active landlords with uk expat property

Active Expat Landlords

Active Expat Landlords.

The last twelve months has seen a record number of expat landlords re-mortgaging to release capital and this has been used for numerous reasons including debt consolidation. Current re-mortgaging applications for October and November are again showing large increases on the same period last year.
Confidence remains high within the expat community who have buy-to-lets in the UK. This is without doubt down to the ever-increasing value of good quality properties.
This looks set to continue long into the future. Even with the general uncertainty property values have remained stable and offer good potential long term profits.
Expat buy-to-let mortgages.
The range available includes fixed, tracker and standard deals with very good discounted periods. We would always recommend discussing your needs with an expert independent adviser who has all the up-to-date deals available. This course of action can indeed save you thousands of pounds in the long term. Interest rates remain competitive with some very good longer term fixed deals available.
As an expat If you are looking to enter the buy-to-let market consider these points:
1) Target your tenant – Students, young professionals, or families.
2) Purchase the right sized property – Vast majority of tenants want 1-3 bedrooms.
3) Location – Key to any success, near schools, shops or local businesses.
4) Property – Should be clean well decorated and meets government regulations.
Following these very simple tips will ensure you have maximised your long term potential profitability.
Need help?
If you are looking for assistance with your mortgage or re-mortgage, please do not hesitate to contact us. One of our fully qualified INDEPENDENT expat mortgage advisers who will be happy to help.