Expat confidence is high for this year and beyond

Expat landlords remain very confident despite all the tax and regulatory changes that have taken place. The latest survey taken recently shows that rental yields are growing modestly while tenant demand for buy-to-let property remains high in the UK.

Expat landlords are still looking to add to their portfolios amidst all this doom and gloom. One in every 5 expat landlords surveyed clearly stated they would like to increase their property holding within the next 5 years.

Demand for good quality property in the UK remains high, expats see the UK property market as a sound and secure long-term investment. One landlord interviewed said, “as long as the rental income covers the mortgage payment I will remain happy”. “I am confident that in 10 years my properties will have increased substantially in value, and this is what I am looking for”.

There is no reason to suspect that property values will reduce in the near future, in fact due to demand they are likely to continue to increase.

Expat buy-to-let re-mortgage

Those existing expat landlords who are looking for ways to increase their property portfolios are raising deposits by re-mortgaging their existing properties to release the equity.

With UK property prices increasing all the time you could be very surprised just how much equity is sitting there unused. Please do seek advice before embarking on this course of action as it is not always suitable and could be a very negative move in the long term.

Mortgage assistance?

If you are contemplating entering this market or require assistance with a mortgage/re-mortgage please do contact us. We have experienced independent advisers who will find the correct deal for you.