in navigating the process, identifying a lender and ensuring communication was regular through to completion. Would definitely use again.

Date posted:25th July 2017
Expat based in:Singapore

Very Happy With The Service

Very happy with the service Tracey provided, she was very responsive and kept me up to date with things every step of the way. The deal I got on a mortgage in terms of the interest rate and no set up fees wasn’t far away from what I could get by working in the U.K. Which for an expat mortgage is extremely good too. Would highly recommend Tracey for anyone in similar situations.

Date posted:19th July 2017
Name:Sam Kay
Expat based in:Australia

A Happy Client

Like many people, my wife and I took jobs working in Dubai, so we could save to buy a house back home in the UK. A couple of years in and we managed to save the deposit but started to wonder how we would begin the daunting task of obtaining a mortgage as an expat. A friend referred us here and it could not have been more easy, with Tracey guiding us every step of the way.
Our house completed today and we could not be happier. Thank you Tracey and the team for all your help.

Date posted:30th June 2017
Name:Brian Cunliffe
Expat based in:Dubai

Against All Odds

Living in Australia is seemed impossible to find a mortgage in the UK whilst working as a contractor. Against all the odds Michael sourced a suitable lender and saw it through to conclusion. Other mortgage brokers didn’t come close to the service offered by Meridian.

Date posted:26th June 2017
Name:Douglas Vanderson
Expat based in:Australia

Couldn’t Be happier

As with everybody, very apprehensive embarking on the process after clicking an internet link. No couldn’t be happier! Tracey was great with comms. Not always easy with time differences, phone connections, scanned documents, and busy people. Tracey secured me a great mortgage from a leading UK Lender. Total cost of borrowing is one of the lowest available. I honestly would not look elsewhere if I had to do this again.

Date posted:19th June 2017
Expat based in:UAE

Very Knowledgable

Tracey is a fantastic mortgage broker – very knowledgable and able to make things work in complex circumstances. Very much a solutions person! Delighted with the service.

Date posted:13th June 2017
Expat based in:USA

Fantastic Service

Tracey provided a fantastic service helping us secure a mortgage for the purchase of a U.K. property……from initial product selection, guiding us through the application process to completion Tracey has always been knowledgeable, approachable, helpful and responsive.

Date posted:8th June 2017
Name:Brendan Clark
Expat based in:Germany

Very Happy

I was very happy with the service from Meridian. Michael was able to locate a suitable mortgage, and helped process the supporting documentation. Would recommend.

Date posted:5th June 2017
Expat based in:Australia

To The Rescue

Living overseas finding a mortgage lender to buy back in the UK was proving impossible – particularly as we currently live in Kenya, deemed a high-risk country. However, with Michael’s help we managed to secure a mortgage in record-time. From the outset he was always available to answer an queries and guided us effortlessly through the entire process.

Date posted:26th May 2017
Name:Stephanie Egger Hay Smith
Expat based in:Kenya (Unicef)

Superb Job

Tracey Barnes did a superb job in helping me secure a loan in a short time.

Being a non-UK citizen living overseas presented a lot of problems that Tracey managed very well taking away from me the stress. She kept a line of communication constantly open and gave me real time updates. I couldn’t ask for a better service.

Date posted:23rd May 2017
Name:Antonio Vianello
Expat based in:Dubai


Tracey was brilliant in helping me to re-mortgage as an expat. I spoke to quite a few brokers, and she was the only one that really understood my requirements. She was very thorough, professional and responsive throughout the process. Would definitely recommend.

Date posted:17th May 2017
Name:Emily Garcia
Expat based in:Germany

To The Rescue

Being expats for the past five (5) years it has been difficult to source a mortgage for a new house in England. Expat Mortgages came to the rescue with Michaels assistance we were able to get a mortgage….Great service, thanks.

Date posted:9th May 2017
Name:Phil & Julie Thorpe-WIllett
Expat based in:Spain

Extremely Knowledgable

Michael was very helpful in assisting me with a difficult remortgage. Extremely knowledgable and professional he responded promptly to all enquiries throughout the process. Happy to recommend.

