I Can’t Praise and Thank Him Enough

After trying a few different avenues to get a mortgage I was feeling quite hopeless. I thought that there would be no way around it unless I went back to the UK and began the whole process again. My situation was complicated and the thoughts of ever buying my home was a distant memory.

Unti I saw an ad about expat mortgages as I was surfing the net waiting for a ferry. I didn’t actually hold out too much hope I have to say, but emailed nevertheless. And then Michael responded! and he saved the day.

I can’t praise and thank him enough, with the efforts and extra ‘half mile’ he took to help me secure a mortgage offer. He was there for me at each step, making the process less stressful, he made me feel at ease and confident that everything would be ok, and that’s because he matched my details with the right mortgage provider from the start. He was fast to respond to my emails, and on the phone, he always sounded happy and felt like he had all the time in the world for me in helping to respond to my stresses.

Cannot recommend him enough, and as I do to everyone in Hong Kong that is looking for a mortgage broker.