Truly Blessed

Living as an expat in Hong Kong and receiving a salary in Hong Kong dollars, it was not easy to find a bank that would take on a re-mortgage and a buy-to-let. After emailing Meridian (which I found on line through google search) Michael quickly contacted me and within days, identified a couple of banks who were willing to work with me. Thanks to Michael, the mortgage offers came through smoothly and I was on my way to becoming a landlady for the first time. After the first-class service from Michael at Meridian, it took eight challenging, arduous months to completion. There was always that document missing or an item not checked. Though Meridian and Michael should have been part of this transaction’s history, Michael continued to work with me for the entire eight months and I can honestly say that it is because of Michael and his responsible, honest and experienced work ethic that the mortgages completed. I feel truly blessed to know him and cannot recommend him highly enough. Thankyou Michael!