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Expats surge in interest

Overseas buyers and expats are sizing up the UK property market for potential bargains, taking advantage of the weak pound and falling property prices, according to the latest figures released

The property portal found that searches for UK property by overseas buyers have grown steadily over the last 12 months. They now account for 6.6% of all activity on the portal in the first three months of this year, compared to just 3.6% three years ago.

It said some investors are keen to capitalise on softening prices and a weak pound and are looking for discounts.

More expats choosing broker assistance for mortgages

The number of expat mortgages coming through brokers has risen steeply over the last 2 years, this figure now stands at 71% from 64% last year.

There has been a steady increase in mortgages sold by intermediaries to expat buyers and re-mortgagers as the market remains very buoyant indeed.

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Expats are reviewing their mortgage deals since Brexit

There has been a surge in re-mortgage activity this year, as expat borrowers look to lock into cheap deals ahead of an expected interest rate rise.

Since the financial crisis in 2008 mortgage rates have steadily fallen. This led to a number of lenders slashing their rates and competition in the mortgage market heating up.

However, with the Bank of England hinting that it could raise interest rates for the first time in a decade in order to curb inflation, economists are predicting a hike could come as soon as November this year. Record low mortgage rates continue to sustain market activity but given even the most dovish members of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee are now adding to the calls for an interest rate rise, this picture could very quickly change.

A “wait and see” approach is best avoided for existing expat UK homeowners considering re-mortgaging.

The number of expat mortgages approved also went up for the second month in a row, suggesting the market is picking up steam following the UK leaving Europe and now the Coronavirus.

Expats who avoid reviewing their current mortgage deal could well pay for this error in the long term as interest rates look to be going upwards. Not everybody will benefit from changing their mortgage, but it certainly makes sense to check how your existing deal stands up to the future.

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