Expats UK mortgage market 

Britons living abroad, either temporarily or permanently, will need to obtain a mortgage from a lender that has chosen to lend to expats.

Typically, expats are looking to invest in buy-to-let property whilst living overseas, perhaps to provide an income in retirement or even to live in upon their return.

Aside from investors there are a great number of enquiries from individuals looking to buy properties for their families to live in – frequently where children are involved the preference is for them to be schooled in the UK.

These are just some of the reasons expats want to buy a UK property, one thing is for sure more and more expats want the security of property in their homeland.

UK property prices increasing

The latest figures show house prices are on the rise again, May and June saw growth although not like years gone by but still very encouraging.

It is expected that house price increases will level out over the next year with a steady but reliable growth rate, again spelling good news all round for expats looking to invest.

At present the outlook for 2018/19 is very positive indeed, the signs are this will continue for the foreseeable future.

Finding the mortgage to suit your needs

Securing an expat mortgage doesn’t have to be difficult, it is always recommended to get expert professional help. Using a specialist expat broker will without doubt give you the edge as they will be experienced in this type of mortgage process.

Can we help?

If you are looking for an expat new or re-mortgage please do make contact and one of our fully qualified advisers will be happy to assist.