Excellent value for expats

The UK housing market without doubt still offers remarkable value for money if you own a property or can afford to buy one. Anybody who owns a property in a good area of the UK over the last 10 years would have seen their investment grow substantially.

Traditionally the UK property market has always offered excellent value long term investment potential and there is no reason to believe this won’t continue well into the future.

At present with low inflation, strong wage growth, falling unemployment and very competitive mortgage deals on offer the housing market is likely to remain strong.

With expat mortgages being offered at such advantageous rates it seems like the right time to be considering the future. There are some very good fixed and tracker deals on offer to the expat with lenders competing for your business.

Mortgage providers are making it easier for expats to enter the UK market which is good news so please contact us for details of what is available.  

It’s very interesting to note that the Brexit vote seems to of had no effect on the expat market at all. Current figures show expats are taking out more mortgages than in any time gone by. Plus re-mortgages are hitting record levels.

What you will need to apply

–        Contact details

–        Property purchase details

–        Deposit available

–        Mortgage required

–        Certified proof of address

–        Certified ID (Passport)

–        Bank statements (Normally 3 months)

–        Wage slips (Normally 3 months)

–        Certified accounts if self-employed

The requirements vary from lender to lender and the above is just to give you a guide to help speed up the process.

Mortgage advice?

If you would like advice regarding an expat mortgage, please do make contact and one of our expert advisers will be pleased to help.