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UK Expat Mortgage

UK Expat Mortgage. Expat with a UK mortgage? Mortgage rates are unlikely to improve in the near future. So now is the ideal time for Expats to secure a fixed-rate deal on their mortgage if it’s financially viable. Expats who are on a standard variable rate (SVR) or coming to the end of their term […]

Expat Buy-to-Let

Expat buy-to-let. The Expat mortgage market is stable and thriving. The expat buy-to-let mortgage sector has been more resilient than the residential mortgage one during the past six months. Despite initially pulling deals from the market, mortgage choice has been on a broadly upward trend since July 2023, while the small fall in average rates suggests […]

Expat Rental Property

Expat Rental Property. Expat buy-to-lets are stable and producing positive returns. Rental income is still increasing and tenant demand for buy-to-let properties remains consistently high. These conditions are keeping expat landlords on a very positive footing after so much adverse news in the last six months. The general feeling within the expat landlord community is […]

Expat Buy-to-Lets for Student Accommodation

Expat buy-to-lets for student accommodation showing huge increases. Expat landlords could well be missing out on the blossoming student rental market sector. Expats maybe unaware of the potential returns on offer. This is according to a new report recently released of existing expat landlords. In fact over 40% said they were completely unaware of the […]

Expat Buy to Let Remortgage

Expat Buy To Let Remortgage. Expat landlords may wish to consider re-mortgaging. In order to re-mortgage effectively, it’s important to first establish the purpose of re-mortgaging. Most UK expat and foreign national investors will re-mortgage to avoid higher rates. Furthermore, expats can better devise a stable financial plan for their investment. There are also other […]

Expats Show Interest in UK Property

Expats Show Interest in UK Property. Overseas Buyers and Expats. Overseas buyers and expats are sizing up the UK property market for potential bargains. Taking advantage of the weak pound and falling property prices, according to the latest figures released last week. A report found that searches for UK property by overseas buyers has grown […]

Expat buy-to-let or Holiday Let?

Expat buy-to-let or Holiday Let? The average holiday let generated annual rental income of £25,700 in 2023. This represents more than double the average of £12,130 for residential properties, according to recent figures. Holiday Let Income. As such the average holiday let property generates a whopping £1250 a week, almost FIVE times the average weekly […]

Active Expat Landlords

Active Expat Landlords. The last twelve months has seen a record number of expat landlords re-mortgaging to release capital and this has been used for numerous reasons including debt consolidation. Current re-mortgaging applications for October and November are again showing large increases on the same period last year. Confidence remains high within the expat community […]

Expat Landlords

Expat Landlords are growing daily! Recent figures show that an estimated 250,000 expats own property in the UK, the vast majority let their properties out to achieve extra income. Expat Mortgages For Landlords. One client of ours we recently spoke to said: “as an expat with 4 rental properties I am returning to the UK […]

Expat Investing in UK Property.

Expat Investing in UK Property. Rents have risen sharply over the last year and are expected to continue moving upwards. A result of supply and demand pressures persisting. Annual rental growth is now 13.3%, according to the latest UK Rental Market Report, outpacing earnings growth in all regions and countries of the UK. The property […]