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UK Expat Mortgage

UK Expat Mortgage.

Expat with a UK mortgage?

Mortgage rates are unlikely to improve in the near future. So now is the ideal time for Expats to secure a fixed-rate deal on their mortgage if it’s financially viable.

Expats who are on a standard variable rate (SVR) or coming to the end of their term have the potential to save themselves thousands of pounds on their mortgage.

Is it a good time to buy in the UK?

The very quick and simple answer is yes!

The affordable properties that are available to purchase seem to be diminishing on a daily basis. This without doubt will mean higher prices you have to pay in the future. Prices are reasonably stable at present, and sellers are prepared to accept an offer to sell.

Selecting a mortgage to suit your needs.

Securing an expat mortgage doesn’t have to be difficult. Therefore it is always recommended to get independent expert professional help. Also using a specialist expat broker will without doubt give you the edge. They will be experienced in this type of mortgage process.

What a broker will do for you to save time and money?

The independent broker will take control of the mortgage process. Therefore relieving you of the stress and paperwork. They will be able to deal with the mortgage company supplying the loan. As such they can answer any queries they may have, saving you time and money.

Help required?

If you are an expat looking for a new or re-mortgage, please do get in touch and one of our fully qualified independent advisers will be happy to assist.