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Expat Buy to Let Remortgage

Expat Buy To Let Remortgage.

Expat landlords may wish to consider re-mortgaging.

In order to re-mortgage effectively, it’s important to first establish the purpose of re-mortgaging.

Most UK expat and foreign national investors will re-mortgage to avoid higher rates. Furthermore, expats can better devise a stable financial plan for their investment. There are also other ways to utilise a UK expat buy to let or foreign national mortgage.

Some UK expat and foreign national investors might take the opportunity to use their re-mortgage to fund further property purchases and build a larger portfolio.

Those who have made strong capital gains or for those who have a lower loan to value, as negotiating a preferential deal will be made easier as they are in a stronger bargaining position.

We have also seen re-mortgaging increasingly utilised as a tool with which to conduct environmental renovations.

As of 2025, properties with an EPC rating below a C will not be able to accept new tenants. As of 2028, existing tenants on these properties will no longer be allowed to occupy them.

So, many UK expat and foreign national landlords are faced with no other option than renovating energy inefficient properties.

Re-mortgaging is an excellent way to do this as UK expat and foreign national investors can use the equity in their property to raise capital with which to conduct renovations.

Selecting a remortgage to suit your needs.

Securing an expat mortgage doesn’t have to be difficult, it is always recommended to get expert professional help. Using a specialist expat broker will without doubt give you the edge as they will be experienced in this type of mortgage process.

Help required?

 If you are an expat looking for a new or re-mortgage, please do get in touch. One of our fully qualified independent expat mortgage advisers will be happy to assist.