expat holiday let mortgages

Expat Holiday Let Mortgages

Expat holiday Let Mortgages on the up in 2023.

There’s been a big increase in choice available to expat landlords wanting to enter the holiday let sector.

Indeed, the number of mortgage options for borrowers looking at holiday lets have more than doubled since August 2022.

More lenders have entered the market – there are now 25 different brands versus 14 in August 2022.

It’s positive to see a rise in expat holiday let product choice for landlords over the past few months, but the market is still relatively niche. 

As the demand for staycations remains evident, it would not be too surprising to see more growth in this market in the months to come. In August 2022 only 6 lenders were offering a buy to let mortgage available to holiday let, whereas today there are many more options to the expat investor.

At this point in time, its evident expat landlords are taking advantage of the opportunity to earn an income through holiday lets.

Research is vital before deciding.  

Undertaking thorough research into popular locations, weighing up tax benefits, reading up on rules regarding residency periods and other potential expenses outside of utility bills can feel daunting, so seeking advice before entering an arrangement is wise.

The number of holiday let companies set up, chiefly by expat landlords, between January and June this year has increased of 60% versus the whole of 2022 and 119% more than in 2019 according to experts.

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Good Investment Returns

Good Investment Returns. Expat UK buy-to-let’s still offer solid returns.

 Expat buy-to-let investments will continue to offer attractive rates of return compared to other asset classes, expat investors have increasingly searched out cheaper and higher yielding properties, research has found.

 A special report on the buy-to-let market looks at the macro and micro economic environment for buy-to-let investors and the factors that are likely to influence landlords investment choices over the coming years. It also highlights the need for a flexible and competitive buy-to-let mortgage market.

This is to facilitate continuing investment in a sector of the housing market that has grown in significance as home ownership has declined and demand for good quality rental residential property has increased.

The expat private rented sector has grown substantially in recent years. One in five (4.7 million) households in England now rent privately.

Nearly half of 25- to 34-year-olds live in the private rented sector (46%), almost double the percentage in 2006 (24%). There has also been a considerable increase in the proportion of 35-44-year-olds in the private rented sector over the past decade, rising from 11% to 29%.

Expat buy-to-let mortgages play a vital role in supporting housing supply in the private rented sector, with the market representing nearly 13% of new UK mortgage lending.

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Expat Buy to Let

Expat buy-to-let market strengthens.

Times are hard for first time buyers at present which has strengthened the buy-to-let market even more.

Young couples and first-time buyers looking to join the property ladder could be in for a very long wait. Figures just released this week are showing that a combined salary of £48500 is required on average to enter the property market.

So, what is required these days to buy a new property is almost twice the UK average wage of £25000 per annum and as most people will know that is very difficult.

As a result of all this many couples are turning to the rental market for housing, and this is providing a boost in demand for landlords and buy-to-let investors.

This in turn is creating a shortage of suitable properties coming onto the market especially in the London and Southeast.

As an expat thinking of entering the Buy-to-Let market.

 More and more expat investors are considering entering this market for various reasons. What can a buy-to-let investment offer you?

Interest only mortgages

Good potential returns on capital invested.

Tax efficiency

Attractive mortgage interest rates

Potentially better returns than on offer at high street banks

Above are just some of the reasons why expats are considering a buy-to-let investment. If you are thinking of entering this market, you should always seek professional independent advice on the types of mortgages available.

You will generally need a deposit of at least 25% this varies from lender to lender but the bigger the deposit the better the deal.

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Expat Property Investment

Expat Property Investment buy-to-let investors on the increase in 2023.

This is still a growth area for investors as more expats see the buy-to-let market as a sound option for the future especially with property prices reducing nationwide.

Traditional forms of investment such as banks and building societies are still producing poor returns so investors are looking elsewhere.

The demand for good rental property has increased over the last 12 months due to the cost-of-living crisis and other factors.

Experts expected the buy-to-let market to decrease, and it did after all the new regulations were announced but that trend has now been completely reversed.

Expats would be wise to research the area of purchase thoroughly, make sure the long-term future has prospects in the areas listed below.

Ways to be a successful Expat investor.

  1. Select the type of tenant you are targeting this could be a young couple or single person in a professional career.


  1. Make sure when selecting a property for buy-to-let it is in an area which fits your target tenant. Is it close to schools, shops, and local businesses for example all these are important factors when selecting your property?


  1. Selecting the correct buy-to-let mortgage to fit your long-term planning. Do you want a fixed rate or a tracker or indeed any other product that is on offer? It is very important to seek professional advice when it comes to choosing your mortgage.

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