Niel Khambay led me through

Niel Khambay led me through the process of securing a BtL mortgage from the initial steps back in August last year, through to the final offer at the end of March this year. He has a thorough knowledge of what will and won’t be accepted and is able to tell you whether or not you will be successful without taking money from you in the early stages. Only once he is satisfied that it is going ahead will you then be charged with a fee – which I thought was reasonable for the amount of work that he did for me.
Niel ensured that the process of obtaining a mortgage was smooth; he collated all necessary documents and liaised with the mortgage company on my behalf. He also phones you to get a better understanding of other financial commitments and that personal touch does feel like you are not just dealing with things through e-mail all the time.
My work colleagues here are amazed that working in Shanghai that I have been able to get a mortgage as the paperwork is often in Chinese, but this is through the help and support I received from Niel, in guiding me through the sometimes “awkward” processes.
Therefore, I have wholeheartedly recommended Niel to all of my colleagues who are interested in getting a BtL mortgage in the UK.