A Great Specialist

We first contacted Michael two years ago with an inquiry regarding locating a suitable product for us. Although we did not follow through with the process at that point when we approached him a year later Michael was very welcoming and eager to help us, he remember our case and there was no wrinkle in not pursuing the matter further before. It was a delight to work with him. He did not pressure us at any stage, he gave us honest and responsible advice at the pre-application stage, clear guidance during the application stage and promptly dealt with all the hurdles in the process to make sure the matter successfully progressed to completion even after we had appointed our lawyers. He was keen to make the process easy to follow and was always very responsive to our emails and concerns. The overall process took about 4 months from beginning to completion and that was including all the downtime around Covid challenges and Christmas holiday closures. A great specialist and a very honest professional! Would not hesitate suggesting Micheal D Johnson to anyone looking for similar broker services! 10/10