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Any Property Bargains ?

The UK bargain property market is diminishing rapidly.

Expats searching for a property in the UK are finding it more difficult than ever before.

Finding a property of value in the South is almost impossible and in the North things are not a lot easier.

Expat yacht crews are employing the services of local estate agents to help identify possible targets as the market get tougher by the day.

Britain’s housing shortage is reaching crisis point as the number of buyers dramatically outweighs the number of properties for sale. Estate agents up and down the Country are reporting high levels of business with sales completing in record time.

One agent in Norfolk said, “If a property comes onto the market in good condition and is priced correctly it will sell within days”. “Just lately we have had up to 6 purchasers chasing just one property”.

The consequences of this situation are driving house prices upwards all the time with properties in the South and East Anglia reaching record highs.

Expat yacht crews searching for a foothold in the UK property market need to act sooner rather than later. Experts are forecasting the shortages to get much worse before things get any better.

One plus point for the expat is that mortgages are easier to secure than a few years ago and choices have expanded.  There is a good selection of mortgage deals available at very favourable interest rates.

Need some assistance?

As an Expat yacht crew and you are looking for your first mortgage or contemplating a re-mortgage, please do call one of our fully qualified independent advisers who will be happy to help.

yacht crew expat mortgages

Yacht crews on the move – help is at hand

Securing an expat mortgage on a UK property

Finding the UK property you want is the first step and is relatively easily done. The next issue to address is raising that all important expat mortgage.

Good news is this is not as difficult as it sounds so don’t be put off or misinformed by what you may hear from the banks overseas. The expat mortgage market has grown significantly over the last 10 years and lenders are very keen to secure your business.

With the correct advice and support securing an expat mortgage can be a very simple process.

Getting this support is a vital component in the chain of events, due to the applicant’s location, as it is likely he or she will be living abroad.

Using an Independent broker registered with the FSA in the UK you’ll enjoy a number of advantages compare to “going it alone”.

These include:

  • Choice of deals currently available
  • Choice of lenders
  • Expert advice
  • Fully qualified adviser
  • FSA regulated.

Despite all these advantages some believe they will be better off speaking to one bank in the UK about the loan they require. Experience shows that this is just not the case as you will only have a couple of deals to choose from, it is far better to have all options open to you.

Selecting the correct deal for you can save a large amount of money in the long term.

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If you require help with your new or re-mortgage, please do contact one of our fully qualified independent advisers.


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Yacht Crew Mortgage Lending

Yacht crew expat first time buyers increase.

The number of new yacht crew expat first-time buyers has increased dramatically in the first quarter of this year.

It would seem expat yacht crews want to get a foot on the ladder in the UK so to speak perhaps as a backup for the future.

Even with the general slowdown in property prices the UK still represents good long term potential growth. The UK has traditionally always seen value in the property market and there is no sound reason this should change in the future.

Is it a good time to buy in the UK?

The very quick and simple answer is yes!!

The affordable properties that are available to purchase seem to be diminishing on a daily basis, which without doubt will mean higher prices to pay in the future.

The good thing is there are still some particularly good mortgage deals around for expats so it could be the right time to start your search.


Expats currently have an excellent choice of new and re-mortgages available at advantageous rates, best advice is to act sooner rather than later as these rates are expected to increase.

Can we help?

If you are looking for a new or re-mortgage, please do make contact and one of our fully qualified experienced independent advisers will be happy to assist.

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Buoyant Market for Yacht Crew !

Expat Yacht Crew lending expanding in all areas.

March 2023 gross mortgage lending to expats has increased by 6.1% from the month before, this is the fourth month on the run. In addition to the month on month increases lending this year has increased 15.6% overall.

Experts believe these strong figures are down to a very strong and buoyant UK property market which continues to offer superb long-term returns. There is definitely less confidence in the property values of other European countries.

Property continues to gain value in the UK at a steady rate and looks like continuing for the foreseeable future unlike the rest of Europe. Covid-19 has had an effect on the market, but the majority of experts believe this will be very short lived.

One other factor that has contributed to this robust growth is the number of re-mortgages completed. Both expat yacht crews and UK residents are living in the fear that interest rates are about to jump yet again.

These fears are justified as already a good many long-term fixed rate deals have been withdrawn from the market but there are still some extremely attractive deals on offer.

UK property offers stability.

The UK property market without doubt still offers value for money if you own a property or can afford to buy one. Anybody who has owned a property in a good area of the UK over the last 10 years would have seen their investment grow substantially.

It is expected that house price increases will level out as the year goes on with a steady and reliable growth rate, again spelling good news all round.

To sum up – traditionally the UK property market has always offered excellent value long term investment potential and there is no reason to believe this won’t continue.

Mortgage advice?

If you need assistance with a new or re-mortgage, then please contact our expert advisers who are waiting to help.