What to expect in 2020

If all the experts are correct then house prices will rise between 2% & 4% across the UK in 2020, but due to the Brexit situation these figures could vary drastically. However, if we look at history and all the ups and downs the UK has suffered over the years gone by one thing you can always seem to rely on for profit is property. So, why should a little thing like Brexit change what has happened in the past!!

If these figures are achieved it follows the trend of this year, a recent report states increases in values could be stifled by the Brexit talks which is dependent on how they progress. Another factor that could possibly slow growth down is first time buyers being unable to get onto the property ladder.

If you are an expat with property in the UK compare this potential annual growth to what could be achieve from an investment in any high street bank and property still looks a very good bet indeed.

There is a great deal of uncertainty facing everybody in 2020 but as always the UK property market is expected to maintain a decent growth rate.

Property still in short supply

There has been and still is a shortage of supply which constrains activity in the housing market and levels of house building remain low. This is another major factor why all experts expect the property market to remain strong through the Brexit negotiations which spells good news for expat UK property owners.

New and re-mortgages

Expat mortgages can still be obtained with a good selection of products available. This is expected to remain constant for the coming year.

Need some help?

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