Using a broker for an expat UK mortgage

UUsing an independent broker in the UK you’ll enjoy a number of advantages compare to “going it alone”.

With the correct advice and support securing an expat mortgage can be a very simple process. Getting this support is a vital component in the chain of events, due to the applicant’s location, as it is likely he or she will be living abroad.

These include:

  1. Choice of deals currently available
  2. Choice of lenders
  3. Expert advice
  4. Fully qualified adviser
  5. Ease of communication with the lender

Despite all these advantages some believe they will be better off speaking to one bank in the UK about the loan they require. Experience shows that this is just not the case as you will only have a couple of deals to choose from, it is far better to have all options open to you. Selecting the correct deal for you can save a large amount of money in the long term.

The majority of UK based brokers will tell you the importance of having the loan in principle in place before you start your search. A broker will be able to do this for you very quickly and without any undue stress. Once issued this will give a good platform to work from and give you certain advantages. Having this loan in principle will give you better negotiating power, show the seller how serious you are and speed up completion.

Using a broker who is UK based will without doubt make the process far easier and less stressful.

Can we assist?

If you require help with your new or re-mortgage please do contact one of our fully qualified advisers.