london property for expat landlords

Expat Landlords

Expat Landlords are growing daily!

Recent figures show that an estimated 250,000 expats own property in the UK, the vast majority let their properties out to achieve extra income.

Expat Mortgages For Landlords.

One client of ours we recently spoke to said: “as an expat with 4 rental properties I am returning to the UK for a meeting with my accountant to review the tax laws on buy-to-lets”. “I am also currently reviewing my mortgages with a view to fixing a rate for as long as possible. Also I am taking advice on incorporating”.

Do consider the immediateand medium term future. It would seem to be very good advice if you are an expat landlord to review all aspects of your UK property. Good news is there are still some very good deals to be had which could assist you protecting your profitability.

Things to look at as an Expat Landlord.

Firstly, get in touch with an accountant and see what can be done. Get advice to reduce the effect of the new tax laws. Secondly completely review your current mortgage deal to make absolutely sure the deal you have meets your needs now and the longer term.

It may very well be you currently have the correct mortgage. But it won’t do any harm to check it out. Consider incorporating your properties into a limited company and get professional advice as this will NOT suit all expats.

By just completing these two simple tasks you could very well save yourself thousands of pounds over the next few years.

Need some mortgage advice?

If you wish to review your current mortgage, please do contact us.  Our qualified independent expat mortgage advisers will be pleased to help.