Expats moving fast into the buy-to-let market before Brexit

Brokers are reporting the largest number of buy-to-let mortgage applications from expats than ever before. This is not a surprise, in general the buy-to-let market is currently booming for all kinds of reasons.

Expats see this market as value for money, bank interest rates are low and there is real potential for capital growth on any re-sale and a better income than the banks are offering.

Interest in the UK property market has seen an up surge in viewings since the turn of the year. Estate agents up and down the country are reporting an increased interest in property at the lower end of the market from expats living abroad.

Are good deals for expats available?

Well, the simple answer to that is most certainly yes. Expats are always surprised at the very good rates that are available to them. Mortgage lenders currently are fighting to secure business in a very competitive marketplace, reducing both interest rates and fees.

Brokers have seen an increase in longer term fixed rate mortgages recently as clients want to know the outgoings of their investment property. Many other types of plans are on offer and it is prudent to consider all options before deciding.

It is commonly known with buy-to-let mortgages that the larger the deposit you can put down a lower interest rate can be achieved.

Need assistance?

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