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UK Property For Expats

UK Property For Expats. As an Expat Investing in UK property, it remains one of the safest options you can make in this day and age. So, it comes as little surprise that the majority of expat landlords remain confident. As such with their investment in property they have no plans to exit the buy-to-let sector.

UK Property Interesting buy-to-let market for 2025 and beyond.

This current year has not been the most dynamic year for the housing market – on the face of it, anyway. Movement has been slow, with things only just starting to pick up now.

House prices have fared better in some regions than in others. With reasonable growth in Wales and East Anglia, for example, and a small reduction in other areas such as the Southeast.

The good news, if respected agents are to be believed, is that we will see a small increase across the board in 2024. With an overall rise of 15-25% expected over the next five years this is a great time for UK Property For Expats.

Meanwhile, average rents are up across all regions, with experts expecting 5-7% annual growth over the next five years.

Demand is still growing for quality rental properties up and down the Country.

Demand for quality rental property continues to grow. As such this year alone it’s grown by 7% against figures issued for last year.

The problem is now that supply of properties has fallen by 13.8% in the same period. On average for every quality property available to rent in a Town/City location 3 people are in competition for the occupancy.

As you can see this is causing great concern for prospective tenants. Also this is across the whole of the UK. Especially in the major Town and City areas.

On top of all these disturbing figures it is expected that the demand for rental properties is likely to increase well into 2025.

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