Date posted:8th May 2017
Expat based in:Perth Australia

Seamless Service

Over the last couple of years, Michael Johnson at Meridian Independent Mortgage has arranged three expat mortgages and one re-mortgage for us. Every time the process has been seamless as Michael has taken care of everything with the lenders and on many occasions with the seller’s agents to push through completion timelines.

Based on our previous excellent experience with dealing with Michael, we would highly recommend him to anyone looking at expat mortgages as we would continue to do the same for all our future requirements.

Date posted:8th May 2017
Name:Dharmendra Lakhani
Expat based in:Munich Germany

No Problem

I recommend Tracey because she helped to facilitate a suitable mortgage for me. Securing a mortgage from abroad could be stressful but Tracey cushioned the difficulties and was readily available until successful completion.

Date posted:29th April 2017
Name:S Ade
Expat based in:Offshore

Solution Orientated

This is the second time Tracey has helped me to secure a mortgage. Her professionalism, quick responses and solution orientated approach are a great asset when trying to secure a mortgage from overseas. I would not hesitate to use her services again. Thank you.

Date posted:29th April 2017
Expat based in:Switzerland

Easy & Practical

Michael made the whole process really easy to understand, and offered plenty of practical advice along the way. An absolute pleasure to deal with – highly recommended!

Date posted:26th April 2017
Name:Zeman Bhunnoo
Expat based in:Switzerland

Professional & Efficient

I have already recommended Niel Khambay (Meridian Independent Mortgages)to a number of my personal friends, based on the professional and efficient work he did for us. I only recommend people when I really trust them. Niel helped us out considerably – he found a suitable mortgage, asked only for the information that was actually needed for the application, and calmed the vendor down when he got a bit hysterical. I fully endorse him and his work.

Date posted:6th April 2017
Name:Michael Salmon
Expat based in:Commercialization Specialist Bahrain / Saudi Arabia

Star Quality

Michael Johnson is a true star! Michael was there for us from our first conversation until we completed our home purchase. As an expat working in Qatar, we had little options for getting a mortgage on a second home, however Michael provided us with a solution. Very professional and extremely knowledgeable, excellent service is guaranteed. Highly recommended!

Date posted:3rd April 2017
Name:Herbie B
Expat based in:Engineering Professional Doha, Qatar

Consumate Professional

Tracey has been brilliant in helping me arrange my mortgage yet again. I have used her a couple of times now and she is always the consummate professional. Being overseas it is not always easy to find a mortgage provider or navigate through all the requirements. Tracey takes away the stress & hassle of everything. I have no hesitation in recommending Tracey for anyone needing mortgage advice.

Date posted:31st March 2017
Name:Mark Reeve
Expat based in:Singapore

Fantastic Service

Fantastic service once again from Tracey at Meridian mortgages. This is the second expat mortgage in which she has helped me with, the continued support and responsiveness throughout the process takes a great deal of stress away. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Date posted:26th March 2017
Expat based in:Dubai UAE

On The Ball

Tracey Barnes was extremely responsive and much more on the ball that other brokers we spoke to, she managed to get us a great deal where others couldn’t get us a deal at all (due to having work contracts with non UK companies). We would highly recommend Tracey.

Date posted:22nd March 2017
Name:C Newman
Expat based in:Offshore

In Good Hands

The whole process has been much more complex and difficult than expected.
However I must say that Tracey was always there when needed, always helpful and ready to act in my best interest.
I really had a feeling to be in good hands with her as she really run the extra mile for us.
I am really glad for her fabulous service!

Date posted:20th March 2017
Name:Michele Marchetti
Expat based in:Switzerland

Thanks You !

I couldn’t recommend Meridian more. My mortgage wasn’t straight forward, but Tracey found something suitable for my circumstances. Everything was made simple, charges explained up front. Thanks you!

