student property for expat buy to let landlords

Expat Buy-to-Lets for Student Accommodation

Expat buy-to-lets for student accommodation showing huge increases.

Expat landlords could well be missing out on the blossoming student rental market sector. Expats maybe unaware of the potential returns on offer.

This is according to a new report recently released of existing expat landlords. In fact over 40% said they were completely unaware of the potential returns and high yield they can enjoy.

The number of students is rising at a rapid rate. Furthermore over the next decade the figure is expected to double. Are you missing out?

The 5 main reasons to consider this type of business:

High yields: Depending on location between 8%-10% net yields are possible.

Managed & Maintained: Plenty of very good local companies with experience in this type of letting.

Demand: Rising student levels means there is always a demand for this type of property.

Options open: Any expat landlord interested in this type of business can invest.

Buy-to-let choices grow:

Competition has grown over the years in the expat buy-to-let market as providers fight for the business. As such fixed rate deals are the fastest growing area of the buy-to-let market.  The threat of rate rises are still looming in clients thoughts.

Lowest interest rate mortgages and fees are reserved for low loan to value ratios. So basically, the larger the deposit level you have the better the deal that can be achieved.

Finally having said all this there are still some great deals available for those with a low deposit level.

Help With An Expat Mortgage?

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