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Expat Property Investment

Expat Property Investment still giving sound returns in the UK.

The house rental market in the UK is very buoyant as people trying to get onto the property ladder find it more difficult due to rising house prices. Young newlyweds more often rent than buy due to the high deposit levels required to secure a first-time mortgage.

Some Experts expected the buy-to-let market to decrease. Initially it did after all the new regulations were announced but that trend has now been reversed. As such Expat lenders are reporting a very high demand for mortgages especially for expats wanting to expand their UK portfolio.

What makes a successful expat buy-to-let investor?

  1. Select the type of tenant you are targeting this could be a young couple or single person in a professional career.
  2. Ensure when selecting a property for buy-to-let it is in an area which fits your target tenant. Is it close to schools, shops, and local businesses? All these are important factors when selecting your property.
  3. Select the correct expat buy-to-let mortgage to fit your long-term planning. Do you want a fixed rate or a tracker or indeed any other product that is on offer? It is very important to seek professional advice when it comes to choosing your mortgage.
  4. This is vital for long term success, look after your tenants as you don’t want your property empty for long periods of time. Make sure you have a good maintenance company in place to look after any problems that may arise.

UK property prices are recovering and on the increase.

According to the latest figures house prices are on the rise, January and February this year saw an average 2.0% increase.

It is expected that house price increases will level out as the year goes on with a steady and reliable growth rate, again spelling good news all round for an expat investor.

Need some help with expat property investment?

Please make contact and one of our expert independent expat mortgage advisers will be pleased to assist.