Date posted:19th March 2017
Expat based in:Brisbane Australia

Knowledge, Contacts, and Tenacity

When searching for an ex-pat mortgage it quickly became apparent that I had extremely limited options. I had almost given up until I contacted Tracey Barnes at Meridian Mortgages. From the outset Tracey was extremely responsive, knowledgeable and honest with regard to my questions. She quickly identified suitable lenders and guided me through the application process. Tracey was always available and responsive throughout the entire process right up until all the legal work was completed and we took possession of our new home. I am certain that without her knowledge, contacts and tenacity that we would not have been able to make this purchase. I would highly recommend Tracey Barnes to any expat considering buying a home in the UK.

Date posted:1st March 2017
Name:Scott Kennedy
Expat based in:The Bahamas

Responsive & Clear

Michael provided an excellent service in arranging for refinancing of our current mortgage. He was able to source a significantly lower rate than that offered by my existing provider. He was at all times responsive and clear. His assistance with the paperwork meant that the transaction went through smoothly.

Date posted:7th February 2017
Name:David Snell
Expat based in:Welligton New Zealand

Leap Into Action

Finding an ex-pat mortgage from overseas was a huge challenge for us and we had almost given up until we got in touch with Michael from Meridian Mortgages. Over the course of a year Michael patiently provided advise and support in our search for a mortgage whilst we decided what we wanted to do regarding our next property purchase. When we were finally ready Michael sourced our mortgage for us, this became stressful for us when realised that specific product wasn’t quite what we wanted but this didn’t phase Michael who lept into action to find us another one. He also had a very calming affect on us when supporting us through this challenge any nothing stresses him. We have now received our mortgage offer thanks to Michael’s hard work, support and tenacity and we thank him immensely and couldn’t have done it without his help.

Date posted:3rd February 2017
Name:Victoria Avery
Expat based in:Ex-Pat Living In Australia Sydney

So Grateful

We have been so grateful for all the support we have received from Tracey Barnes & Meridian Mortgages. Being overseas for twenty years made getting a mortgage in the UK very hard. We had lots of challenges to overcome and we could not have done it without all the help and time Tracey provided. It was a very stressful time for us but we knew we could rely on Tracey’s prompt responses and professionalism to get us through it all. THANK YOU Tracey – we would not have got this far without you. We can’t recommend you and Meridian Mortgages enough!

Date posted:27th January 2017
Name:Denise Dale
Expat based in:Quatar

Easy and Reassuring

I would like to thank Michael Johnson of Meridian for guiding us through securing our first UK mortgage and doing this while we were overseas. Michael found a lender us, not easy given our situation, and looked after everything. Communicating with Michael was easy and reassuring. We would use Meridian again.

Date posted:25th January 2017
Name:James Wicken
Expat based in:Offshore

Helpful and Efficient

I cannot recommend Tracey Barnes and Meridian highly enough. From beginning to end of my Ex Pat mortgage application, highly professional and knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. Sincere thanks to you

Date posted:19th January 2017
Name:Virginia Correll
Expat based in:Greenwich, CT, USA

Great Service

A big thank you to Michael Johnson and the Meridian Mortgages team for finding and securing a 2nd BTL mortgage for us as Expats living in France. Great service as always!
Kind Regards

Date posted:17th January 2017
Expat based in:Grenoble, France

No Hesitation

Tracey supported us with a mortgage application in December 2016. We could not have faulted the service and support that she offered, I would have no hesitation in recommending her in the future.

Date posted:12th January 2017
Name:Kerry Kidd
Expat based in:Aberdeen

Hugely Impressed

I was hugely impressed with the service promised and the product delivered by Tracey Barnes. We live in the UAE and she showed suprême knowledge, patience and understanding getting us through the hoops. She took away almost all of the stress and kept us constantly informed. We got our new mortgage this month. Thank you, Tracey!

Date posted:12th January 2017
Name:Jay Graham
Expat based in:UK home owner UAE

Professional, Knowledgable and Helpful

Michael was recommended by a colleague and from the outset he was professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Having lived overseas for many years, it was proving really difficult to find a lender who would lend to an ex-pat and without Michael’s input and expertise I think I may have given up. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking to buy a property, particularly those that live overseas.

