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Expat Rental Property

Expat Rental Property.

Expat buy-to-lets are stable and producing positive returns.

Rental income is still increasing and tenant demand for buy-to-let properties remains consistently high. These conditions are keeping expat landlords on a very positive footing after so much adverse news in the last six months.

The general feeling within the expat landlord community is that things will remain fairly stable in the coming months. One expat commented “my confidence remains high as I know it is so difficult for couples to get onto the property ladder with ever increasing property prices”.

Expat Rental Survey

A recent survey of expat landlords shows that over 60% have seen a large increase in demand for rental properties within the last 6 months. A multiple expat owner in the north said, “I have never found it so easy to let any of my properties, whether it is a 2 or 3 bedroomed seems to make no difference at all”. “I am finding rents are remaining stable and easily keeping pace with inflation so all in all I am very pleased”.

The survey also reported that a lot of expats intend to increase their property holdings over the next year. The consensus is that buy-to-let property over the long term is still a very sound and solid investment.

Where to invest is a question always being asked. Recent reports show that Manchester, Hull and the Blackpool areas are currently seeing very good growth. This is all due to reasonable house prices compared with the South of England. As well as an increased demand for rental property.

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