Expat seem to be focusing on buy-to-let’s

A recent report has shown a large increase in expat buy-to-let business, figures show expats are increasing their portfolios as quickly as they can. This year has seen a surge of first time buy-to-let applications.

A new survey shows more than 50% of existing expat landlords are looking to increase their portfolios as they see particularly good profits in the long term. Brexit may be playing a part in expats thinking as well.

At this present time all is in the favour of the landlord with low mortgage interest rates and stable rental incomes.  It has become much easier in the last 12 months for expats to be able to secure a mortgage if the required deposit levels are available.

Lenders are without doubt seeing this marketplace as a growth area and more and more deals are becoming available on a daily basis. If you are thinking of going into this area of investment call us and we will be pleased to talk over your options.

Buy to let mortgages

UK and expat landlords are reaping rewards from lower mortgage charges and longer fixed rate deals. We always recommend talking to a professional independent adviser as some deals are not quite what they seem.

Competition in the marketplace is forcing lenders to reduce charges and fees as well as offering longer fixed rate deals.

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