Date posted:10th January 2017
Name:Kate Bates
Expat based in:Grand Cayman

Incredible Throughout

Michael at Meridian was incredible throughout our mortgage application / offer.
He gave excellent advice and first class customer service. He often went above and beyond and should be the benchmark for any & all mortgage brokers. I was extremely impressed by the dedication he showed to pushing things along with all parties.
I / we would recommend Michael’s services to anyone looking for help with buying a property, particularly if you live abroad.

I still owe him a bottle of champagne as a thank you .. and this will be duly delivered when we complete.
First class service from someone who takes pride in what they do.

Thank you !!!

Date posted:2nd January 2017
Name:Brian Rooney
Expat based in:Banking Executive Hong Kong

Honest and Knowledgable Advice

Working abroad has always provided the challenges to managing our property back in the UK, and when it came to re-mortgage time I was really looking good, honest and knowledgeable advice!

I am so very glad I came across Michael’s company and can not say enough about the professionalism through-out the entire process.

I will definitely recommend Michael for any expat requirements and will definitely use them again in the future.


Date posted:8th December 2016
Name:Henrico du Plessis
Expat based in:Offshore

Extremely Smooth Process

As an Expat working overseas for many years it had proved difficult to secure the right mortgage or to even find a lender. Tracey was fantastic from day 1 – She was able to help us to secure the necessary funding through the right lender.

Her knowledge and experiences have helped make the process extremely smooth and relatively stress free.

Would certainly recommend Tracey to help you to find the right mortgage for you.


Date posted:6th December 2016
Name:Paul Burgess
Expat based in:Saudi Arabia

Excellent Advice & Customer Service

Michael at Meridian provided us with excellent advice and customer service. He was happy to talk us through each step of the process and answer any questions, getting back to emails and phone calls right away. We were impressed by the dedication he showed to pushing things along with all parties concerned, chasing up the mortgage provider in particular, and keeping in contact with the estate agent and solicitors to reassure them that all was in hand.

We would recommend his services to anyone looking for help with buying a property, particularly if you live abroad and/or have a busy schedule to manage. A great recommendation from a friend who was also impressed with his services.

Date posted:10th November 2016
Name:Thomas Hughes
Expat based in:Shanghai

Unparalled Application Process

Tracey was superb throughout the entire mortgage application. Her knowledge of the products and application processes are unparalleled. As a first time buyer/investor I was apprehensive but she readily addressed all of my concerns.

There were complications with the development, extending the completion timeline; however Tracey was on hand to remedy the situation with the lender.

I would highly recommend her services to any expat looking for a mortgage in the UK.

Date posted:10th November 2016
Name:Karl Reader
Expat based in:Singapore

Beyond Superb

I was recommended to Tracey Barnes through a contact in Singapore. As a British Expat living in Singapore it has become increasingly difficult to get Buy to Let and Holiday Let Mortgages. Dealing with Tracey was beyond superb, her professionalism, support, advice, efficiency was first class. She guided me through the process, assisted and guided where some of the paper work became challenging. I will certainly be using Tracey again and I will be highly recommending Tracey to fellow expats in Singapore.

Date posted:1st November 2016
Name:Jonathan Mills
Expat based in:Singapore

No Hesitation

I found Meridian Mortgages through a google search and it couldn’t have worked better.

I had been struggling to find any mortgage company willing to provide me services due to me being based in Azerbaijan. Michael Johnson of Meridian assured me that he could find somebody and surely enough within a few days, he returned with positive news.

The process was easy and the steps clearly outlined by Michael and I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending both Michael and Meridian.

Thanks a lot guys for your help.

Date posted:20th October 2016
Name:Michael Hammond
Expat based in:Azerbaijan

Filled With Confidence

Finding Michael on the internet was one of the best things that we could have done. Returning to the UK from Florida was a daunting experience, but Michael’s help was invaluable and he managed to maintain our mortgage offer for three separate properties when the first two fell through.

His cheery voice always filled us with confidence and we would recommend his services without hesitation.

