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Expats – How will your investment perform in 2021?

House prices will rise between 3% & 5% across the UK next year, according to figures released by one of the major high street banks.

If these figures are achieved it follows the trend of this year, the report states increases in values could be stifled by the possibility of interest rate rises. Another factor that could possibly slow growth down is first time buyers being unable to get onto the property ladder.

As an expat with property in the UK if you compare this annual growth to what could be achieve from an investment in any high street bank, property looks a particularly good bet indeed.

Interestingly the report states they expect growth to slow slightly more in central London than elsewhere. The reason for this is the sheer lack of earnings to meet the rising costs of property. People looking to move into London and the surrounding areas just cannot get jobs that pay enough to support any form of mortgage.

Property in short supply

There has been and still is a shortage of supply which constrains activity in the housing market and levels of house building remain low.

It is believed due to the shortage of property available that house prices will remain stable for the foreseeable future which spells good news for expats with property in the UK.


Expat mortgages remain relatively easy to obtain with a good selection of products available. This is expected to remain constant for the coming year with the prospect of two new lenders entering the market.

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How will the new lockdown affect the market? What impact for Expats?

As we enter 2021 and into national lockdown, many expats are speculating on what the coming year has in store for the property market.

The government has confirmed that the housing market will remain open during the new national lockdown.

For many homebuyers and sellers, this is positive news, with thousands of transactions currently underway.

While the news that home moves can still take place has been well received, there are strict guidelines to be followed. Viewings are still allowed to take place where relevant social distancing and PPE measures are adhered to.

Removal firms can still enter properties, but it is advised that those outside of an individual bubble do not help with the move. Guidelines are being updated regularly and it is advised to follow updates from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government if you have a move underway.

Calls to extend the stamp duty holiday are still being heard

The market continues to react to the news that there are no plans for an extension, or tapering, of the stamp duty holiday.

Following the statement issued by the Treasury, many homebuyers feel concerned about the progress of their transactions.

With reports that almost a third of buyers will pull out if they miss the deadline, the effect that this could have on the market is uncertain.

However, calls for an extension, or tapering, of the planned stamp duty deadline, are still being heard.

Many are looking to the Chancellor to allow more transactions to benefit from the tax savings, through either an extension or tapering of the deadline. These calls look set to continue into the new year as the 31 March deadline draws ever close.

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Expats who do not review their mortgage could be paying 1000’s extra

Now more than ever expats are looking for ways to reduce their monthly outgoings, one of the biggest expenses most people have every month is the mortgage payment.

As an expat there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment with poor exchange rates and the Brexit situation taking time to settle. It may be a very prudent move to review your current mortgage to establish if it is still the best deal for you, and you are not paying more than you need to.

This will not be the case for everybody, your current deal may well be exceptionally good, but it is most certainly worth checking as the wrong deal could be costing you thousands extra every year.

Expats have an excellent choice of mortgage deals currently available, so it is a very good time to check you are not paying more than you need to. Read more

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Expat landlords will be confident

It has been an extremely hard year for landlords up and down the UK and also those living abroad.

The good news is that, despite all the recent changes rewards for landlords can still be exceptionally good. Demand for good quality rental property continues to rise year on year due prospective first-time buyers not being able to get onto the so called “property ladder”.

Rents are at an all-time high and will be rising later this year if the experts are correct.

The Brexit deal has been done and at first sight seems to be in the Expats favour. The hope now is the pound will now strengthen to assist all round.

Expat landlords remain confident that the future is good, and they have every right to do so as property in the UK continues to increase in value consistently. Last year alone the property owner in the UK saw their investment rise between 2-4% and you simply cannot earn this if your money is invested in a high street bank.

If you are looking to enter the expat buy-to-let market consider these points:

  • Target your tenant – Students, young professionals, or families.
  • Purchase the right sized property – Vast majority of tenants want 1-2 bedrooms.
  • Location – Key to any success, near schools, shops, and local businesses.
  • Equip your property – Ask local agents, furnished or unfurnished.
  • Property – Should be clean, well decorated and meets government regulations.

Following these very simple tips will ensure you have maximised your long-term potential profitability.

Expats buy-to-let mortgages.

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