I was recommended to Michael

I was recommended to Michael by an old work colleague, who despite not knowing Michael had heard good things about him and his services.
Last year I had the good fortune to come into a sizeable pension pot and having lived outside of the UK for 29 years I decided it was time to buy a base in the UK for my eventual likely return. I started by checking all the regular banks etc., to see about getting a smallish mortgage over 11 years to enable me to buy a slightly better property, but no one was interested unless I wanted to borrow the minimum of 100K which I did not.
This is where Michael came in – I got in touch with Michael and within less than 24-hours he had a quote for me and had the bank call me the following day to discuss.
During the purchase, there was only one small hiccup reproof of identity, which Michael actually managed to sort out for me very quickly and put my mind at rest.
Everything was handled very professionally and all over the phone and by email, from the first call right through to completion, which was earlier today! I am thrilled and would not hesitate to recommend Michael.