Date posted:5th October 2016
Name:Paul Watkin
Expat based in:Returning to the UK from Tampa Florida Tampa, FL

In Capable Hands

We had a really positive experience in working with Michael, he was efficient, prompt with communication and had a great understanding of the problems faced by expatriates in obtaining mortgages. Obstacles with lenders were negotiated and overcome and throughout we felt that we were in capable hands. We would use him again and would highly recommend him.

Date posted:4th October 2016
Name:Paul Evison
Expat based in:Singapore

Proactive, Responsible & Knowledgable

Tracey Barnes of Meridian Mortgages was absolutely fantastic in helping us secure a mortgage for an investment property in the UK. She was so proactive, responsive and knowledgeable. We are extremely grateful and would highly recommend her services.

Date posted:21st September 2016
Expat based in:Offshore

Extremely Efficient and Responsive

Niel has found me a mortgage on two occasions and both times has been extremely efficient and responsive to my precise needs and situation.

Those of us with non-standard lives living and working in more than one country can find ourselves misunderstood or turned away from UK high-street banks, but with Niel and his colleague Michael I know that there is always someone who is prepared to go that little bit further to understand my situation and find a product that is just right.

I would recommend without hesitation.

Date posted:20th September 2016
Name:Daniel Pashley
Expat based in:EU worker (UK expat) Luxembourg

An Absolute Recommendation

Michael provided an excellent service in arranging our expat mortgage. We live in France and purchased our 1st investment property in the UK through Meridian/Expat. Michael is easily reachable and always happy to provide expert advice and guidance, i would absolutely and highly recommend expat mortgages.

Date posted:19th September 2016
Name:Chris T
Expat based in:Grenoble, France

Extremely Grateful

I am extremely grateful to Michael Johnson of Meridian Mortgages for helping me to source funding for my property purchase in the UK. I had exhausted all avenues prior to speaking with Michael and was worried that I would not be able to complete on my off-plan purchase, for which I had already paid a non-refundable 20% deposit.

Michael was able to quickly source an appropriate lender who would consider my application despite being self-employed, living abroad and purchasing a buy-to-let property. It was a complex process, one which Michael guided me through at each stage, and I was delighted to receive an offer and complete on my property.

I have no hesitation in recommending Michael and Meridian Mortgages.

Date posted:6th September 2016
Name:Rory Allen
Expat based in:British Expat Hong Kong

Out of Hours

After working away from the UK for 9 years it was becoming extremely difficult to obtain a mortgage to buy in the UK.

Michael Johnson from Meridian Mortgages helped me obtain a good deal with Skipton. Michael not only helped with filling in all the forms, compiling the documentations required and liaising with the mortgage provider on your behalf, he often went out of his way to help in all other aspects of the process occasionally taking calls out of office hours and weekends. I am extremely happy with the service I received from Meridian and would definitely use and recommend Michael for helping you with all your expat mortgage requirements.

Thank you Michael for all your help:)

Date posted:30th August 2016
Name:Araz Adam
Expat based in:Expat working in the Middle East Bahrain

The Epitome of Excellence

I had tried many avenues to try and get a mortgage for a property in the UK whilst living in Australia, with the added complication of wishing to purchase my parents house to free up capital for their retirement. I had contacted all of the general banks and also some mortgage companies who labelled themselves as ‘specialist’, but none could help and few wanted to as my requirements were in the ‘too hard’ basket.
I had pretty much given up hope until I came across Meridian. I spoke with Michael Johnson who was friendly, understanding and excellent at finding a product that offered a solution to my problem. Michael was the epitome of excellent customer service. He provided great advice and support and remained committed to helping me right until the very final day of the sale completing.
I must say that I would recommend Michael without any hesitation. The service you get from this company is the type of thing that you can only wish for, but very rarely experience.
Without wanting to sound over the top, I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Michael, purchasing my parents house and therefore allowing them the freedom to enjoy their retirement would simply not have been possible. I am very grateful.

