Expats are seeing good long-term returns

Expats who currently own property in the UK are without doubt seeing a very good return on their investment. House prices increased again last month but it has to be said this growth is slowing month on month at present. UK property historically has always been a sound and solid long-term investment and if the experts are correct it will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Property prices were up 3.7% on last year which shows a very good return on investment. These figures are general across the country, but London and the surrounding areas were showing slightly less return. It is predicted that the housing market will slow down as the year progresses. This slowdown could well be a “blessing in disguise” for first time buyers as houses are being priced out of their reach.

Housing demand in the UK remains high both from expats and residents and this fact alone should well protect prices in the long term.

Is it a good time to buy in the UK?

Well the simple answer to this is yes, if you have a good size deposit available history shows a property investment in the UK will always give good returns. It’s true many things are uncertain at present with the Brexit issue at the heart of all confusion, but the facts are clear the UK has an eternal shortage of property to meet demand.

Mortgage interest rates remain low and for that reason alone it could well be a very good time to get into this market if you are an expat. Expats for years now have seen property as a very good alternative to leaving cash stagnating in high street banks, especially recently. There are a good range of mortgages available to expats offering advantageous rates both fixed and tracker.

Like too know more?

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