The Epitome of Excellence

I had tried many avenues to try and get a mortgage for a property in the UK whilst living in Australia, with the added complication of wishing to purchase my parents house to free up capital for their retirement. I had contacted all of the general banks and also some mortgage companies who labelled themselves as ‘specialist’, but none could help and few wanted to as my requirements were in the ‘too hard’ basket.
I had pretty much given up hope until I came across Meridian. I spoke with Michael Johnson who was friendly, understanding and excellent at finding a product that offered a solution to my problem. Michael was the epitome of excellent customer service. He provided great advice and support and remained committed to helping me right until the very final day of the sale completing.
I must say that I would recommend Michael without any hesitation. The service you get from this company is the type of thing that you can only wish for, but very rarely experience.
Without wanting to sound over the top, I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Michael, purchasing my parents house and therefore allowing them the freedom to enjoy their retirement would simply not have been possible. I am very grateful.