Date posted:29th August 2016
Name:Jane Edmond
Expat based in:Director Perth, Australia

Unfailing Clarity

A few years ago we found ourselves in the absurd position of having had an offer accepted on a property but without financing because our lender had changed the rules at the very last minute. I contacted Grant Banks and he was able to secure funds for us within a very short time. Since then we have used Grant on a number of occasions – he is very professional and able to put deals together when others cannot. He is consistently prompt in his responses to queries and unfailing in his provision of clarity of what is required to complete the application, and all this over distance. I would recommend Grant and the team without any hesitation whatsoever.

Date posted:24th August 2016
Expat based in:Offshore

Well Informed

Swift, professional, pragmatic and well-informed service. Always attentive and unfailingly polite. I would certainly use again.

Date posted:15th August 2016
Name:Robert Wilkinson
Expat based in:Professor in South Africa

Stress Free & Extremely Smooth

I was extremely pleased with the service provided by Tracey at Meridien. This was my second BtL purchase and I wish I had known about Meridien when I bought the first! Dealing with Tracey made the entire process stress free and extremely smooth. She kept me fully updated, without prompting, throughout, from the initial discussions through to completion and I would highly recommend her to any expat seeking a UK mortgage.

Date posted:11th August 2016
Name:Jill Wood
Expat based in:Dubai UAE

Clear, Honest, Helpful and Patient

My wife and I have been dealing with Tracey since 2013 and she has assisted us with sourcing finance on two properties so far. Tracey has always been clear, honest, helpful and patient with all of our issues and concerns. I have dealt with several other mortgage consultants but having dealt with Tracey we shall no longer use any other consultant as the service we receive is so far beyond what we expected. I have recommended Tracey to numerous other expat colleagues and all of them have given me the same positive response.

We will likely be looking at a further mortgage product later this year or sometime next year and intend to be in touch when we decide to move forward.

Kind regards

Richard Begbey

Date posted:11th August 2016
Name:Richard Begbey
Expat based in:Offshore

Sincere Thanks

Sincere thanks to the team at Meridian for all of their help. Having tried to refinance our UK property through a number of well known Banks and Building Societies I had, all but given up hope of making any progress unless I came back to live in the UK. Having searched Google I enquired with Meridian and successfully managed to secure a product that works extremely well for us.

No hesitation in recommending Grant Banks and the team

Date posted:29th July 2016
Name:Neil W
Expat based in:Australia

I Can’t Praise and Thank Him Enough

After trying a few different avenues to get a mortgage I was feeling quite hopeless. I thought that there would be no way around it unless I went back to the UK and began the whole process again. My situation was complicated and the thoughts of ever buying my home was a distant memory.

Unti I saw an ad about expat mortgages as I was surfing the net waiting for a ferry. I didn’t actually hold out too much hope I have to say, but emailed nevertheless. And then Michael responded! and he saved the day.

I can’t praise and thank him enough, with the efforts and extra ‘half mile’ he took to help me secure a mortgage offer. He was there for me at each step, making the process less stressful, he made me feel at ease and confident that everything would be ok, and that’s because he matched my details with the right mortgage provider from the start. He was fast to respond to my emails, and on the phone, he always sounded happy and felt like he had all the time in the world for me in helping to respond to my stresses.

Cannot recommend him enough, and as I do to everyone in Hong Kong that is looking for a mortgage broker.

Date posted:28th July 2016
Expat based in:English teacher at an International School, Married, mother of 2 boys. Hong Kong

Great Job Done

Having decided to try and purchase a property back in the UK we immediately ran into hurdles as an expat living abroad. Tried in vain to arrange a mortgage direct with my bank but to no avail. Came across Meridian on the internet and was put in contact with Niel. He did a great job on our behalf and took away the stress that we were facing. I would highly recommend working with him to anyone in the same situation

Date posted:28th July 2016
Name:Iain Micallef
Expat based in:Dubai UAE

A Fantastic Job

Niel did a fantastic job of finding me a specialist expat mortgage. I’m based in Malta with a UK property and would not have been able to find this type of mortgage. The rate was even lower than what I was currently paying. I would highly recommend expat mortgages to anyone in the same situation.

