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Using a broker for an expat UK mortgage

UUsing an independent broker in the UK you’ll enjoy a number of advantages compare to “going it alone”.

With the correct advice and support securing an expat mortgage can be a very simple process. Getting this support is a vital component in the chain of events, due to the applicant’s location, as it is likely he or she will be living abroad.

These include:

  1. Choice of deals currently available
  2. Choice of lenders
  3. Expert advice
  4. Fully qualified adviser
  5. Ease of communication with the lender

Despite all these advantages some believe they will be better off speaking to one bank in the UK about the loan they require. Experience shows that this is just not the case as you will only have a couple of deals to choose from, it is far better to have all options open to you. Selecting the correct deal for you can save a large amount of money in the long term.

The majority of UK based brokers will tell you the importance of having the loan in principle in place before you start your search. A broker will be able to do this for you very quickly and without any undue stress. Once issued this will give a good platform to work from and give you certain advantages. Having this loan in principle will give you better negotiating power, show the seller how serious you are and speed up completion.

Using a broker who is UK based will without doubt make the process far easier and less stressful.

Can we assist?

If you require help with your new or re-mortgage please do contact one of our fully qualified advisers.

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Expat mortgage review

It is predicted to be a very turbulent time ahead in the housing market as the Brexit negotiations hopefully conclude. Nobody really knows how this will affect the housing market as so far all the expert predictions about Brexit have been way off the mark.

One thing you should do if you have an expat mortgage is to have it reviewed to ensure you have the best deal available to protect you over the next few years. It may well be very good advice to check out what fixed rate deals are on offer and if they could help you in your planning.

Re-mortgage benefits

There are many reasons you may wish to consider a re-mortgage but be very careful as this is not always the best advice. As an example you may currently have a deal which if changed would incur penalties. There will be other options open to you such as a second charge loan and this should be given careful consideration if you wish to raise cash. Some of the reasons for a re-mortgage are listed below.

  1. Secure a better rate of interest.
  2. Change to a fixed term deal
  3. Raise capital from the equity within the property
  4. Reduce expensive debt, credit cards etc

There are many pros and cons to re-mortgaging and all aspects need to be carefully considered to ensure it is beneficial for you. Always seek professional advice from a mortgage adviser who will guide you in the right direction, a wrong move could be very costly in the long term.

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If you would like to review your current mortgage, please make contact and one of our qualified advisers will be happy to assist.


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Looking to buy property in the UK as an expat?

Whatever reasons you may have for considering purchasing a property in the UK, the good news is that there are lenders who are more than willing to offer expats mortgages. Many providers don’t even advertise the fact. 

As many as three million expats have a strong desire to own their own property in the UK. Property prices seem to be rising all the time and its little wonder the majority of expats seek UK ownership. It’s true certain parts of the country are stagnating in terms of increasing but on the whole the UK market is as strong as ever.

There is still a lack of housing which makes the buy to let market very attractive to expats who want a foothold in the UK and get a decent return on their capital.

Brokers roll

If you want an expat mortgage a good place to start is finding a broker who specialises in this area. Obtaining an expat mortgage can be very time consuming especially as you are likely to be resident abroad.

An independent broker will have all options open to you on hand and will be able to act efficiently on your behalf. A broker being UK based will save you many hours of extra work as they are on hand to act on your behalf.

Why a broker?

The expat mortgage market is very complex and not all lenders offer this product in their portfolio. Independent brokers will have full access to all products available and be able to advise the most suitable for your needs.

What you will need to apply

  • Contact details (email address etc)
  • Property purchase details
  • Deposit available
  • Certified proof of address
  • Certified ID (Passport)
  • Bank statements (Normally 6 months)
  • Wage slips (Normally 6 months)
  • Certified accounts if self-employed, number of months vary from lender to lender

These requirements vary from lender to lender and the above is just to give you a guide to help speed up the process.

Help required

If you are looking for an expat new or re-mortgage please do make contact and one of our advisers will be happy to help.


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Expats increasing UK holdings

Expats are in ever increasing numbers trying to either get on the ladder or increase their current UK holding. The majority of expats see property in the UK as a “pension fund” or a way of laying financial security for the long-term future.

Bricks and mortar have always been a national obsession. The wisdom that property is fundamentally a very good long-term investment has been passed down from generation to generation.

Expat mortgage applications are currently at an all-time high and the outlook for 2019 remains positive. It would seem that the high property prices do not deter the investor, a recent client commented “with so much uncertainty in Western Europe property the UK offers remarkable value even with the Brexit uncertainty”.

According to recently released figures the UK property market has been the best performing in the whole of Western Europe. It is therefore not surprising that so many people want to invest in an ever-shrinking market.

Is it a good time to buy in the UK?

The very quick and simple answer is yes, if you have the funds for a deposit now would seem the right time to buy. The affordable properties that are available to purchase seem to be diminishing on an annual basis, which without doubt will mean higher prices to pay in the future.


This is the one only unknown area that could affect the property market, if all the experts are correct it is unlikely to have any lasting long-term damage.

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Interest rate rise next year?

Expats are quickly moving to fixed rate mortgage deals more frequently than ever before. Brokers around the country are reporting a significant increase in re-mortgaging to a fixed deal in the last 9 months.

Base rates may well be on hold at present and mortgage rates are at the lowest they have been for many years. One thing is for certain if the base rate rises then mortgage interest rates will very soon follow suit.

A recent survey of expats showed that if this did happen over 46% will not be prepared for the increased expenditure. The survey shows the majority of people have taken for granted the current low rates on offer. This may well be a very dangerous attitude to adopt as things can change very quickly in the world of finance. The uncertainty of Brexit looms over the mortgage market and experts are predicting controlled interest rate increases are coming sooner rather than later.

Protecting yourself is easy

With all the above considered it is a very good time to look more closely at your current mortgage deal.

Every expat will have different needs and objectives but one thing we all have in common is saving money. If your current mortgage deal has no exit penalty or is coming to the end of its deal period you may wish to look at a fixed rate deal.

Good news is there is a competitive selection of deals on offer and these should be given due consideration if you want to maintain lower interest payments.

Can we help?

If you require assistance or would like to talk over your current mortgage contract please do call one of our experienced advisers and we will be pleased to help.