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Expat mortgages

As an expat whatever reasons you may have for considering purchasing a house or flat in the UK, the good news is that there are lenders who are more than willing to offer expats a mortgage. Many providers don’t even advertise the fact.

Brexit has not deterred expats from buying in the UK, in fact since the vote activity has increase by 13%.

The expat mortgage market is very complex, and you should seek professional advice as to what product best meets your needs.

Items you will need to apply

  • Deposit available
  • Certified proof of address
  • Certified ID (Passport)
  • Bank statements (Normally 6 months)
  • Wage slips (Normally 6 months)
  • Certified accounts if self-employed.

These requirements vary from lender to lender and the above is just to give you a guide to help speed up the process. Contact us for any assistance you may require.


Expat mortgage applications are currently at an all-time high and the outlook for 2021 remains positive. It would seem that the high property prices do not deter the investor. Expats seem to have the attitude that investing in savings accounts are a lost cause and property offers far better returns in the long run.

According to recently released figures the UK property market has been the best performing in the whole of Western Europe. It is therefore not surprising that so many people want to invest in an ever-shrinking market.

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Expats are actively looking for UK property

Overseas buyers and expats are sizing up the UK property market for potential bargains, taking advantage of the weak pound and the political uncertainty over Brexit, according to the latest figures released

The property portal found that searches for UK property by overseas buyers have grown steadily this year. They now account for 6.2% of all activity on the portal in the first three months of this year, compared to just 3.6% three years ago, an increase of 72%.

It said some investors are keen to capitalise on softening prices and a weak pound and are looking for discounts. This could fuel demand for UK property, alongside expats planning a return to the UK amid uncertainty.

Popular areas

London is in strong demand as the third most sought-after location, but the UK’s regional cities could benefit the most from interest from overseas buyers, with Glasgow and Birmingham the most popular search locations, followed by Manchester and Leicester.

Who is looking?

US house hunters are watching the market most closely, accounting for nearly 50,000 searches in the third quarter of this year, as shown by the list below of the top 3 countries where buyers are searching from:

  1. USA
  2. Spain
  3. Ireland

Owning property in the UK is a goal of many overseas property investors including expats, it’s clear a rise in the proportion of searches for UK property which are taking place overseas since June 2018.

Can we assist you?

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Expats are defiantly taking note!

There was a surge in re-mortgage activity in September and October of this year, as expat borrowers look to lock into cheap deals ahead of an expected interest rate rise.

Since the financial crisis in 2008 mortgage rates have steadily fallen.

However, with the Bank of England hinting that it could raise interest rates in the near future as Brexit fears take a grip, economists are predicting a hike could come as soon as January/February of next year.

Record low mortgage rates continue to sustain market activity, many of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee are now adding to the calls for an interest rate rise, this picture could very quickly change.

A “wait and see” approach is best avoided for existing expat UK homeowners considering re-mortgaging.

The number of expat mortgages approved also went up this year, suggesting the market is picking up steam before the Brexit outcome is decided..

Expats who avoid reviewing their current mortgage deal could well pay for this error in the long term as interest rates look to be going upwards. Not everybody will benefit from changing their mortgage, but it certainly makes sense to check how your existing deal stands up to the future.

Contact us.

If you would like to review your current mortgage please make contact and one of our independent advisers will be happy to help.


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Expats want UK property

Since the end of last year the expat mortgage market has seen much more activity in both new and re-mortgage applications.

The UK property market continues on an upward spiral albeit slower than years gone by and still offers potential longer-term growth and security.

Expats are always keen to secure property in the UK and this year is no exception as applications for new mortgages are at an all-time high. Most experts believe these high activity levels will remain until the Brexit deal is finalised, with all the uncertainty expats want a UK foothold.

Confidence in the UK market has grown again since the turn of the year due to interest rates still being held after the threat of increases.

What does the future hold in store?

This is a very difficult market to predict in the long term, but if the past is anything to go by then UK property will hold its own and increase in value. Whatever happens with the Brexit deal property values are more than likely to remain strong. There are several factors that control prices, the main ones are listed below:

  • Supply and demand currently supply only meets 38% of the demand.
  • Mortgage interest rates are low and affordable.

So looking at the key factors the housing market looks in good shape for the future. Of course situations can change very quickly, not to mention Brexit, but on the whole the UK property market looks to be in a very healthy state especially if the supply does not increase.

Mortgage help?

Should you require any assistance with your new or re-mortgage please do call one of our fully qualified independent consultants and we will be happy to assist.

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Expats, does your mortgage need reviewing before 01 January 2021?

A former Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee member has predicted that interest rates could rise significantly in the next few years.

Inflation has now caught up with wage growth causing a sharp consumer slowdown and the weak pound has also squeezed consumers and the expectation is that households will adjust their spending downwards.