Date posted:27th July 2016
Name:Shabab Khan
Expat based in:Expat Living in Malta


Being an Expat, It is always difficult to proceed with a UK mortgage being abroad. I had spoken to few brokers,and found them provide me with flase promises. This is until I came across Micheal Johnson. Just as I was ready to throw in the towel, I emailed Meridian Mortages who I got to know through google, and thought submit a request for a mortgage just for the sake of it. Since communicating with Michael from day one till the approval of my mortgage, I have been so impressed with this man, so profession and helpfull and very easy to speak to. He knew exactly what I needed, and fulfilled what other brokers couldn’t. “LEGEND”. If I ever move back to the UK, I would love to get a job in the same organisation.

Date posted:24th July 2016
Name:Azad Al-ansari
Expat based in:Dubai

Making Dreams Come True

We would like to take the time to thank Michael for making our dreams of buying a property back in our homeland of Scotland a reality. After being advised by our own bank back in the UK that there was no way anyone living in Australia would be given a mortgage Michael did the impossible and YES he delivered a mortgage as he said he would. What a really genuine person he is, who was always at the end of the phone no matter what the time difference was to answer and resolve any issues we were having. He was totally professional in all aspects of his job and my advice to everyone out there is everyone should have a Michael on their side when looking for an expat mortgage, he makes everything so much easier and takes the stress out of what can be one of the most stressful time in your life. Once again thank you.

Date posted:20th July 2016
Name:Elizabeth Gilloway
Expat based in:Queensland Australia

Extremely Knowledgable

Michael is one of those people who you think are too good to be true, except he really is that good! Extremely knowledgeable in his field, he was able to suggest a number of products that fitted my needs and ended up getting me a great deal. I will definitely be going straight back to him next time I need a broker. Thanks for all your help.

Date posted:19th July 2016
Name:Jon Glenn
Expat based in:Sydney Australia

A Remarkable Service

I received a remarkable service and would like to recommend expat mortgage to all those who are working abroad.

I live in middle east and buying a property and getting a mortgage was difficult but a big Thank you to Michael Johnson who provided the outstanding service and made it work for us. Much appreciated Michael!

Date posted:16th July 2016
Name:Enamul Haque
Expat based in:British Expat Middle East

Completely Professional

A completely professional service. Quick responses to dumb questions dealt with with humour and efficiency. Great deal on a mortgage otherwise difficult to organise as a UK non-resident and can recommend without hesitation

Date posted:28th June 2016
Expat based in:France

No Hesitation

We’d had some issues trying to secure a mortgage for a purchase in the UK, even with a pre agreement from our existing bank. Niel managed to sort out a deal for us with a reputable bank in a reasonable time so we did not lose the property we had an offer accepted on. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Date posted:12th June 2016
Name:Tom Craft
Expat based in:HR Manager Dubai

Fast Response

Thanks for making what I’ve heard from many is a very tricky task, so straightforward, and for responding to my queries so fast. I’m happy to recommend you on to others.

Date posted:9th June 2016
Expat based in:Associate Professor Kenya

Delighted With The Service

I am delighted with the service offered. They made a overwhelming task straight forward and got me a great deal with a high street bank.
Tracey was fantastic, she worked on my time zone to help me pull in the necessary documentation.

Date posted:7th June 2016
Name:Esi Cunningham
Expat based in:Ex Pat TV Professional NY

The Best Deal In The UK

Before approaching Expat Mortgages, I had tried to contact mortgage lenders in the UK directly but without much success. Even my own bank in the UK with whom I have a Premier account were not interested in providing a mortgage, as I was living overseas! Tracey at Expat Mortgages, really helped me find the best deal for my circumstances and guided me through the whole application and approval process. I would recommend contacting Expat Mortgages to anyone living overseas that wants to find the best mortage deal in the UK. Thank you to Tracey and team!

Date posted:7th May 2016
Name:David Lucas
Expat based in:VP R&D Malaysia