Best returns for Expats!

Eight out of ten of Britain’s hot shot fund managers – in charge of active UK investment funds – would have been better off simply investing in bricks and mortar, according to a recent financial survey.

That’s despite the strong rises seen in the stock market over the past year, with the FTSE 100 ending 2020 at over 7000 points.

Analysis revealed that only 30% of fund managers (95 out of a total of 239) have beaten average house price growth of 26% since Dec 2013, across 100 major UK towns and cities.

Long-term a better bet

The housing market has also outperformed stocks over the last 20 years. Since 1996, the average property went up in value 304% while the FTSE All Share gained 270%. Top performers over the last two decades were Brighton and Hove on 510% beating London on 485% which was followed by Watford on 460%.

Over the past few years’ bricks and mortar has once again proved itself to be an investment to rival them all, capable of significantly outperforming the riskier forays of stock market speculators.

Active fund managers use vast amounts of in-depth research to find hidden value in companies, but just by sitting on their properties, homeowners and residential property investors have beaten most of the very best investment minds in the UK.

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