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Mortgage Rates for Expat Buy-to-Let

Mortgage Rates For Expat Buy-To-Let

Expat buy-to-let still offers sound returns on a long-term basis.

Buy-to-let investments will continue to offer attractive rates of return compared to other asset classes.

Buy-to-let mortgages play a vital role in supporting housing supply in the private rented sector. With the market representing nearly 13% of new UK mortgage lending. Mortgage Rates for Expat Buy-to-Let can have many variables.

Expats buy-to-let student accommodation.

Expats have seen to potential growth in this area and are reaping the rewards!!

Expat landlords could well be missing out on the blossoming student rental market sector.  They may well be unaware of the potential returns on offer.

According to a new report recently released of existing landlords over 33% said they were completely unaware of the potential returns this type of letting can produce.

The number of students is rising at a rapid rate and over the next decade the figure is expected to double. One other very important factor many expat landlords miss is that the UK is becoming a very popular destination for foreign students which again is a very lucrative market.

The 3 main reasons to consider this type of business:

High yields: Depending on location between 8%-14% net yield is possible.

Demand: Rising student levels means there is always a demand for this type of property.

Shifting priority: Students have shifted since the rise of tuition fees to private shared letting.

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