More and more expats are looking for ways to reduce their monthly outgoings. One of the biggest expenses most people have every month is their mortgage payment.  Keeping this in mind it would be a wise move to review your current mortgage to ensure you are on the best deal possible.

This will not be the case for everybody, your current deal may well be particularly good, but it is most certainly worth checking before the end of the year.

With all the uncertainty the Brexit situation is having on the UK currently a prudent move may be to fix a term for your current mortgage, this would take out all the uncertainty over that period.

It is highly recommended to seek professional independent advice as to what new deal could suit your current situation.

Reasons to re-mortgage

  • To save money.
  • Raise extra cash for a project you have planned.
  • Your current deal is ending soon
  • Transfer to a fixed medium/long term deal

Help required?

If you would like to review your current mortgage deal please do make contact and one of our independent advisers will be happy to assist.

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Expats are using specialised brokers on a regular basis

Expats looking for a mortgage or re-mortgage on a property in the UK now have a wider choice of loans than years gone by, so it makes sense to select the best one to suit your needs.

About five million UK nationals live overseas, and many are keen to hold on to a property in the UK, or to invest in a buy-to-let. As for a buy-to-let mortgage options are quite restricted – and in most cases you will need to get a specialist landlord mortgage.

It is possible to secure a standard residential home loan as an expat, but it is tricky to arrange, lenders will want to see evidence that close family are living in the house. Since most expats work abroad and cannot live in two places, for the majority, a buy-to-let is the more appropriate solution.

You will typically need to seek out a specialist lender and this is where the expat broker can assist you in making the correct choice and in turn save you time and money.

It can be a difficult process to secure a mortgage when clients are overseas, especially with the time difference and tighter lending criteria.

Another factor is the European Mortgage Credit Directive, introduced in 2016, which means individuals paid in a foreign currency now come under closer scrutiny when their loan applications are assessed. The underwriting process needs to take account of possible exchange-rate fluctuations, as well as looking at a borrower’s overall financial position.

What a broker will do for you?

The broker will take control of the mortgage process, therefore relieving you of the stress and paperwork. They will be able to deal with the mortgage company supplying the loan and answer any queries they may have, saving you time and money.

Help required?

If you are an expat looking for a new or re-mortgage, please do get in touch and one of our fully qualified independent advisers will be happy to assist.


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Expats are increasing their portfolios in the UK rapidly.

This year has seen a record level of expat buy-to-let mortgage approvals as expat landlords look to increase their portfolios. Recent surveys of expat landlords clearly reveal they are in the market to increase their holdings as quickly as possible.

The reasons are numerous for this trend, but it felt within the industry that Brexit has a lot to do with it. The survey revealed that over 50% of current landlords are achieving net returns of between 5% and 8% on their current portfolios. This is obviously a much larger return than any traditional savings account can currently offer.

With house values still on the increase year on year expats are also seeing the equity within their properties increasing at a very steady rate. So with all this positivity it is little wonder buy-to-let mortgages are increasing rapidly.

Home ownership in the UK has fallen to its lowest level for over 25 years which may well shock some people. When you look at the overall cost of buying a property in the UK perhaps it is not quite so surprising.

Buy-to-let mortgages

Expat landlords are reaping the rewards of relatively low mortgage interest rates and set up costs which look like rising in the near future. The industry feels that the 1st January 2021 is a key date with the regards to any increases that may be coming.

We always recommend being very selective before deciding on what mortgage best suits your needs. With so many deals on offer it always pays to look at all the options, for example a long-fixed rate deal may be very prudent with the fear of a rate rise looming.

Need some help?

If you need assistance when choosing your next mortgage call one of our experienced independent advisers and they will be pleased to assist.

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Expats set re-mortgaging record

It seems that expat homeowners have taken our frequent warnings about upcoming mortgage rate rises to heart, as August & September saw a record number of re-mortgages completed. This month is the highest number of re-mortgages since October 2012. Septembers figure also marks an increase of 21.3% year-on-year and an impressive monthly increase of 53%.

This increase is also partly due to a number of fixed rate mortgages coming to an end while borrowers locked into attractive deals amid expectations of further interest rate rises a few years ago. Given that standard variable rates have been moving upwards, it’s hardly surprising that expat borrowers coming to the end of a fixed rate deal will look to re-mortgage rather than see their monthly repayments go up considerably. But it’s not only re-mortgagors that were active earlier this year.

Expat first timers

The number of new expat first-time buyers also increased in the second quarter which is somewhat surprising given the Coronavirus situation. It would seem expats want to get a foot on the ladder in the UK so to speak perhaps as a backup.

Even with the general slow down in property prices the UK still represents good long term potential growth.


Expats currently have an excellent choice of new and re-mortgages available at advantageous rates, best advice is to act sooner rather than later as these rates are expected to increase.

Can we help?

If you are looking for a new or re-mortgage, please do make contact and one of our fully qualified experienced independent advisers will be happy to assist.